“Berlusconi wants Milan to play like Barcelona”


BARBARA BERLUSCONI says her father would have liked Milan to play more like the Catalans.

Milan held Barcelona on Wednesday thanks to an excellent game from their defense, and the final 0-0 result is good for both sides as Milan do not have to beat Barca at the Camp Nou now in order to progress.

Silvio Berlusconi was in the stadium, and the man who returned on Thursday to his role as the ‘Honorary President’ of Milan, was not very much thrilled with how Milan played in the game at the San Siro stadium.

Catania-Milan: The Rossoneri squad
Pato to return from the US on Saturday

“My father likes how Barcelona play football and he’d like Milan to do the same, but we have different types of players,” explained Silvio’s daughter and board member Barbara to il Corriere dello Sport. “He wasn’t angry after the game, he was satisfied with the result, he just wanted to make some tactical points.

“Now we can do well at the Nou Camp in the return leg. We’ll get some players back and we can get the result that we need.” Milan will have Mark Van Bommel, Ignazio Abate and maybe even Pato for Tuesday.

Milan are top of the league, with a 4-point lead over Juventus. If Milan win the Scudetto, it’ll be Silvio’s 9th.

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So first of all he has to spend as much money for the team as Barcelona does… Sometimes he is so irritating – old bald pervert 😉


dont be so furious dude…it was a lot improvement last year getting ibra-robinho-KPB…lets hope were gonna see a major change in our squad this year too…


however he had nothing to angry with. Milan played so well, at least for me, even though we didn’t win it. let’s fight for the 2nd leg, just play it our way. we can do this! FORZA MILAN!

Jo Milano

If he wants us to play like Barca them let him buy a couple of great players…Talk is cheap Berlu, put yout money where your mouth is!!!


8elieve for UCL & F19ht for scudetto..


if he wants our team to play like Uefalona he must buy real players, not freebies. More than half of our first team cannot make d 1st eleven of d catalan giants.


good luck, playing lik barca.


lets buy some excellent players and we weill play like Barcelona 🙂
-Armero or Jordi Alba or Cissokho : LB
-Hummels or Astori or Sakho : CB
-Mvilla or Mascherano : DM
-Asamoah : CM
-Banega or Sahin deep playmaker
-Thiago Alcantara or Cazorla or Hazard : AM
-Hulk or Tévez or CR : SS

and we will kill them all enemy and play like Barca, o sry much more!


Milan dont need to play like Barca to be champions!

Lets focus on improving our team and stop dreaming Mr President!

Now that you are back Mr Berlusconi lets start with getting a quality LB!

Fix Milan Lab, and find some quality replacements for MVB, Seedorf, Ambrosini, Gatusso, and Flamini!

And get your son in law Pato back to a quality, injury free player!


I agree with all of this. I root for Barca in Spain. I would love to have that type of winning record in all competitions, but could do without much of the theatrics.

Bring me Eriksen, Sandro, a LB, and let some of those youngsters learn the Milan way and develop into big time contributors like Abate.

I think this team only needs a few slight changes and it’s the best team in Europe.


i agree wuth you
i prefer algri style milan!
this milan with stringer squad


Player list to make Milan play in Barca style
Buy :
1. Eriksen – Ajax
2. Neymar – Santos
3. Essien – Chelsea
And new left back

Beside that, Milan should give our youth player(or former) to play in Serie A.

Forza Milan..


Again, I agree. Abate turned out to be one of the best RBs in the world. El Shaarawy has made huge contributions (not necessarily on the score sheet, but still huge in my opinion). I have always loved Essien, but I don’t know how much longer he can keep going. I also think we’ll be priced out of the Neymar sweepstakes. But I would love for Eriksen, Sandro, and an athletic LB. Also, let Verdi, De Sciglio, Innocenti (sp?), Albertazzi, and some others make an impact. I think with the way the market is and the squad’s financial position, the… Read more »

moshood (sansiro)



Berlusconi buy Cristiano Ronaldo the news are saing that Man City have made an big offer so made a better offer and buy Xavi and Iniesta from Barça to 🙂 that will be a DREAM TEAM

Okey Baresi

Berlusconi z indeed our mr x.all tanx to uncle fester


i hope milan take just the home kit with to barcelona, so that barca also have to play in away kits at home

Macho Blake

Berlusconi may love the way Barcelona play and his wish to see Milan play like them is considerable, however this guy has to understand that they are playing together under the same module for some years.The spine of the team like Iniesta Xavi Puyol have been with the junior ranks and Pique Valdez Busquets Pedro Tello are all Spanish with South American stars like Messi Alves Adriano & Mascherano they have a bit of Samba and with Keita Abidal they have toughness.Most of the Barca players are home grown and they have a coaching style which instills discipline and team… Read more »


I agree with the youth team aspect. Would love to see Verdi, De Sciglio, Albertazzi and others worked in over the next season or 2.


