Milan, USA or retirement for Nesta?


ALESSANDRO NESTA has three options for the future, none involves Juventus, Mauro Suma says.

Andrea Pirlo has admitted he spoke to Milan’s Nesta about a possible reunion at Juventus next season, but Juventus’ management have made it clear they have never talked about getting Sandro next season.

The contract of the former Lazio captain expires at the end of the season and it remains to be seen what the future holds for the player who won the World Cup in 2006 with Marcello Lippi’s Italy in Germany.

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Milan Channel director Mauro Suma wrote in his editorial for that Nesta has three options for his future. The first is to renew his contract with Milan and play a diminished role of 18-20 games next year. The second option is to end his contract with Milan and then move to the United States and play there.

The third option is to hang up his boots at the end of the season. Suma underlines that Pirlo and Nesta do in fact talk very often, but that’s because they are good friends and they talk about personal things.

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Gerald Meazza Milano

Pls we need Nesta to remain in the team..,he is a very dependable defender with great experience, i suggest Nesta be given a new contract here in Milan to avoid losing another great player to Juventus..,See how we mistakenly allowed Andre Pirlo to leave and we have not gotten a great midfield mastro to replace him since then..,Adriano Galliani should think about it.


Nesta should renew with Milan, then retire after next season.


atm we pay him almost nothing in advance .. give him another year, he has already learned tiago a lot.. he’s a legend!!! he deserves at least 1 more year ..


Pls, extend his contract a year more.


Nesta is Milan’s honor , He should retire at Milan and that would be an honor for every Milanista , So give him at least 2 years .


Pls Nesta should stay for at least one more year.


Agree with U all, one year more.
Tutoring our new back, I hope Astori.
Then become our coach staff..

Forza Milan..


He should never leave Milan, stay and retire in Milan! because Nesta is a quality defender that can still play at the highest level if he got enough rest. So id rather to keep him and he can be our secret weapon in every big match as Mexes is unreliable in big matches


Grande Sandro

Bone chronic

Extend his contract!


The only man who was born in roma….the king of the roman empire. He is NESTA. We need him for him to retire as a rossoneri.


Its Nesta A.K.A the leader of the pitch


Forza milanistan…
I really appreciate ur kindness to our beloved legend in milan team, the father, uncle, elder, guardian, mentor as well as friend to the milan players and their respected fans all. His contract must be renewed even if he is to play only champions league 4 milan alone, in which i believe he will also help the management in training the so called “young star players” as he did to silva, other wise! Berlu, gally, braid, and ally will definately pay 4 it next season too, and u will regret it.


1) Renew his contract. 2) if he decides to hang his boots, sign him up either as a defense trainer or with the youth team development to teach our youngsters defending.