New Poll: Player of the Season 2011/2012


WHO WAS the best Milan player in the 2011/2012 season?

Milan won nothing in the 2011/2012 season but finished second in the Serie A league and thus confirmed a place in next year’s Champions League. They also got to the Coppa semi-final and the UCL quarter final.

Some would claim the season was successful given the circumstances while others will say the season was utterly disappointing and Milan were underachieving. But today we ask you who the best player was.

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El Shaarawy keen to stay and improve

Christian Abbiati had another great season between the sticks, and he saved Milan on a numerous times, confirming himself as first choice. Alessandro Nesta, despite his advanced age, was fantastic most times he played, most notably against Barcelona in the Champions League. Thiago Silva was simply put world class, showing that he is one of the best central defenders in today’s football – maybe even the best now.

Antonio Nocerino was the bargain of the century – brought for only €0.5mil, the Italian scored 10 goals for Milan, and became a key man for Allegri’s system. Kevin-Prince Boateng struggled with many injuries the past term, but showed he’s a key man in midfielder when he played and a very decent goal scorer as well.

Antonio Cassano was out for months after his heart condition, but in the time prior to the accident he was absolutely fantastic and even when he returned he was great; the top Serie A assist man for Milan and the fourth best in the league. Zlatan Ibrahimovic broke his personal goal-scoring record with 28 Serie A goals, which meant he won the Capocannoniere title; a really great season for Ibrahimovic, maybe his best ever.

So who was your Player of the Season: Abbiati, Nesta, Thiago, Nocerino, Boateng, Cassano or Ibrahimovic… or maybe was it someone else? Vote now in the poll below and on the site’s side bar.

* Results will be published on July 1st.

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Mr zlatan,undisputed champ.

rahmat kaka

forza milann !! we always love u !!


sure, ibra. milan are dependent on him this season. sadly, this situasion is not good from tactical view. milan become so predictable. that’s why all big teams in serie A got some points when they were meeting milan.


No it’s because there was no consistency with our regular starting line. You can not go around whole season with 16 injuries mostly the regulars and say we are gonna win the scudetto. If Juventus had lost 16 players where do you think they would end up, 1st place or mid table? It didn’t matter if they new our play or not. Everyone knows Barcelonas play of style. Does it matter when everyone else is crap when the face Barcelona. No it doesn’t. Milan was the best team but we had our best team in the fricking morgue the whole… Read more »


sure stability would be nice. But this is Milan! This club needs depth more than stability. A club like Milan should have the players to get the job done all the way down to the last man on the bench. So yes, the injuries and the ghost goal hurt us. but what is really hurting is a Milan squad that doesn’t quite cut it. This transfer window will be so good for us all. Pray B&G take a hard look at the future of the club. A good club can let the right players go at the right time. A… Read more »


Like I had a choice in this ffs


Absolutely izlatan!!! Without him milan maybe not going to champion league next season..

rami naaman

Zlatan Ibrahimovic (IbraCadabra). He was the best in Milan AND in Italy’s Serie A. I don’t know what Milanlo would have done without him. Hope he stays that way for next season.


absoultely Ibra…but this not to say the rest that made up for the nomination were not good. Nocerino really impressed and played like a hungry lion whiles Prince really showed his killer instinct when he was available to play. Nesta controlled and protected his territory when Silva was not present.


I went for KPB. The reason is that they are lots of things you look before choosing player of the season. All Milan players had a fantastic season and happy for them. But its not about number goals you scored but how important those goals are and against which team were they scored. Ibra is our leading scorer but he failed to impress when it come to big occassion. KPB is my player of the season because he scores when it matters most against Barca, Arsenal, Bate and also against Lecce.


I probably pick zlatan,because he was available for the whole season and score the highest goals,if not,i would have pick cassano.

Signings Please

Strootman(van bommel can help us), ganso(they want Robinho), and Sahin(Mourinho wants Yaya Toure)

The three should not cost us more than 25-30 million.


hahahahaha are you sure?
even Santos had put a price tag of 25 millions for Ganso..
but I hope B&G bring him this season, of course with a big bargain.