I don’t think this team needs to alter style, or even have a huge overhaul in personnel. There are some excellent pieces. Ibra is a monster and the focus of the attack. Urby, Boateng, El Shaarawy and Abate form a terrific young core to the team with tons of energy. Thiago Silva, Nocerino and Robinho are not youngsters, but are not even close to over the hill and provide a lot of leadership. I think all that is really needed is another young centerback (Astori and Albertazzi), a LB, an ACM, and maybe a young striker. Like I’ve said in… Read more »

Macho Blake

It’s not about the players you have but how you make them play that matters,Firstly the Milan institution has to change their way they want to play.They should be able to come up with a standard identity of their own where people all over the world recognize this is how Milan plays,since there are players who are injury prone ,I would also like to see lot’s of utility players who can play in more than one position so they can accommodate when necessary,Bench strength is the most important thing and then the coach should understand what it means to follow… Read more »


Out of curiosity, is it possible to have a “where are you from/what do you do/how did you become a Milan fan” thread. I’d be interested in knowing more about many of the posters here.

Macho Blake

For now I can tell you, I love football and of course do watch all the games from different leagues.I do like Milan the best in Italy and i love the competition in La Liga and the EPL is extravagant and more colorful than any other league.I do post my opinions based on what i see,and although I am a Milan Fan I would like to consider myself a football fan.Nothing wrong in calling a spade “SPADE”
JAMAICA is the Land I Love


we are MILAN not barca we dont need to play like them. who said they play the best football, the best football is winning football and with the players we have we cant play like barca in fac i dont want us to play like barca. we shouldnt look up to anyone because we are the best team in HISTORY and if any team knows how to win its us.



Just read we could go for Nigel de Jong from Mancity who’s free transfer in the summer this is ideal for free we can replace a good dutch DM for another one. Who always plays alongside MVB for the Netherlands.


I also want milan 2 play like bacer, bt wit dis kind of players dat we have, we can’t play the way bacer play. If milan want 2 play like becers, we have 2 bring youn talentet players, for dos olds dat we have, we should led them go. Forza milan!!


First he dreams about CR7, nw he wants Milan to play like Barca? Berlu can go and become Barca’s president and be happy cos of their football and CR7 will always appear in his worst dreams 😀


Tell ur father to spend, so that we will rule europe again.


In other Fø̲̣̣я̅ us †☺ play like barca,we av †☺ spend a huge of M̶̲̥̅̊ON̶̲̥̅€¥……………and we wil now retain our name been †ђξ champion of europe again……………Ȋ̝̊̅ know much respect i̶̲̥̅̊s̶̲̥̅̊ still coming for milan………..forza Milan☺º°˚˚°ºoo☺º°˚˚°ºoo


Why shld we play like them?we’ve been playing our style for long and it gives us desired result why now opt for someone elses pattern?piss off!!!


I get why Berlusconi’s annoyed but he has to take some blame himself. Milan will never play like Barca under Allegri and Berlusconi should have realised that. He also let Galliani chase around £30m Tevez all winter when two £15m midfielders would have transformed the team. Also, ten years ago Milan were making more money than Barca, now they are making half. Somewhere along the road Berlusconi and Galliani have slipped up, how can such a financial turnaround happen?


although barca have played great attacking football so far, in my opinion, milan 1994 are still the best in terms of tactical play and determinations. barca are very dependent on messi (like ibra for milan). milan 1994 midfielders and attackers are more team players. desailly, boban and savicevic were not as famous as the dutch trio in 1989-1991 but they played solidly as a team. i believe that players like them are the players that allegri is looking for. so, no need to play like barca. what milan need is to have their 1994 soul, i.e.: total determination, back. sure,… Read more »

Macho Blake

It’s like Brazil story of the 1982.Past glory is past we need to adapt to conditions now and play the game,Lot has changed after 1994.Milan needs to bring in more youngsters and strengthen their academy with good sporting philosophy and technical know how of the latest methods needs to be independent.The Coach needs to be open to new ideas and suggest changes when required also take risks so a lot can be learnt….