Pirlo: “I’ve talked with Nesta about Juventus”


ANDREA PIRLO says he has spoken to Sandro Nesta about the option of joining him at Juventus.

Pirlo left Milan at the end of the last season in tears after Milan and the player had failed to reach an agreement over the Italian’s contract renewal, and the Rossoneri are now watching Pirlo reviving at Juve.

Andrea is the leader of Juventus at the middle of the pitch and is the main reason to why they are currently top of the Serie A (one point more than Milan), and he is now trying to get another Milan player there.

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“Yes, I’ve discussed such an option [moving to Juventus when his contract expires in June 2012] with Nesta, but these are personal things,” the 32-year-old Italy man told Sky Sport Italia. “He plays for a great team and he is free to choose what decision to make. We’ll see what happens at the end of the season.”

Nesta is one of the many players that have expiring contracts at the end of the season. Milan’s policy for 30+ players is only a one-year extension and if Nesta would not agree to this deal, he will leave Milan.

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allegri got rid of dinho, pirlo, and now he rwcked pato, he to will be sold, nesta well, wat eva, i prefer the whole team to stay and allegri just go


why pure why??? why are you always so obsessed with allegri?? Though i have no right, but i have to say i’m confused with your attitude in this blog. If you are not a milan fan, please write constructive criticism instead of creating confusions and rifts along milan fans..


Signor Eskola

Allegri has absolutely no REAL influence on signings or sellings, the real boss is called as Galliani & Silvio duo.


We must start preparing for life without nesta.angelo ogbonna,vertonghen,rolando or garay to replace him.

Shev Johannesburg

Why can’t guys like pirlo just move on, he made his choice now he wants to make a choice for nesta also. I just hate it when players do that, lost my respect for pirlo, 1 point infont and he wants to act like this, we will see who laughs at the end of the season!


I hate some fans they hate change.

Macho Blake

Change is the only thing CONSTANT in Life.


the best replacement for nesta is vertonhen, but management doesnt wana spend, thats the problem, buy new stadium, buy new players generate money, and win som trophies, thats it get to work


hahahah, hate som peeps, dont be hatin cuzzzooo


Are you insane? Is it Allegris fault that Pato got injured? HAHA. Explain to me why.


I lost respect for Nesta if he joins Juve,the cheaters team.


yes it is, wen u overwork players, they get tired stressed, and oh uh get injured, wat happend to boateng, t.silva, abate, ai, wat happnd


cb, david luiz t.silva, now that would be great. But ai, wen we had the chance, milan let it slip


i think u watch too much of EPL


David Luiz? That’ll be like adding an extra AM and only playing 3 at the back…


I can’t believe some people prefer Ambrosini, Gattuso, Seedorf, Nesta, Inzaghi, Yepes, Van Bommel, maybe they can bring back Oddo and Kaladze to stay and Allegri should go. Doesn’t make sense.

I wouldn’t be surprised if by the end of the season, Nesta leaves Milan to join Pirlo at Juventus. Why? Cause Juventus contract policy is different from ours, they offer more than 1yr to players above 30.
Meanwhile, Nesta has even stated few months ago he’ll like to end his career at Lazio.

Pato’s injury from my own perspective, is SPIRITUAL! Not Allegri!!


Do you sincerely think Chelsea will release David Luiz now? Very Much Impossible!


I hate it when boateng plays as treguartista.now that fiorentina is languishing at bottom milan should try to sign JOVETIC.maybe HONDA,MATTIAS FERNANDEZ,LUCAS MOURA.lets hope for some transfer magic now that berlusconi has returned.


Felipe luis is a must get left back.

Elburner (A.B.U zaria,nigeria)

Its pathetic,so pirlo is nw a transfer agent as wel as player.He should knw dat he can neva win wat he has won at milan with juventus. As 4 allegri i dnt give a damn.Why should he change milans style of play.Milan nw play complete physical football dats y he let pirlo and dinho cos they aint physical. Bt physical doesnt fit milan dats y our players keep getting injured.. My suggestion is dat boateng should be returned 2 right mid field,nocerino left,aquilani 4,they should get a more creative player as a trequartista e.g modric,ganso etc. The coach must also… Read more »


wen we had the chance to sign luiz, t,silva said to sign him, milan manag nooooo, yer but wtf eva oh n by the way, allegri suuukkkksssss


Allegri got nothing to do with this… the AC Milan board has a policy that they will not renew the contrct of players over 32 for more than a year… Pirlko wanted a 3 year contract extension and was not allowed as were other players… I cant understand why people blame Allegri for just about anything!


it’s a STUPID policy that letted pirlo go! I m frustrated of galliani’s policies buying free flop players like emanuelson and maybe keita in the future. Maybe the solution is a revolution including the owners.


well who would u suggest. Genius, ai, u think bonera, mexes, yepes r better then luiz, hahaha lol


I love Nesta and Pirlo because of all they’ve done for the club over the years. Without them, Milan is just not the same, but we have to accept that our contract policy will not please everybody and every player has to move on eventually (either to another club or retire). We need to be clear, however, that THIS IS NOT ALLEGRI’S FAULT. This has long been the policy of the club, and Allegri had no choice but to comply. Whatever your thoughts about Allegri (he has had his ups and downs) he CANNOT be blamed for this. We have… Read more »


Mr. Pirlo, lets see who laughs and celebrates come the end of season.


@rossonerious Am very much in support of what you said about Pure. I don’t know whats wrong with that guy, he’s never creative, he’s just a angry critic.

@sherbini What makes that policy stupid? You expect a 3yr extension for above 30?

You guys are clamouring, play young kids.

Macho Blake

@Idowu I do have much respect to you,but that stupid policy of ours isn’t working either.Can’t you see the old won’t go away and the young are still on loan or they go missing after a strong burst.I prefer younger Milan playing the league and the oldies can run around in Coppa because it’s not considered important for Milan and a mix of the players can do their job in CL.Squad rotation would be the ideal medicine for Milan but Allegri does have different ideas.


i think nesta will stay. but anyway we need new defender my n1 is david astori


why is pirlo doing this after joining juve ? i don’t like what he said -_- but we will win the seria A ! will see …


We need 2 buy younger players and a beta goalkeeper


I think we can convince Nesta to stay for 1 more season. But we DO need to start looking for his replacement. IMO, it should be someone really good, like Hummels. Other options: Sakho(isn’t he the one who said he’s a Milan fan and always checks up the Serie A standings to see where we were?), Subotic, Dede.