Chievo-Milan: The Rossoneri squad


HERE is the squad of Milan for tomorrow.

AC Milan face A.C. Chievo on Tuesday when the clock points 20:45 at Stadio Marc’Antonio Bentegodi for the 32nd matchday of the 2011/2012 Serie A season and Massimiliano Allegri has named his squad.

Flavio Roma, Thiago Silva, Djamel Mesbah, Ignazio Abate, Luca Antonini, Alexander Merkel, Mark Van Bommel, Kevin-Prince Boateng, Filippo Inzaghi, Alexandre Pato are all out with physical problems. Daniele Bonera, Massimo Ambrosini and Alberto Aquilani are banned after getting booked in the previous game.

Allegri: “Chievo game is extremely important”
Pirlo: “I’ve talked with Nesta about Juventus”

Christian AbbiatiMattia De SciglioUrby EmanuelsonAntonio Cassano
Marco AmeliaPhilippe MexesMathieu FlaminiStephan El Shaarawy
Riccardo PiscitelliAlessandro NestaGennaro GattusoZlatan Ibrahimovic
Gianluca ZambrottaSulley MuntariMaxi Lopez
Mario YepesAntonio NocerinoRobinho
Clarence Seedorf
Rodney Strasser
Mattia Valoti
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fanAntonio!!! Gattuso!!!Itz 3 points to Allegri


daaammnn, we’ve got a big problem with one fullback :/, maybe solved with De Sciglio or even Yepes as LFB, i guess.


I think it’s going to be like this:
Back 4: Zambrotta, Nesta, Mexes, Urby
Mid 3: Nocerino, Muntari, Seedorf
COM: Robinho
Forwards: Ibra – Maxi
OR Seedorf will play instead of Robinho.


maxi and ibra is not a good combination.

how did abate get injured in training again?

this is getting so ridiculous.


i like your formation but i would love to see el shaarawy play with ibra and then switch ibra for maxi and shaarawy for cassano




Flamini is back! heheh
Well at least there is some good news 🙂


just want to know what do you guys think about this? Its both balanced and will be more effective. ———————-Abbiati————————— –Abate/Zmbrotta-Silva/Nesta-Mexes/Nesta–Urby/Antonini —-Van Bommel/Flamini/Gattuso——Nocerino/Muntari—- –Robinho/Boateng–Cassano/Seedorf–El Sharaawy/Robinho ———————Ibra/Lopez————————- Urby= left back, because it’s his natural position and it will help the attack very much. Nocerino= as left DM because he shouldn’t play as a winger and he should play on the left side. Van Bommel or Flamini- if Flamini is ready, it will be great. But until then Van Bommel is the right man for that job, with some rotation with Flamini El Sharaawy= because he works very hard and can grow… Read more »


This is a nice idea but This line
—Robinho/Boateng–-Cassano/Seedorf–El Sharaawy/Robinho—
will be required to tracking down the opposite team players when we’re not in posession i think, otherwise it seems pretty imbalanced as 2 dm with no midfielders and 3 AMs? at least the 2 attcking wings must help the 2 dms or we would be easy to concede..
yeah just sharing ideas, but Allegri knows best for us..


well thanks for the comment:)
i thought el sharaawy can track back and help out a little plus boateng and seedorf can help also.
the thing is that some teams play and succed like that.
Real Madrid is an example. We can also play Aquilani in the middle attack so there will be more players helping the defense


Well if no change in formation tomorow i would hope to see this
–De Scigio/Zambrotta—Nesta—–Mexes——Urby——-


——————-Robinho/El Sharaawy——————
————–Ibra—————-Lopez/El Sharaawy—–

A bit attacking but we have too many injuries.

Nocerino should be rested early second hald by gattuso/flamini or strasser/valoti.

cas.sano should come on at minute 65-70.

would love to see how valoti plays


wheres aquilai, merkel? urby as left back? i mean hes doing a good job as attacking mid and hes a decent winger and we have mesbah i know hes not that good but better than urby defensively muntari wouldn’t be bad as left back…we even have didac vila who will be back in the summer i agree with the formation 100% i think allegri needs to change it because its not going well atm ur correct with the centre backs but i hope silva can play everygame MVB/ambro/aquilani-gattuso/flamini/nocerino/muntari because van bommel, ambro and aquilani are strong defensive players or who… Read more »


Seedorf is too slow to play in the upper half of the pitch constantly. He would be better off being further back which will revert us back to 4-3-2-1. But I would really like to see Milan play with wingers even if for a single match.


Agree,i’ve never seen Milan playing with true winger though.. We always play with wing backs like Cafu, Serginho, the failed Contra, Oddo, Jankulovski.. but we never really have a true winger so maybe not this season..


We have a huge problem.. We NEED to buy more players. I’ve just heard that Juventus will have about 100€ million in this summer.
If we NOW with THIS team can’t defeat them.. What will we do if they get Song, Torres and Dzeko?

We need a LB, a goalkeeper, some midfielders AND a foward instead of Robinho!

And a new coach OF COURSE!


I don’t worry much about Juve in the next season, even if they spend gazzillions of Euros. They are doing well this season, but only because they have more time to prepare for a match, since they are not playing in a European competition. Next season will be much more difficult for Juve.


i agree everything with you except changing coach.sorry dude


Why don’t change the coach?
He isn’t a good tactican and since we got him, the injuries will not take an end.
And remember that HE is the problem for Pato !


no he isn’t..Pato was distracted bcoz of his relationship with Barbara..remember Pato last season?He was awesome.He was voted Man of the Match against Napoli.He as*sisted and scored a wonderful goal..and yet this season with the same coach,same pitch and same training regime..He suc*ks..Allegri has done a wonderful job here.Many injuries and suspension and still challenging Scudetto,in 1/4 of CL and 1/2 of Coppa Italia..Think dude..


