Galliani opens door to striker signing


ADRIANO GALLIANI has ruled out adjustments in midfield but a striker can come on loan.

Milan have lost key man Antonio Cassano to illness as the player will require 4-6 months in order to get back to the pitch and it seems as though Milan are thinking about strengthening the attack in January.

Adriano Galliani has already revealed Milan started thinking about January, stating that Catania’s Maxi Lopez is Milan level, and now he reiterates this statement, saying a striker may arrive on loan.

Cassano: “Thank you everyone!”
Video of the Day: Real Madrid’s Cassano homage

“If someone will come in place of Cassano, it’ll be a temporary replacement while we’re waiting for Antonio to return to play,” CEO Galliani said on Monday. “So it can only be a loan, but I would like to first understand how Cassano will be doing. I promised him his place was guaranteed. In midfield there’ll be no changes.”

Galliani said these words on the presentation of Filippo Inzaghi’s newest book. “We have until February 1, but the coach will decide whether or not to bring Inzaghi,” Galliani said of Pippo’s exclusion of the UCL list. “Inzaghi will remain at Milan, neither his agent nor the club have received offers for him from other clubs.”

Milan sit third in Serie A following their five consecutive league victories. They’ve been unbeaten for six games in a row now and will take the field again after the international break as they visit Fiorentina.

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We should spend less time arguing and more time praying that Amauri doesn’t arrive!!


if milan need vice of ibra,future striker,and present striker i think Luuk de Jong is the answer…
he was tall (188cm). he was 21 years old
he could be Ibra replacement in the future
so far he has 8 goals in 12 appearances with twente in Dutch league and 2 goals in 4 appearances in Europa League
if Milan get to him, in the future milan will have 3 great striker pato ,El Shaarawy, Luuk de Jong


I hope cassano doesn’t get 2 fat wen he returns.i really hope so..


Dis maxi lopez tin is scary . Even if its a rumour y cant it b about decent players ? Anelka , drogba ,constant tho i like quag . Give stephan a chance .


Hulk from Fc Porto


D question is why dont we have players like robben , kroos n co at milan ?


We have many world cla*ss players. So what are you saying? You know players like Robinho, Ibra, Thiago Silva…


hey! if we want a striker and is available on bosman transfer, it shud be Salomon Kalou


And paloschi is awful . y did we get him again ? Mite as well have gotten vieudez back .


Dont agree wit u bro . Kalou is finished .any talent he had has been killed by talent killers chelsea




Out of all the names linked to Milan, I think Drogba on loan would be the best decision!


@cero,u re really a milan fan,u speak nothing but the truth.they always speak about standards but are not ready to spend.ambro,antonini,roma,zambro are below milan’s standard but are with the team.galliani shd stop being cheap n buy cos no team will give her player to us for,city,man u,chelsea,madrid,barcelona n recently psg will bully us during the transfer season cos we are stingy n cheap.


We are not going to get bullied. That’s just nonsense. Galliani bullies other teams. Like City and Barcelona.


That is completely true


Our standard has fallen drastically.


According to the media, according to the media… people read too much into media rumors. We are linked to Adrian Mutu now. Does it make it true? Our standard has fallen? According to the media. Seriously guys, stop. Most of these rumors never come true.


Mutu has enormous potential…i hope he joins us


Mutu threw away his potential years ago through drugs. You hope what? You have your priorities all wrong. We don’t need any 33 year old striker with “enormous potential” lmao.


Can’t we get Tevez on Loan? He is a good striker and it seems to be AC Milan’s transfer policy to get good players that want out of their present club for example Ibra, Cassano and Robinho. I think Tevez might even take a pay cut to facilitate him playing regular football. What do you guys think?


If we think to win the Seria A and progress further in the CHL than we should get a sub to Casano, but this player should be some one who can score, has a good endurance, is feet and not that delicate and most important he should have the ability to keep the ball and make something good out of it. We can not take players who haven’t had a good season so far. I agree with you Giancarlo and i hope this rumors never come true regarding MUTU. My suggestion at who we should get at Milan on Casanos… Read more »


@gian,milan does not belong to u.and stop bashing people’s opinion.say yours n let us say ours.afterall milan is there for everybody.


People like to bash my opinions plenty. But… Mutu having potential is hilarious… he recently got in trouble for failing another drug test.