Highlights: Atalanta B.C 0-2 AC Milan


AC MILAN were good enough to earn 3 valuable points against a good Atalanta side. Milan’s forward Zlatan Ibrahimovic (22′) continued his good scoring ability and again from the spot, scored his 12th goal to give Milan the lead. Atalanta were dominant for some time in the second half and came close for the equalizer, however, Ibrahimovic made his sixth assist of the season, for Kevin-Prince Boateng (82′). Milan remain top of the table, along with Juventus ahead of next week’s derby against Inter.

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Inter? We’ll gun them down.


Yes, inter are going to fall


Man,i think i like luca cigarini.he’s good..he’s style of play reminds me of pirlo :)..Up Milan!

Its maqq

We played well and deserved all 3 points, Pato and Ibrahimovic look good together upfront, but Pato need to learn to make final killer pass. SES deserves some playing time after his promising showing against PSG, we must not forget he earned at important 3 point in the first half of the season with his goal. Mexes and Silva look stronger toghether each game, both of them have strength technique and Pace to make the strongest partnership in the world with a strong rotational backup in shape of Nesta. I hope to get Guttuso, Seedorf, Aquaman & Flamini back by… Read more »

Pete Acquaviva

It wasn’t 3 points, we got a point from Udinese and avoided the loss.


Ibra wil score . Again but we gotta b careful . D 2 teams have an incredile run of form lately . Hope the full team plays .


impossible,ac milan cannot b defeated.


I think,milan shuld buy tevez,because,ibra need some rest and tevez is also strong like ibra,but mancini want to sell it to inter,i dont want milan to loose tevez in the hand of inter,i prefer PSG to buy him.


Inter they are great but will are more than that fozan milan great fozan


It’s d 9th day n stil no dice . Wtf milan ? We gotta buy some 1 . Btw alvarez is lukin really gud . Pazzini is not scoring . But our past couple of games havent been convincing enuf ( 4-0 will convince me ) so it mite be a near miss .


Last year we won matches against smaller teams mainly as we won this match. But we won against Inter 3-0, and against Napoli 3-0. So i’m not worried, Allegri, and the whole team knows this: that match needs more will and passion then this one.


El Shaarawy loan to Koln? Best of luck kid!


I think Allegri should stop substitutin Pato for Robinho in games,instead let them both play together wit Ibrahimovic


if inter lose,all their so called comeback will stop


Henry is back and already scored am sure he will make things harder on us


Trust me gervinho would have done much more damage than henry:P


True he is fast and got more stamina he did a great number of assists already
does anybody know if he will be avaible against us in the CL
and why isn’t Song in Africa


Source pls ?


i dont like the way this tevez transfer is heading. inter for that matter beating us to his services. we could have allowed psg to sign him when we know that we are not serious about signing him. psg will be very dissapointed with us. the same appraoch mr galiani is using to get montolivo waiting to the last days of the window before making his crumbs offer. this will create bad blood between clubs in thr world and milan as they have all seen that we like to unsettle their players, keita inclusive.


This is the big world ppl would say business is business no rules
but what ur saying is so true i mean we’re a club with prestige
still we should believe in Galliani as he is our last hope and am sure he knows what he is doing (dealing with media and stuff) don’t forget we are not in a good financial level right now


We dont make the same amount of money oda teams make so we have to b prudent . Lado its hard but galliani is tryin to get a gud deal for him . Besides ffp is comin up .


We have ts33 n mexes . Nesta on standby . Henry wont touch the ball . Gervinho,rvp walcott re d dude to watch .

black milanista

Henry is an Inspiration to Arsenal players and fans alike but take note he came back to score it shows how weak a team Arsenal has become over the years I’m not saying that cuz milan is on a high horse it’s logical but we shouldn’t under no circumstance underestimate them for they beat us without him so he and Van Persie it will be mouth watering to say the least. Concerning Tevez situation I think he’ll end up at Inter they are willing to pay cash city will go for the money as they always do tho Tevez has… Read more »


When Galliani says he will get the player he means it he knows what he is doing Tevez is not going anywhere unless he signs the contract and well it is clear that he wants Milan above any other team we are ruling the deal believe
unless something unexpected happens


Reports emerging that Joorabchian, on Tevez’ behalf, rejected the offer from Inter that their director Branca presented last night.


