Valoti extends contract until 2016


MATTIA VALOTI has renewed his deal with AC Milan.

Milan midfielder Mattia Valoti has signed a new contract with the Rossoneri today (Tuesday), which ties him to a contract with the San Siro outfit until June 2016, as announced by the official website of Milan.

Valoti has been training with the senior side since the beginning of the season after his promotion to the first team became official in the summer following his good performances in training and in friendlies.

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“A.C. Milan wishes to announce that Mattia Valoti has extended his contract to June 2016,” the official statement on the Rossoneri site reads. The 18-year-old arrived to Milan from Albinoleffe’s youth section last year and hasn’t yet made his official debut. However, this extension shows Milan have trust in him.

It is possible that the Italian will be sent on a loan next summer, like Rodney Strasser, who also extended his contract until 2016 before he was sent on loan to U.S. Lecce, where he’s currently a starting XI man.

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Pete Acquaviva

Great decision; it’s wise to tie down our prominent youth.


Good news!these youngstars are doing great and they will make a great deal in the future.


Hope u ar use

Rossonero 23

wow…what was wrong with my post???? lol. i demand a explanation.

all i said was that we never use primavera players which is true. all of top talents are never given a fair chance…this is a fact.


Um they are given chances… last season Allegri gave Stras*ser and Merkel plenty of chances… and I expect them to come back. So your point while inaccurate, shouldn’t have been deleted.

Rossonero 23

they only played because we were in a injury crisis…you know that…


No. They were given valid chances. This is a fact. Even when the injury crisis pas*sed. Try again.

Rossonero 23

no, they didn’t. strasser never saw the field again.

merkel did though, only once though…in the CL…again huge injury crisis.

overall, the primavera system is flawed..and should be scrapped as it’s a waste of money.

our management would rather go to south america and buy a midfielder then give one of our italians in the primavera a chance, this is a fact.

Sohel loves Shama

A.Pato is a young player…….how did u know the Name of Strasser, Merkel, Valoti, El Sharaawy……they werent known b4 Allergy given chance to thm…..oh yuh…..De Sceglie


Chance? Why not? Of course they will get chance. Youth Empowerment! Thats the key!

Milan francis

Their chances are around the corner.The most important thing is for them to keep show character in training,and grab those oppourtunities when they come with everything they have.


why didnt they give merkel nd verdi nd odu the same deals… Or did they nd i missed that report


El Shaarawy is why. Merkel was part of that deal on co-ownership.

Milan francis

Their contracts is still intact,that was why they were loaned out,if not they would have been sold by now.

Rossonero 23

pipe down francis.:):):)