Highlights: Lazio 2-0 Milan


MASSIMILIANO ALLEGRI got it all wrong on Wednesday night as Milan’s Scudetto chances suffered a big blow with a defeat in Rome to Lazio. Milan were too predictable up front despite starting with three strikers. With the Rossoneri perhaps too dependent on Zlatan Ibrahimovic, and the Swede having a day off, Milan failed to get to chances and when they did, they couldn’t finish – so they were punished. Hernanes (75′) scored the first for Lazio, and Tommaso Rocchi made Milan’s defeat more painful (85′).

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how can start with ambrosini instead of emanuelson.alegri shuld be blame


Milan is suckling for now.


We can’t afford to repeat the same mistake again. We will bounce back.


Lack of creativity..always strugle agains defensive opponent, 4 loses mean no scudetto this year, we should fokus on UCL..


No one should be blame. Job of a coach is a game of chance at times, especially when your good players are injured. anyway, we still stand the chance of winning the scudetto if and only if “we won our next 5 games or @least win 4 and draw 1. i know juve will still loose matches. just wait and see there flop. Allegri you are a great coach, keep it up.

Milan francis

Scudetto blow?Nah.Last time i checked Barca is seven points afar from Madrid with 18 games to go. I agree with Allegri’s post match conference.We need to come to reality,which we are not some kind of invinsible “team”who just walks unto the picth and bamboze its opponent. Who’s fault?UNCLE FESTER.He needs not to be told what material that is needed to return to “Eureope Elite”. Its bad enough when we turn to Seedorf for our creativity or Emmanuelson. What did he do during mercato?Chasing Tevez!oh i forgot Muntary that is still far away(he might return injured) this is not the Milan… Read more »


Do we have reserve bench? U’r talking abt seedof,urby and amros, which of them can u refer 2 as good playmaker. Suck mgt not alegri b,cos u only use wha u have.


we need to change almost everything if milan wants to win champions league if it were up to me i would sell ibrahimovic and maybe robinho or pato and buy Hamsik,Ganso,Damiao,Kolarov,Handanovic and take De Rossi for free


You could have sold Galiani and Berlusconi as well and buy Moggi


We still can’t beat top 4 teams. This is Allegri’s fault. We have good players, and we still can’t beat top teams. Our offense is too free-flowing. It completely relies on the AM and strikers to do all the creativity. This tactic does not work against good organized defensive sides.

Hernanes could have been ours, but instead we chose to keep Seedorf.

We desperately are missing Cassano. What do we do about it? Sign Maxi Lopez. Sign a pure AM for God’s sake and finally solve the problem to all problems in midfield.


– Mistaken line up..
– No Creativity
– Wrong substitution Seedorf – SES

please Senor Ale open your mind…


what the hell with ibra?


Some ppl dont like when Allegri is blamed, but they wont understand that Allegri picks the team and adopts the tactics he knows, Just like Mourinho adopted to PORTO CHELSEA INTER & RM. now when he didn’t perform in CHELSEA they kicked him out ,WHY !!!!, because he is responsible for the team. So the COACH is responsible for the performance of the team. Allegri is very comfortable with the team he has and there is no pressure to perform, win draw or lose B&G will stick with Allegri and Allegri will stick with IBRA, no more no less.Milan it… Read more »


I’ve said before we play worse with Ibra in the team. It’s NOT Ibra’s fault he’s a wonderful player its Allegri’s tactics of “hit it somewhere near Ibra and he’ll do something” exactly like Inter 3-4 years ago, flat track bullies unable to beat top teams. And signings like Muntari will be plentiful while Allegri’s still the manager playing 3 destroyers. The idea of one destroyer is becoming an outdated notion in European football thanks to Barcelona and Allegri is playing THREE! What is he thinking.