The etiquette of commenting on Rossoneri Blog


ROSSONERIBLOG.COM is not a place for insults, personal debates and personal chats!

We’ve been receiving complains on how the comments section on the site has been going on and it’s time for a change, but in order for this change work, we need you to accept our new rules and behave…

It seems as though you think that you can write whatever you want whenever you want about anything you want: well that is indeed the case, as long as you keep your language clean and stay on topic.

Here are some ground rules you must follow if you are to comment on

  1. This website is not the place for your personal discussions, if you want to talk to another subscriber about a non-football related topic such as personal life, exchange emails/Twitter accounts/Facebook accounts/Skype etc.
  2. This is a football blog, meaning debates about anything that is not Milan/football-related are irrelevant and will most likely be deleted.
  3. You cannot use any word you’d like: keel the abusive language to yourself!
  4. You cannot tell someone “go away” or “you know nothing”, moreover, personal attacks (“X is an i***t) are not welcome and if a user does such things regularly he will be banned from the site.
  5. It’s okay to criticize Milan, coach or players, or any other football team for that matter, but you must use clean language to express your thoughts and avoid ‘bad words’ and certain language. Same goes for people (“A is a traitor, **** him”).
  6. It’s okay to criticize the work of an author but saying things like “Y is an Inter fan, he doesn’t know anything” are not to be used if you want to post your comments on Rossoneri

We keep the right to ourselves to moderate your comments, delete them and sometimes even change them. Rossoneri Blog encourages debates about Milan, but under certain rules. If someone ignores our rules, his comment will be deleted, and if such thing happens repeatedly, he will be banned from this site.

If you’re interested in helping us keep the site clean, contact us and you could become a moderator.