Milan close in on Acerbi


FRANCESCO ACERBI will reportedly be joining Milan in the summer, on a co-ownership deal probably.

The Italian center back has impressed Milan this season and in particular in the game against them on Tuesday, when he was one of the best players of ChievoVerona, stopping Milan from doubling their lead.

After the match, Acerbi admitted he is a huge Milan fan and would be proud to play for the Rossoneri and according to, the 24-year-old will, in most probabilities, wear the black & red shirt next year.

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The player is co-owned between Chievo and Genoa and Adriano Galliani is expected to use his good relationship with Genoa President Enrico Preziosi and buy Chievo’s 50% shares of the former Reggina man. These rumours have not yet been confirmed or denied, but Chievo admitted they are ready to listen.

“Francesco proved to be a pleasant surprise, it took several months to adjust to the first league and the team, but he eventually did it. We would be happy to give our half to Milan,” Chievo director Sartori said.

The contracts of Mario Yepes and Alessandro Nesta expire this season and Milan look to rejuvenate.

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who is this guy?Is it the guy that scored the goal that ruled offside at the dying minutes?


hope not that guy was not good


He is the guy with the birth mark above his upper lip. I think he looked good against Milan. Was rated 6.5 by La Gazzetta dello Sport and


ooo ya..that guy..i think he is pretty good but not Milan clas*s..I think we should go for Angelo Ogbonna..


good news BUT NESTA MUST STAY also!!!


Milan should renew nesta’s contract


Get him as backup and get either vertonghen,silvestre,abdennour(toulousse) or marcelo(twente fc) but my favourite is abdennour.

don usyy

We don’t need him because astori is coming to milan.. And I am sure that astori is by far better than the guy.. Anyway we can give him a chance because mexes has been too playful a times.. And taiwo has been in form, fine form to be sincere and he deserves a place at milan because djameel mesbah has been a flop since his arrival..


Who said Astori is coming to Milan mate? We own nothing of Astori now and signing him would cost Milan at least 12 million euros if not more. I’ve only seen Acerbi once, against Milan, and he looked alright.


No mate..Astori will be free agent this summer..He’ll come back to Milan..I ‘m sure..




I just hope this guy is not another Mesbah! Really tired of the cheap players! Milan must get some quality players! Sigh!!!!

We cannot expect to win trophies with players like Mesbah or Mexes who seems to make too many errors. I dont understand Galliani and co.

We’ve had a problem with our defense, midfield and LB for some time now and all they do is sign players that are out of contract or players that are just NOT good enough!

And to make matters worst the fans blame Allegri when it’s Galliani and co. that should be blamed!


Mesbah was good not great what was good about him his crosses were into the box not like abate who is fast but lacks to get some good crosses inside
And he attacks more


i totally agree with you,except mexes..he is a good player


Why renew Nestas contract? The man is 36-YEAR old for god sake! We saw him at Champions League. He is good, but not world-class anymore. We need a CB, who isn’t so slowly and can be a good partner to Silva. I don’t think that Silva feels very comfortable with Mexes or Nesta. They’re too slowly and he needs to take the trash every time. Mexes is fine and better than Nesta. Ogbonna should be a fine CB.. I don’t know who Acerbi is, but if he is good, then go for it Galliani. But please, we DON*T need players… Read more »


U think Barcelona would let Puyol go? or Chelsea would let Terry leave?


at milanista93 ,where did u get the news that astori will be a free agent this summer?


i read it from

Nimesh loves Milan

That is correct …. Astori will be a Free Agent at the end of the year


According to, AC Milan are observing Borussia Moenchengladbach goalkeeper Marc-André ter Stegen.


would be nice, but i don’t think he comes to milan, because he’s not cheap and young german players doesn’t want to go to italy

Signor Eskola

Except for Merkel. 😛


Merkel? 😛


I hope that he will come. Ohhh, that actually saved my day!


He is seriously a great young player i hope that’s real news i have always wanted him to join us
and i think we should go for Strootman Larsson and Monty for our mid that would be great


We need a CB like Coscielni, a LB like Alaba, a DMF like Dejong or Montolivo, an AMF like Hamsik and a CF like Tevez.
New signings:
With this signings we’d be unbeatable.
2012/2013 starting XI







Alaba’s a CM……just a makeshift LB :/


I like this more!

Abiatti, I want Lloris though.

abate, mexes, Silva, jordi alba (maybe the one you was thinking about?)

Montolivo, Schweinsteiger, Boateng


Benzema Pato 😀

.. If I can dream a little? :$

Macho Blake

@Baffa,If you watch football happening over the weekends throughout the world.You won’t be talking about Tevez with Ibra as a front line for Milan.They both have different ways of playing and won’t be compatible,Tevez is very mobile and likes to do things on his own,but Ibra likes attention and wants the team to be built around him.Dinho Pirlo Pato Inzhagi and Robinho are either out or faded with Ibra around.If he continues ,you will see SES also being missed.Ibra is not a player to play alongside Tevez.And both have big EGO’s this might hurt the team.


Milan shudn’t buy him. Every player impresses wen playing against Milan eg Mesbah. But on the long run, they’re nt dat good.


heeeeeey guys…i know maybe u will mot bellieve me,but i am from austria and a friend of mine knows marco arnautovic from werder bremen…arnautovic told us that tim wiese has alredy a contract with milan he comes for free to milan this summer


thats why you have the austrian name ‘Rico’ ?
but would be nice. i am from germany, but in the last days it seemed to be Real Madrid where he goes.


I don’t hope that Wiese will come. We need a young GK – not a 30-years old!!!!!!


