Ribeiro: “Robinho wants Santos return”


ROBINHO could be on his way back to Santos if Milan agree to sell him, Santos President says.

Binho signed for Milan in the summer of 2010 from Manchester City for a reported fee of €18m and played a key part last season in Milan’s Scudetto victory, scoring 14 goals for Allegri’s Milan side in the process.

However, the 28-year-old has failed to replicate his form from last term or stay consistent this year and it is not out of the question that he will leave this summer. Now, Santos President claims he wants to join them.

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“Is there a possibility Robinho can come back to Santos? I think so,” Luis Alvaro de Oliveira Ribeiro told Sportv.globo.com. “Santos want Robinho and he wants to return, so now it depends on Milan. We will talk to the Italian club.” If Robinho moves there it will be his third spell with Brazilian side (2002–2005 & 2010).

South American expert and FIFA agent Dabatino Durante suggested this week that Santos can sign Robinho perhaps if they include Paulo Henrique Ganso in the deal, in whom Milan had interest in the past.

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sell him pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
let him goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
and buy somebody else …but good


Milan can buy balotelli and sell robinho.It could be a very good deal if they can control balotelli`s temper because he is full of talent and class but very frustrated on and off the pitch.


I would rather Milan get Chicharito any day of the week


ganso for robinho would be nice


lol i came here to write this +1 man


No, I doubt we need Ganso. His transfer was a huge saga, probably we’ll have to add money to acquire him. SES will be our future #10. I think if he matures a little he can become a great player on that position. He has a lot of potential. With, boateng, muntari, merkel, acquilani we have a great and in my opinion balanced midfield. I am also supporting the idea of getting Balloteli in our ranks, the guy is crazy, we showed we can control temperamental players. We are one big familie! Balloteli will be a big star if we… Read more »

Macho Blake

And Ibra is just two seasons with Milan and he is already a Legend.Poor guys like Maldini Kaka Sheva etc would be laughing at you, even me hahahahahahah!!!!!!!!


a robinho for ganso deal….i’ll take it


Goodbye Robinho! We appreciate what you have done for the team but this time it was not enough.


Yeah I agree, ganso for robinho is going to become a very good swap deal


Fantastic!! Welcome Ganso, bye Binho.


binho for neymar


He is finished and shd go.

milan till the death

yall ppls is mad RObinho stays put


tbh i really dont see milan selling robinho..but he does need to leave cuz hes not as good as he was a few years back nd is slow..not to mention that he doesnt know the meaning of finishing nd we could at least get 10million of him nd use that money to make funds for a star player?


Robinho can go, we need a better finisher and a more creative and aggressive player like Tevez!

Balotelli is useless and will only cause trouble!Especially if he doesnt get much playing time!

Ganso might not come because Santos are celebrating their centennial year!

Therefore Santos will want to keep all their star players to win the Campeonato Brasileiro!

Maybe Berlusconi & Galliani can surprise us and get Lucas Mora from Sao Paulo!


Milan were dumb when they hesitate to buy Tevez..Look today the damage he cause in Norwich City..If Tevez joins AC Milan in January,we could have been in semis Cl and Final Coppa Italia..


Tevez had played already for City in the CL so he couldn_t have played for us


Yea dude but atleast we can reduce the wastefulnes*s cause by Robinho..He mis*sed many sitters..I once like him so much..I don’t know what distract him so much in Milan..

Macho Blake

how sensible of you to state that Milan would have been in semis CL if we had signed Tevez.I reckon you understand that Tevez was cup tied!!!


santos wants binho badly. We can take this advantage and rise his price!


sell him nowwwwwwwww…..bye bye…


Next season :

Forza Milan..


we DONT need Balotelli he only brings troubles


I agree,we must sell him,but i dont agree with ganso transfer,he is way too slow,we need kaka replacement,so speed and technical abilities-probably eriksen.