I voted for Ibra, but it was tough. I actually thought Thiago Silva was much more “important”. Milan was a different team when he was not available. He is the foundation of that back line and has displayed incredible class.


Maybe we should do a poll for who was Milan’s WORST player of the season. This category should only include three players: Mesbah, Mexes and Robinho Mesbah because he is just pure garbage-De Sciglio should keep him on the bench this season-Thank God! Mexes-because he was horrible against Barca and Fiorentina which cost a possible CL Semi-finals and the Scudetto. Robinho-We all know why, I doubt I need to explain but I will! Missing 4-5 clear cut chances 3 times (open goal) against Barca which cost us dearly! This guy’s finishing is just, ugh!! I almost had several heart attack… Read more »


For me Nocerino or Cassano deserves this award. My reason is simple: Antonio Nocerino: Norcino’s first season was just ridiculous for the money we paid for him. Excellent ROI for Milan. He scored the most from midfield and if he was given some much need rest to re-energize he would have scored more. He was clearly tired towards the end of the season! Antonio Cassano: Cassano is the #1 reason Milan was so lethal this season. He had the most assist and he created chance after chance for Nocerino, Ibra, Boateng, Robinho & Aquilani. Cassano was unstopable on the pitch.… Read more »


Ibra doesn’t deserve it, ehh right because he only deserve to be rewarded with the best foreign and Italian player of Serie A for 11/12. That is his reward.


@nick… You are right. A poll for Worst Milan player of the season!

Mesbah-Mexes-Robinho-Amelia! Yes Amelia! Though he hasn’t had much playing time this season but whenever he’s called upon, he FLOPPED!

Lets not even talk about Robinho. I wonder why Allegri still has him in his plans for next season. Robinho should be on his way to Santos now.


for me fantonio was the best, look what he done when he was playing what would he of been like if ie wasn’t down nd out… I just hope next season ie brings the same brilliance nd vision


i heard bologna want mesbah.really hope its true and maybe we could exchange with gaston ramirez if we offered some cash.


gaston ramirez would be a good mesbah leaving cherry on the ice-cream


it seems vertonghen can still be signed…


he reportedly said to the press that if milan calls you cant say NO


if it is possible to get yaya toure and vertonghen.
then we only need LB and CAM


i heard we’re interesting to buy nuri sahin n m.debuchy,can anybody give us any info about this rumours..


I dont think Ibra was the best player this season. Even though you might think that we are depenant on Ibra that much. Given the facts and from what I have seen, Tiago Silva is the player Milan is the most dependant on, as if Ibra doesnt play cassano can score, pato can score Robinho can try to score=)) but in defense we saw that if TS is not there even Nesta can hold the line


Jordi Alba has been sold and Unai Emery did not specified the club that bought him..let’s hope it is Milan..Fingers crossed.


its probably barca.he was a barca youth to begin with.but hey…my fingers are crossed too


Noce is my man of the season.


It’s Ibra, and I want either him or Allegri out. Milan are not one man team, and they suffered a lot just because of tactics employed, with Ibra as a centrepoint of a teamplay.


I think that Ibra suits in Milan and campionatto. All we have seen players that they have destroyed their talent moving to another league (e.g. Kaka, Shevchenko) in the peak of their career. Also, it is impossible to find a better or even equal player to Ibra. I hope he will stay.

Macho Blake

really like your jokes YOU are SO FUNNY!!!!!!!


Why don’t you tell us your opinion and just laugh? Perhaps, YOU are SO FUNNY TOO!!!!!!!!!!!

Signings Please

—Abate/De Sciglio—-J.Vertonghen/Acerbi—-T.Silva/Mexes–Urby/Antonini——


lineup for next season:
–Abate– –Thiago — mexes/acerbi –Emanuelson–
——-Big Bang Boateng———


i wil like to point . . . .Our playmaker Zlatan Ibrahimovic.


My man of d season is nocerino, cos he has proved himself worthy to be a milan key player and next season will be better FORZAN MILAN

Siempre Milan

Those were the days…