Poll Results: Nocerino was Milan’s best signing


THE READERS have decided, to no surprise, that Antonio Nocerino was Milan’s best summer signing.

We asked you a little bit than one month ago who was Milan’s best signing of the summer. There were 5 of those, some impressed more, some less – but there is only one winner – and no one can be surprised.

The Rossoneri brought Mexes and Taiwo on Bosman transfers after their respective spells at Roma and OM, Aquilani came on loan and El Shaarawy on co-ownership – Nocerino came on a low-cost deal.

Allegri: “Important to go through”
Official: Milan send Taiwo on loan to QPR

Thousands of people voted and in the fifth and last place came Taye Taiwo with 1.65% of the votes; the Nigerian has already left Milan on loan to Queens Park Rangers. Philippe Mexes is now starting to prove his worth and is in the starting Milan XI, but he arrived only in the fourth place with 2.72% of the votes.

In the third place came Stephan El Shaarawy, who according to coach Massimiliano Allegri has grown more than expected; 6.19% of the voters chose the Italo-Egyptian youngster. On loan Liverpool midfielder Alberto Aquilani whom Milan will sign permanently, came in the second place with 6.99% of the votes.

Antonio Nocerino won the first place by quite a margin, getting 82.45% of the votes. Hard to be surprised as the former Palermo man has become an integral part of Allegri’s system this season, scoring and making runs through the left-flank – a typical ‘Allegri player’ who has been doing very well at Milan so far.

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1. Nocerino
2. El Shaarawy


Still, Nocerino is only backup-material. El Shaarawy, Mexes and Aquilani are starter material.


Have you ever seen Milan games?


Everyone can see that! But we must not forget about Aquelani!!


For Mine
1. Nocerino
2. El Shaarawy
3. Aqua Man
4. Mexes
5. T.Taiwo
As for their recent performance.


Well this was before El Shaarawy started performing so…..orelse it might’ve been closer


Best and the most Fair Poll i have ever came across. Nocerino deserves to be the best because when he came there wasn’t any place for him lets be honest. I watch JSC sport channel where they have Chesari Maldini as an Sport Analyst ( Paolo Maldines Father )and i remember when the first couple of games Chesari Maldini didn’t find any thing good about Nocerino and also said he was not a good sign. Then Nocerino impressed us when he got more confidence and impressed Chesari Maldini as well and he with drew his words and said he is… Read more »


1. Nocerino
2. Aquilani ( Before his injury)
3. El Sharaawy
4. Mexes
5. Taiwo.


Inter has lost to Cavani. 2 nil.


@goodfella..do u even watch milan’s games?! Nocerino is a starter not a back up player..u heard?!


Nocerino is a starter but he doest perform in the big games!


Really?! Nocerino doesn’t perform in big games? What about against Barcelona? ( Home and Away).

Some just answer Milan fans but don’t watch Milan games.


Backup to who?! Gattuso?! Flamini?! Uh… Watch games!!!!


Nocerino is not a Milan quality Hamsik is better.


We shd sign better n quality players to beef up the squad cos some players don’t deserve to play for us.


Galliani contacted Real Madrid last week in an attempt to sign Nuri Sahin on loan.(not a bad try imo)
According to the latest reports from Sky Italia last night, Maxi Lopez will either become a Milan player now or in the summer.(please let him come when inzaghi leaves)


hey, u sure about the nuri sahin thingy, cause that would be great if true..can u specify ur source pls???


Galliani- “On Friday we will choose between Maxi Lopez and Tevez.” (why not now now now boss?)
*. Al Mubarak, the chairman of Manchester City has warned Tevez and AC Milan that City will not Sell the Argentine striker unless Milan meet their valuation and adopt a more professional approach.(i’ll say let us be professional and he’s ours!)
*. “Milan’s new offer will be €4-5m for the loan Option to buy” – Paul Bargiggia [Mediaset Journalist}


Maxi Lopez’ agent: “Milan have told us to wait a bit longer than the 24-48 hours that they initially told us.”(hmm…patience my friend a little more patience)


I don’t see why a Club will accomodate a player (Maxi Lopez) in a hotel for the past 2days and they won’t sign that player. – Pedulla ( Transfer analyst)


Maxi Lopez in summer? Dissapointed if true…


Yeah nocerino is d guy i like him he plays with all his heart i wish all milan player play like dat.


Nuri Sahin, i believe, is the name that could replace pirlo in milan. madrid bought him only for ten(i wonder where was galliani) this guy is gr8!!!! forza milan!!!!!

Mr Goph

If the Sahin news is true then i say Galliani is coming back to his old self again!!!!! Also read We made an approach for Granero.


Where did you guys read that?


One of my favorite images of the league match @ Novara was Noc’ kicking the woodwork in frustration just before Ibra’s 2nd goal because the GK reached the ball before he could. He’s really trying hard to meet that quota! It’s great to see that kind of goal-scoring hunger from midfield.

Forza GRANDE Noc’!


I definitely agree that Nocerino was our best signing. However, I was a little surprised to see the Mexes signing ranked so low by people on this blog. It was frustrating seeing Mexes left out of the squad even after his injury, then him picking up a minor hand injury, and it took a couple games for him to adjust, but his recent performances are superb. I’m surprised all the Bonera haters aren’t happy about Mexes’ arrival! I’m pleased to finally have a solid CB.


Mexes is not very solid. He’s lucky to get playing time IMO. We need another top CB to replace Nesta because Mexes is not cutting it. Anybody who watches Milan games would see that Thiago Silva and Nesta save Mexes blushes time & time again.


Phone Negotiations for Tevez will start Today Afternoon.Milan are willing to pay €3-4m for the loan but city ask for €8m City will accept €5m for the 17 months loan and an option to buy for €16m Though City are Keen to Close the deal today some reports claim that City will only accept a 2 year loan with obligation to buy in 2013.Well The way Galliani has been plotting his moves, this looks highly unlikely Sky reports that we are closing in on Tevez and pay €3m for the loan deal.City is ready to Negotiate.Maxi Lopez will stay in… Read more »


It seems as if we are getting closer isn’t it?I think galliani may not give many of our senior players extensions contrary to what some Of us think or believe. Nothing to get excited over anyway not until we get a long deserved talented,technical and quality playmaker. After all this is Milan we are talking about anyway…stay tuned guys


Great news man!!


@ Kylon So, do you think Mexes wasn’t solid at Roma??