Robinho injury doubt for Parma game


ROBINHO injured his right ankle in training on Wednesday and could be in doubt for Saturday.

Robinho has once again found form, as ever since the first leg of the Champions League game against Arsenal in which he scored a brace which proved vital, he’s been playing very well with Ibra up front.

But the Brazilian could not carry out the entire training session on Wednesday at the Milanello training ground after twisting his right ankle, which makes him at risk of taking part in Saturday’s clash with Parma.

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Further tests will be taken place to figure out whether Robinho will be able to play against Parma on Thursday. In case that Binho will not be able to compete on Week 28 of this Serie A season, Stephan El Shaarawy will take his place alongside Zlatan, with Urby Emanuelson playing in the trequartista role.

Clarence Seedorf and Maxi Lopez are expected to be fit for the game, while Kevin-Prince Boateng should be ready for the big Coppa Italia game with Juventus on Tuesday. Pato and Flamini can be fit soon too.

Almost 24 hours before he twisted his ankle, Robinho, along with Thiago Silva and Pato met singer Michel Telo.
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great news!!!!xaxaxaxa….


hahahah! ( not laughing at robinhos injuri)




Does guy ar super star nd d’re d fætur of milan,i lik pato,silva,bino,el sha raa wy


Not so gud . Stephan doesnt even compare to robi yet . Stil wud luv to c him start tho he was a bit selfish in the last game .


If it happens Binho won’t play, Zlatan and El Sharaawy partnership wouldn’t be bad.
Good news Boateng would be ready for the Coppa Italia game. His shots could send us straight to finals.


This is NOT good news! Hopefully it is nothing serious as Robinho was just finding some good form of late!


All italians owt again,except for one seems like the norm,Im seriously getting tired of watching Champions League.


yea yesterday i had hopes for 3 italian teams in the final 8, now there’s only one


what in the world is wrong with Italian teams?


If AC Milan get knocked out in the next round,I think Im gona stop watching football altogether cause this is becoming stressful and Im not definately supporting another team,so quiting the only option.




arrghhh!! why did napoli have to lose?? now only Milan is left. Looking at all the Italian teams atm, I don’t see any other team apart from Milan that I’d want to be in Cl next year. Juve needs a world cla*ss striker before they can be taken seriously in Europe. Napoli need a world cla*ss defender (or 2. Maybe even 3) and some more depth. Udinese need depth (but a looooooot of it). Lazio is a joke. Roma need time. Inter are a lost cause. Anyway, hope we get one of the easier teams in the Cl draw for… Read more »


Big blow if it is true. I think we can still win against Parma, and fortunately we have a small cushion at the top, but I’d rather see him on the field. He is the most creative player on the field for Milan and I do not believe many underestand his worth until something like this happens.

I’m a big fan and hope this is nothing serious.


Napoli messed up d italian job . Against the odds . We gonna win cl this year .


D-bo binho is d 2nd most creative player after zlatan’s 2.7 key passes/ game binho has 1.8 . Aquaman is back so we are covered in dat area .


You’re probably right as to Ibra. However, I was thinking more about the midfield. My hope is that Ibra doesn’t have to come back that far to get the ball. I think Robinho is more creative away from scoring range, where Zlatan is much better in those close quarters.

I like what Aquilani has done this season, but I do not think he is anywhere near as important or effective as Robinho.

I do not think this will matter much against Parma, but I believe Robinho is a farm more important piece to this puzzle then Aquilani.


what is wrong wit italian teams, we meant 2 be the best at defending nd yet we concede 9 goals in total in the last 16 reali bad… Chelsea must get kicked out coz english clubs are over hyped nd rubbish


I am still proud of Napoli,They lost out due to lack of experience in the CL.I hope they don’t sell their players to the English and the Spanish teams…If they stay together they will be stronger next season,now the task weighs on Us to fly the Italian flag I hope we avoid the two Spanish teams for now,we can take them on in the Semis
Forza Milan


Milan has always been the best Italian team in Europe. I’m not surprise by Napoli and Inter failures!

Milan has the best record in Europe despite Real Madrid winning more UCL-albeit most of their trophies were won in the 50’s and Most of Milan trohpies were in the 80’s and 90’s!

Teams like Napoli, Udinese,Lazio and Roma need to invest in the club like Inter, Juventus and Milan. Until then Italian teams will always fall behind the rest of the big leagues.Forza Milan!


Drogba is amazing, the strength he had for a striker is unbelievable, the way he was pushing players off of him well in overtime and being 34 years old.

I like Napoli but Chelsea were by far the better team tonight, I hope they get Barcelona next because they are the one team that can always beat Barca


i became teary after the napoli game…

i was in shock after the inter game, but being inter i didnt cry too much… but still, serie a had this cl


All serie A teams needs to go back to their drawing board, there are some issues that needs to be resolved.


More bad news… Abate pulled a muscle and won’t play against Parma. He is also a doubt for the Juve coppa italia game. 🙁

mahamed somalia

Really is a wonderfull what happened italian teams .except acmilan as you know these days the football is change so italian teams they. Need to male improvement side of player and managers atharwise they will meat shameful in public eyes


What a sad night …


when robinho is out, milan still have his twin (urby) haha.
give a chance for shaarawy to play. he needs more playing time. if he plays bad and KPB isn’t ready, i prefer to give a chance for aquilani to play as a second striker. it will surprise parma.


I agree, I just think Robinho is one of our toughest players to replace. I love Urby and I agree that El Shaarawy should definitely use this as an opportunity.


Since most of them here are worried about Napoli’s exit in the CL rather than Binho’s injury.I too would like to join in but not either praising or worrying about Italian teams.I would most prefer to comment about one of AC Milan’s earlier Stalwarts “KAKA”.The whole world had written him off and rumors were that he is not happy and unwanted at Real,but he proved everything wrong by putting in an excellent display.After the game he was much praised and acknowledged by the coach and his fans.This really shows the kind of impact a coach can have on his players… Read more »


I thought Napoli had a good run in the CL after being in such a difficult group.

And now the Allegri hater is demanding other things. He thinks our coach isn’t pushing the players hard enough… spare me. Then he claims he’s not bad mouthing Allegri. If he thinks Allegri is not doing a good enough job, then go take the job.

By the way, Gattuso and Maxi Lopez will be available for the Parma game. Robinho’s injury was nothing serious from what I heard.


@ MEYTAR ZEEVI or Rossoneri Blog. I don’t insult or exchange words around here.I post my opinion and some guys read my post completely and deliberately plan to attack me and prove me wrong.There is nothing to prove when i say what has happened.While saying anything related to Milan,This guy Paul especially acts like he is the UEFA Chairman and we should say only what he likes.BAN ME IF YOU WANT, But If I Can’t write my opinion on a blog,then there is no point coming around here.


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