If Santos offer Milan at least 10m i think Milan would think about it and if its 15m, Galliani would definitely take the money.. Robinho is reaching his 29 but unlike many other players that reach their peak time around 28-30 years old, Binho seems is losing it prematurely. If you realise, binho is getting slower, both for his pace and agility. Yes, he is still a good player but i think SeS is already better than Binho! so 15m we can use to invest on midfielders, id rather to see we have better midfielders for the next season rather… Read more »


I hope for next season those players:

Ibra,pato,cassano,balotelli,el shaarawy

OUT:Lopez,inzaghi and robinho


why lopez out!?!?!? as a sub hes scored 2 vital goals. el sharawy has only scored 2 this season and started a bunch of matches. yes he is young but respect lopez please!


Midfield : Gattuso, Nocerino, Aquilani, Emanuelson, Merkel, Strasser, Boateng, Muntari, MONTOLIVO, EDERSON
Defender : Abate, Antonini, Nesta, T Silva, Mexes, NATALI, ASTORI, CISSOKO, DARMIAN


add to the mid Strootman Casmerio and Larsson
and we dont need Natali Acerbi is much better and younger


I dont trust these Brazilian clubs. Trust me, they dont have the funds to buy Robinho. They only want to take him on a free transfer like they did for Ronadinho which is not possible. They want to sell their over hyped players for 50 – 100m to you but will only want yours on a free transfer. I will rather Milan sell him to Psg or Malaga. I heard Milan are planning a joint bid with Genoa to sign Casemiero. That will be good addition to our midfield together with the arrival of Tevez.


Sorry to say but that’s not true. Brazilian clubs have alot of financial backing from sponsors. They do not need money or need to sell their star players.

Do you know that Neymar is making about $20.4 million a year at Santos?

If Santos sells him trust me it will be on their terms because they can offer him the same salary of any big european club!

Macho Blake

@lado- More than trusting Brazilian clubs you should be trying to trust our Management,If Berlu or Gali decide to sell Robinho for $10 Million will Santos want to buy him for that rate,because Milan don’t pay so much for players they just look for loan with option to buy or free transfer.If a big club like Milan does that what do you expect Santos to do,Also this is the last summer where teams can spend before the rules financial rules start coming in.If sensible B&G should buy a lot of young players and send them on loan and buy a… Read more »



Buy: M.Silvestre, Acerbi, LEFT BACK (maybe Jordi Alba, I don’t know…), Montolivo, Asamoah, Muriel, Balotelli

And have a team 2012/2013:

GK: Abbiatti, Amelia, Roma

D: Abate, ACERBI, Antonini, Bonera, De Sciglio, JORDI ALBA, Mexes, Mesbah, Nesta, SILVESTRE, Thiago Silva

M: ASAMOAH, Aquilani, Boateng, Emanuelson, Gattuso, Merkel, MONTOLIVO, Muntari, Nocerino

S: BALOTELLI, Cassano, El Shaarawy, Ibrahimović, Maxi Lopez, MURIEL

I really like Seedorf, Van Bommel and Pippo, but it’s probably time for them to go 🙁


before we buy a new left back, we should really give didac villa a fair chance.

the few games I have seen him, he has been good, very strong in the offensive.


I think it’s okay to sell Robinho because he’s an inconsistent performer, and I’m sick of that!

get Ganso or Lucas Marcelinho or Casemiro. in the frontline, let SES92 play and develop, he has the quality to be better than Robinho.


Y’all are shouting sell robinho sell robinho,do u think its a right thing to do?swap robinho wit an injury prone ganso? Don’t u guys watch milan matches?when robinho is not pairin zlatan,zlatan is more or less just runnin around on the pitch.Let milan buy ganso if they want to but not sellin robinho!


Bring taiwo back


Dude ganso is damn slowww…y we want him?he would struggle in Europe..Let’s go for Hazzard or Eriksen


trade binho n ganso,ganso is very good passer.he can do well in milan


ganso is unique player his passing is incredible, he has gr8 skills. i watched lot of his games and he impressed me i think he can be one of key players if we get him. also i hope we get monty this summer, we need fresh mid. balotelli would be nice

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Don’t need him, especially if without him the can target Balotelli. Lots of old vets coming off the Milan books, it’s time to reload with younger players.