I will be the most saddest Milan fan if Inter snatches Tevez away, Reports are suggesting Inter’s proposal is getting more Intense than that of Milan’s.

Uncle Fester? Transfer Guru, we are counting on you on Tevez, please don’t fail us. I can’t Imagine how miserable I will be seeing Tevez in Inter playing against us in the Derby.


afanofmilan add me on facebook please…mathias kwame frempah-AC Milan.


tevez is just a scam from uncle fester, all eyes is on the tevez deal, then he can work on other deals without the media interference.


Been Thinking the same.

even though I can still see why he would be a good addition to our squad since we miss the characteristics of our great Cassano. But in the end, You never really know when it’s Galiani doing his thing, he’s just as unpredictable as the weather.
with or without Tevez, We’ll win the Scudetto.
Forza Milan
By the way, anyone who could fill me in on the basics of the Financial Fair Play-thing, I would appreciate it alot.
Forza Rossoneri

Milan francis

Milan- Arsenal?My fears are the left back and a mobile DM.I have this feeling Zambrota(except if injured)will definately start over Taiwo and Antonini owing to experience in CL(and big games)I foresee Walcot pockecting Zamb with pace as wenger will definately ask him to do so,and if that happens we will be under unneccesary waves of attack and undue pressure. Song-MVB?Phew!The tree players i fear in that Arsenal squad are Theo,Song and RVP.If and when we neutralise song is when we would win(not forgeting Aron Ramsey)both home and away.Song brings alot of industirious to the team(through balls and assist)we cage him,then… Read more »


During last hours the sport director of Inter, Marco Branca has called the agent of Carlos Tevez, Kia Joorabchian. The agent seems to have declared the will of Tevez to want play together with Ibrahimovich and that he is not thinking about Inter. Surely this would be an important step towards Ac Milan, for the striker of Manchester City.




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Mohamad Rajab


Tevez : I Just want play alongside ibra!

I Think everyone loves to play alongside zlatan Even Messi!


What do you guys think about Demba Ba? (I hope I spelled his name correctly. He plays in Newcastle) From what I hear, he’s very good, he scores a lot, and he’s young. About 23, i think. Best of all, his price tag is only 10mil.


He is good for the EPL! He would probably struggle in Serie A OR in a BIG team.

A lot of strikers like Demba Ba, Gilardino,Llorente, Di Natalie, Luis Saha and Miccoli always struggle in big teams.

They only play well when there is no major pressure to win big titles!

Tevez is perfect for Milan!


I forgot to add Borriello and Podolski to that list! These players only do well when playing for small teams!


Dear fellow-fanatic-fans, I’ve been thinking about something, is Allegri really that good ? don’t get me wrong I’m not trying to take away the credit he deserves. but I’m starting to get quite annoyed by the fact that we have a SUPER TALENT in El-Sharawy, and we don’t use him, we have Taiwo(he hasn’t been great so far I KNOW) whom we haven’t used that much, but Zambrotta won’t last forever, and antonini, well he’s antonini. The reason we won last year’s scudetto(don’t get me WRONG be open-minded thanks, of course we also did great) was basically because Inter SUCKED… Read more »


you’re right mate, Allegri hasn’t done anything to convince me he’s particularly good, he’s been given a much better team than Leonardo did and we’ve arguably been playing worse football since then. Some of his decisions truly baffle me. He’s not played Urby at left back once and never gave Didac a chance even though we’ve really struggled in that position. And yeh he’s far too conservative, when i saw that line up for the first leg against Spurs last year (that ultimately cost us) with Seedorf playing instead of Pato………..


Allegri suck!!!