Shut up. YOU sucks. Pato is our future, my friend.
The training isn’t good for our players, I think that they are training too hard.
You can mention ONE game, where he was good last year. I can also mention ONE game in this year – the first game against Barca, where he did the chok-goal.

I’m not the type who wants new coach all the time, but now.. We need it.


Like to see cassano alongside sciglio should start with strasser.


Rijkaard is the man. Players. Ibra tevez van der vart boateng rm, de jong dmf, montolivo lm. Abate, nesta t.silva aly cissokho, mandanda gk yeeeerrrrrrrrr.


milan should play 4-3-3

Noce seedorf
El Ferrari Binho


I predict it will be Abbiati,De Sciglio, Mexes, Nesta, Zambrotta, Muntari, Nocerino,Seedorf, Emanuelson, Robinho, Ibrahimovic

but I wish it were Abbiati, De Sciglio, Mexes, Nesta, Emanuelson, Flamini, Seedorf, Nocerino, Muntari, El Sharaawy, Ibrahimovic.


so unlucky with injuries. we need a destroyer to replace Ambro and MVB. Gattuso should get the start!

don usyy

De sciglio-nesta-mexes-zambrotta
Subs: sharaway, emmenuelson, cassano or flamini/ gattuso one of them should start


Where did you read/hear that Juve will get 100 million in the summer??

Talking about a new Coach, Yeah, Like Pellegrini, Gasperini or Roy Hodson right?

What makes you even think Milan needs a new Coach? You want to be like Inter or Chelsea??? Get some sleep buddy.


Alexander merkel got injured without stepping on the pitch.


Actuali juve plan to splash 80 million in the upcoming transfer window.i’ll be hapi if milan spend about 30-40 million cause we can get at least 4-6 good players.but i wonder if it will happen.


——–El Sharaawy————–Ibrahimovic———–


Finally Flamini is back! I’ve missed his spirit on the field!


like i said Van Bommel is our most important player so we should go for Strootman ASAP


Flamini’s presence would be vital for the team… but has that guy ever had any spirit?


pls mr allegri, do not play urby. D boy adds nothing to our game.


He will be our left-back tonight.


api 2 c casano flami strasa bt believe u me allegri wil neva let any primevera playa play e s afriad of d yungstars ne e sti xpect dm 2 grow dts bad we nid sum 1 dt believes in dis yungboiz


please write normal




This rediculous. How did Abate get injured now? N why isnt MvB back yet? He was supposed to play in the second leg vs Barcelona


what happens during training do they get bricks thrown at them 2 increase their agility nd they mus practice kicking metal balls… How can we only have 5 defenders. But i believe we will still win because we are milan nd unlike jugay we can take the cup wit out paying da refs


pato is out for the rest of the season. i cry for him. such potential. hopefully next season he will comeback better than ever. whats up with kpb?


well , i have no idea about him .. it’s like he only play in important games like BARCELONA and then rest .. -,-


dis is a must win, if milan fail to win the league, allegri is sackd, bite me all haters, allegri needs to go


Who do you suggest we appoint? Since you are clamouring for change of Coach. To remind you, Gasperini is Jobless right now.

Some guy is confused here.


It will be nice if milan sign GASTON RAMIREZ from bologna he can solve our Attacking midfield problem or ILLICIC.


no Gaston Ramirez, i suggest we go for Catania’s Alejandro Gomez, that guy troubles and torment defence.


Any news on Silva?


This is the most suitable formation for tonight:


Sciglio nesta mexes zambrotta

Nocerino muntari seedorf


Ibra SES (robinho)

I bet allegri’s formation won’t be far from this. Anyway he’s good coach, unfortunately he isn’t lucky enough to have complete squad, especially in important occassions


i agree, but change place of seedorf with nocerino



Nocerino-Muntari/Strasser-Seederf/El Shaarawy

Ibrahimovic-Maxi Lopez/Cassano

I hope we don’t pick up any more injuries for this game otherwise we would get lost again.
This would be the best formation from my point of view.

Forza Milan, we can do it.


I must confess i like ALEJANDRO GOMEZ he is such a beast with the ball at his feet.i don’t think he will be that expensive(less than 15mil) or we sign JOVETIC or GASTON RAMIREZ.JAVI GARCIA & RADJA NAINGOLANN will be good for DM.


Too much transfer talk in here. Worry about THIS season. We have a title to challenge for


Thank you bucci. I believe its too early to start thinking about the transfer window.

Lets play with the available players first and maybe with a bit of luck, we might win the league.


Frank Rijkaard is the man.


andre santos of sporting lisbon is great for left mid


@pure are you kidding me? Frank? allegri is better than him 10times. What has he done since leaving Barcelona.nothing he has been on a down hill since.


i think for next season also allegri is best!
we need more and better playeres, especialy in mid and left back


Why do we need a new Coach?
Is it because we lost to Barcelona? Or because we are second in the league with just 1 point adrift?



De Sciglio-Mexes-Nesta-Zambro
Ibra-El Shaarawy

Merkel for Seedorf, Flamini for Nocerino, Maxi for Ibra.

Forza Milan


More bad news. Nesta has a fever, and is doubtful for the match. Also, it seems like Mexes and Urby are also doubtful (Urby because of an injury he got against Fiorentina). In light of this, I suggest playing 3-4-3, dropping Ibra to the bench and starting with Robinho-Maxi Lopez-El Shaarawy


p.s. all this is fact. none of them are ruled out, but they are in doubt. Also, I think Allegri said that Gattuso will start from the 1st minute.