Has Oezil the german name “Mesut”?

was soll der bei real madrid machen, wenn sie doch casillias haben??


das du jetzt hier deutsch schreibt hat mich überzeugt, dass du aus Österreich kommst. Ich dachte nur Rico ist jetzt nicht der deutscheste name, aber du hast recht.
wiese wäre bei real nur backup

Macho Blake

I am from VENUS no wait a minute,Guess I am from JUPITER, It only matters who Galliani wants,Whether on loan with an option to buy or someone on a Bosman transfer,Let’s wait for it to happen.Milan is full of speculations.


Don’t get your hopes high up guys or else y’all will be disappointed. Just be calm and don’t believe those rumours until its done and dusted …


What we need is a fast DM who can run, good tackler and good ball controller. That would take the pressure off from the defenders and help them but that doesn’t mean that we can go and by crappy defenders. I hope this Acerbi is good cous i don’t know nothing about the player. Next to the DM we need a play-maker, someone with vision, power, technical and fast. Now with what we know there is at list 3 players coming in next season: MD_Montolivo – from fiorentina FREE ( a play-maker ) CB_Natali – from Fiorentina FREE CB_Acerbi –… Read more »


Marco Reus goes for 17,1 million Euros to my BVB

Macho Blake

Yanna M Villa & Ericksen are quite expensive for Milan and Arsenal have started their talks already.Moreover EPL can attract players then Serie A.Watch Juventus perform better than Milan in the Market net season.


hes not in milan class. ogba and astori are more suitable for milan


this is my line-up next season..If Milan don’t buy quality players,then we all should say goodbye to scudetto and CL..

—-Abate——–Mexes————-Ogbonna—-Didac Vila–
———Boateng——–Montolivo——–Nuri Sahin——-


Were is Thiago silva?


Sorry dude..i forgot about him..hahaha..becoz he is injured right now..


@ Milanista93. So U even ommit T.Silva from d squad …… Sha then u dnt even know what’s good for Milan


Milan should have kept Sokratis, he is a a good young player who can play both cb and rb


Tevez Ibra Robinho

Montolivo De Jong Boateng

Aly Cissokho T.Silva Dede Abate


Tevez, Montolivo, De Jong, Dede, Mandanda…

Players for starting 11.


Frank Rijkaard is the man. he has multiple formations, proven europe coach, he will do wonders in milan. so yes he is da mannn.


Rijkaard? Lol! Never! Where is he since he left Barca? Nowhere to be found.

BTW, Who’s even thinking about Sacking Allegri not to talk of Bringing in a new Coach? Very much Un-necessary.


MILAN should sign bedimo frm montpellier.he is the best LB in lique 1 and mattias silvestre.i read on the net that galliani has lined up dede,astori and silvestre for the summer.


Moutinho/sahin+montolivo+paulinho/de jong+ strootman+ eriksen for midfield and astori+ natali/acerbi for cb + cissokho/ taiwo+didac for lb and promote matia for rb back up. and as for attack if robinho goes to santos get balo and tevez if we dont sign maxi and for goalie adler/ wiese or if true ter stegen

my choices will be sahin + montolivo(free) + paulinho + strootman+ eriksen + astori + natali(free) +taiwo+didac(both free) +matia + balo/tevez + adler/stegen

and silvio shoud remember that this is the last summer he can spend, so do it


There was a rumour a few days ago that Galliani and Berlusconi don’t agree on the transfer targets. Berlu wants Kaka back, Galliani wants Tevez, Balotelli and Muriel


i think galliani’s choices are better!
i don’t like berlu’s thought about football!
i think the best mid player for milan is hamsik!!


MY THOUGHTS: I feel any time Milanistas here wants to update on transfer rumour, we should please state our sources so everyone would know.
Just my thought. Did anybody concur?


el shaarawy might leave nxt season to arsenal on a loan
and we are after a dmf from france for free and rumors assure that Monty signed for us


the dmf from france is bakaye troaré, a 27 year old player from mali who has a contrat just for this season


yes thats the one i never saw him but he seem strong physically hopefully a good replacement for MVB eventhough i prefer strootman


I say No to Kaka and Balotelli. Yes to Tevez and Muriel. Kaka is not the same player he once was and will never be! Berlusconi and some fans are too nostalgic! We need to move forward NOT backward! Nuri Sahin seems to not be in Mourinho’s plans,so we should look at him or get Ganso. We need a player who can link well with the strikers. Ganso is a good playmaker that needs to big club to grow! Balotelli is A NUT CASE and will soon ruin his career with his idiotic behavior! I would rather Tevez who has… Read more »


I jux hate natali idea the guy is 33.milan should sign youger & great talent like; CB-mattias silvestre,abdennour,rami,n’koulou,vertonghen,godin,savic,ogbonna.LB:bedimo,luis felipe,tremoulinas,fuchs,criscito.DM;de jong,javi garcia,tiote,javi martinez,sandro,fernando,veloso,naingolann,m’vila,fellaini.CM:rasmus elm,noboa,asamoah,amalfitano,strootman,AM;belhanda,jovetic,gaston ramirez,wiljandum,mattias fernandez,alejandro gomez,pastore,renato augusto.GK:handanovic,alvarado,ospina,carrizo,ochoa. what do you guys think?

Yehez Kiel

i dont know about you guys but getting nuri sahin would be a DREAM COME TRUE for milan! cause he plays a lot like pirlo! sure pirlo is a legend and i know hes better, but imo i think hes the next best thing to a pirlo and he’d definitely add some creativity in our midfield and add another dimension to our attack! MILAN PLEASE GET NURI SAHIN!!!

Yehez Kiel

also i think sahin is better than montolivo….




honestly i hope milan sign Hummels from dortmund..
or Ogbonna from Torino, but Acerbi and Astori Isn’t bad anyway..