Happy New Year!


2011 is no longer here as we welcome the New Year. Rossoneri Blog hopes you’ll have a great 2012!

It was a positive year for Milan, 2011, as the boys of Massimiliano Allegri won the Scudetto and the Italian Super Cup, denying bitter rivals Inter from winning both and thus ending the Nerazzurri’s control in Calcio. We saw Milan coming back to the top of Italian football and we surely experienced many moments of joy.

But that year is now long lost as it’s January 1st 2012. We’d like you to share your best moment of 2011 and tell us what are your hopes and wishes for the New Year for Milan and in your private life!

Rossoneri Blog hopes you’ll all have a great year!

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Happy New Year, to all the milan fans!


Happy new year to all milan fans across the the world. Forza milan.


Wish you all milan fans happy new year


yey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! maxi lopez is not coming now because catania gave a deadline until yesterday


Happy New Year to all Milanistas around the world and the Players, Staff and Management of our Beloved Club AC MILAN….

This year is going to be better than 2011… Amen Amen Amen

Forza Rossoneri
Forza Milan


Mino Raiola said he will reveal our next signing on the 4th or 5th of January

black milanista

wonder who could it be? I’m Dying with anticipation!!!


Where did you read this article and which players are options!


Maybe Monty, Tevez, or a kid from Brazil


Raiola is in brazil,so i think,that will be brazilian.Allegri will never play with monty in dmc.


Milan must focus on midfield.My dream signings are montolivo(rcm,lcm),asamoah(lcm),nainggolan(dmc)just perfect


@Yemeni-Milan, Problem is: does Tevez have EU passport? I searched in a couple of sources that say he doesn’t have one. I don’t think we’ll buy someone else who doesn’t have EU pass if Tevez comes to Milan.


If we take him on loan would he take up an EU spot???


happy 2012, it will be better than 2011 ijn. amen…


Happy New Year to all Rossoneri Fans,

I hope 2012 will be the year we put the number 8 on the champion league records.

Forza Milan


Nos 8 in the UCL and there would also be Nos 19 in Serie A too….. There is a Blackberry Milan Group if you are interested kindly send me a PIN message to add you…

Forza Milan


Happy new year everybody

hope we trash arsenal home and away come feb’


hapi 2012 to all the milan faithful.i curse u with success this year.


pato7. are u d former pato dat use to a grudge with giancarlo? or a new guy? its cool here in IRAQ.


I am not pib, i am a new guy,


@dApInT,here’s ma pin…220A8921…pls add me!!!forza milan.


Y’all can follow me on twitter @dapvinchi

Uwem peters

Happy new year 2 all milanistas across the world,2011 was a better year,but 2012 will be a great year,we will add the 8 CL to our trophies room…………there is a group in facebook called FORZA MILAN,it a group full of passionate milan fans,
to join plz contact search me with my facebook name(uwem peters),we will be friends first b4 i can add u


wish all milan fans all over the world happy new year


happy new year , rossoneriblog and all members


Happy new year to all milan fan across the globe. This year will better than last year for us in jesus name. All our heart desire God and galliani will do it.


Wish Milan A Champions League Winning 2012. Luv U All Milan Fans.

black milanista

Happy new year to all milanisti’s


hApi NeW yEaR tO mIlAn
i LoVe U gUz aNd A mIsS u NoW aM bAcK


Pls guys,when are we playing p.s.g?


jan 4


Monty is awful and aquilani is far better than him…Flamini coming back soon. we need LB like molinaro or crischito! And DM like javi garcia(benfica) or nainggolan maybe! For AM krasic wanna leave juve! We can take him on loan(can play in CL)…


Lol,Monty is not awful. It’s hard when your team rejects every offer there is EVEN when you have 1 year left on your contract,take away your armband and ppl STILL expect him to shine….

Krasic can’t play as an Am.He is a winger..How obvious is that?!

For Criscito im fine but Molinaro is really mediocre.


I agree,criscito is very good,but he will not come,because we have taiwo and didac will come back,but there is another option,put criscito to cb,this would be awesome,he is the only one who can replace nesta.And i want see in milan montolivo,you cant judge player,who play in fiorentina.I am sure that would be good signing.He can cover left and right side of mifield.And i also want to see asamoah from udinese to replace seedorf,he is fast,incredible strong for his height.For dmc i really dont know,they are many options.Nainggolan is amazing,but he want to stay in cagliari,de rossi will be free at… Read more »


Milan also want chivu(31) for next season




Dis is gettin mildly annoying . Afta waitin 4 so long . But i guess 3-4 days wont kill me . Hapi new year gaiz . Let’s get no 8 .


Gotta admit , rily slow day for the blog . Cant wait to c milan bak in action .


I think Krasic secondary position is AM ! In this season monty was really awful and i dnt care about his situation. But i wish he improve for euro 2012.


whew… I don’t really think Monty is awful, judging by his performances. Well, everybody has their view.


Key player for the CL is Ganso 😉


The guy is overhyped and overprice. Eriksen is the real deal. He may not play right now, but he can do wonder in the future.


@black milanista,don’t die from anticipation cos they are at it again.they will play with ur emotions n at the end of the month no player will arrive for the team.


milan is so great that if we get two midfield players and two defenders will be at barcelona level or greater.monty z havin a bad sizon bt stil havin hm in da bench z beta than ambro,if we assume the worst ie hz form doesnt change.but lets not sell our young players if we want to succeed.monty plays at centre in fioz formation.idont knw if they use a defensive player or a central midfield mindset to the player at the centre.


Inter milan has joined the race to sign Carlos tevez. we might end up loosing out on him after all. no thanks to Galiani’s approach to the market. montolivo too may not come cos Milan does not want to pay a dime on him.


@ lado u re right, u know our mgt very.they are stingy n always play with our emotions. I don’t trust this mgt n the team cos our team will be destroyed by any team that has pace.


Happy new year to all milanista! We need to win the CL; trashing everyone that crosses our path. Forza Milan!


Milan is milan why fozan is fozan will are milan happy new sucees in N—Y—FOZAN MILAN