Official: Milan loan Muntari from Inter


AC MILAN have taken Sulley Muntari on loan, as well as two young strikers.

Milan have signed a midfielder on loan on the last day of the transfer market as they’ve taken Inter’s Sulley Muntari, who is currently with Ghana in the African Cup of Nations and will return only in a couple of weeks.

Muntari, who has never been a key player for Inter and usually started from the bench (and still had some moments of brilliance), has come to “reinforce” Milan’s midfield which needed options due to the injuries.

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“A.C Milan have signed Sulley Muntari on a loan deal,” a statement on the Rossoneri’s official website read on Tuesday. It’s not yet clear who is happier about this transfer: the Milan fans who have got another player for the midfield, or Inter fans who were delighted to give the 27-year-old Sunderland-reject to Milan.

Muntari’s contract ends in the summer so it won’t be a surprise if Milan decide to sign him permanently then because it’ll be cheap. They took Muntari instead of Angelo Palombo, who instead signed for Inter.

Milan have also signed Lucas Roggia (born in 1991, striker) from Sport Club Internacional and have brought back Kingsley Umunegbu (22-year-old striker) from FC Chiasso. Both not for the 1st team.

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Oh no,he can’t pass or tackle.Terrible,terrible move.We could’ve saved his salary to add to our transfer kitty during the summer.Poor move


God why muntari again instead of montolivo you even put us on suspense upon tevez saga why are you doing this to us barca that is the best team in the world still bought good player to their team example fabregas,sanchez e.t.c

Mr Goph

Does anyone know hw old Muntari is? If still in his 20s then its a great buy!

black milanista

27 and yes he’s a decent buy he’ll prove us wrong even me think he’ll be Van Bommel’s replacement get use to it guys


@Basil,if milan have a stadium like their won’t we be happy. Even barca that is seen as the best club in the world still infuse quality players into their team but for milan all we know is infusing aged n weak mediocres into the s


he is type of player Allegri wanted. dynamic, aggressive, and box to box.

but I think he will be backup for backups, unless he shows his bests constantly.


Hope muntari can integrate himself into the team early and prove his doubters wrong. The coach likes him and that is all that matters,we can’t ve a team full of superstars. And to those who criticize Mr galliani shame unto u,he is a god in player transfers and he is doing the best he can with the money available

Bone chronic

Muntari???? Nooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!


We snubed palampo for muntari :s ! Well I am sure allegri has his resons but people don’t jude until we see him may be he will be a new seedorf ? :p or mancini !!! We will have to wait and see and great to see new premavira players !!!

Mr P

Muntari over Palombo?? I prefer Palombo but this Muntari guy is actually a pretty good def mid. could be a backup for MVB. Lets see how he perform. we can just off load this guy if he sucks since it’s a loan


Are you kidding me!!!!??


This is a big joke… i seriously think berlusconi should sell the club to someone who can invest properly our midfield is rotting away and this summer we MUST strengthen our midfield with 2-3 players and not this kind of players and a goalkeeper


uh, please. I want to LOL in front of Galliani’s face :))))


Even though I hate this signing…. I don’t know why I’m getting the feeling that he would actually prove to be a good signing no matter how much I hate him.


Dangote; d richest man in Nigeria, has money more dan Berllisconi family. I wish he can just com 2 purchase it! Very poor club, so pathetic.


im sick of some Milan fans that looking down at how Galliani manage the transfers! some even said that Inter were smarter by giving away Muntari to us and buying Guarin! you guys are LOL!!!! a joke.. Guarin will need time to adjust his game with the serie-A style, and he might not be successful too! there’s no guarantee!! and please remember how good Muntari was under Mou!! Allegri only need 1 playmaker in the midfield and we have Seedorf, and Aquilani (will come back soon).. anyway V.Bommel and Ambro are 2 experienced midfielder that often able to feed our… Read more »

gioele romeo

agreed, all of you are moaning and showing how much you hate the club? leave this blog if your like that… gallani knows what he is doing, muntari on a LOAN. whats the worst that can happen? seriously think about it.

Rossonero 23

still in shock that we signed muntari…

Bashing joe

People or should i say my fellow milanistas, what we should all put into consideration is that at the end of this season, we are going to be relieved off of Ambrosini, Seedorf, Gattuso, Van bomel & maybe Flamini (if he doesnt accept a pay cut). We cant buy many world class midfielders all at the same time & expect them to blend, and at what cost? We have to get what the coach feels is ok & available for the team at the minimum cost possible because that was what got us this far. If the coach feels Muntari… Read more »

Mr Goph

Dude! Dangote is nothing compare to berlu. Berlu deals with pounds while dqngote is naira. If dangote manage milan in 2years he will go bankrupt


I was thinking of Mr X ,and that we have Mr M .Milan should do with Muntari for now, but what i never understood was “WHERE AND WHEN HAS ALLEGRI WATCHED MUNTARI PLAY RECENTLY AND IF HE WAS THAT GOOD”. Guessing Allegri watches more of Inter’s practice than that of Milan’s routines.Grow up Allegri your clowning glory has ended and u look the serious joker you are. Along with the World Milan ends in 2012…..