Juventus 2 – 0 Milan


THE ROSSONERI succumbed to their first away defeat to Juventus in 3 years, in a poor display earlier tonight. The game was largely dominated by Juventus, with only Christian Abbiati standing out as a Milan player for most of the game. Just 7 minutes from time the home side took a deserved lead after some 1 touch play in the Milan area and a slightly lucky deflection, then a howler from Abbiati gifted Marchisio his 2nd in stoppage time.

Massimiliano’s side was boosted against Pilzen with the return of Zlatan Ibrahimovic, and tonight, Kevin-Prince Boateng returned to play behind him and Cassano in attack. In midfield, Seedorf and Van Bommel were deployed with Nocerino, and in front of Abbiati were Daniele Bonera, Alessandro Nesta, Thiago Silva, and Gianluca Zambrotta.

In the opening 10 minutes, Milan kept the ball well, despite Juve pressing fairly high, the Rossoneri did well to maintain possession, and worked the ball into some decent areas, however the final ball was poor and so Allegri’s men struggled to create many clear cut chances.

Juventus F.C-AC Milan: Official line-ups
Galliani: “Cassano is a true champion”

The next phase of the game was more towards Juventus. Milan were keen to slow down play when they got the ball but the younger Juventus side continued to press high, meanwhile Andrea Pirlo orchestrated well, and tested Abbiati with a freekick from around 20 yards out, however Abbiati was more than up to the task and saved comfortably.

It soon became clear that Abbiati was being worked much more than his opposite number, Vucinic in particular testing him a few times, and Juve were beginning to dominate, although it wasn’t completely one sided, the home side certainly looked a lot more likely to score, whilst Milan seemed lethargic and weren’t keeping the ball as well as earlier, and passed poorly when they did get in the right areas.

10 minutes before half time and Juve very nearly took the lead. Andrea Pirlo played the ball into Mirko Vucinic’s feet, and the Montenegran clipped a very intelligent lofted shot which had beaten Abbiati all ends up – he was only denied by the crossbar, a lucky escape for the Rossoneri, but also a warning sign.

Despite being on top for a spell of 20-25 minutes, they still hadn’t scored, and hadn’t made that many chances either, the Rossoneri were then tasked with keeping them out until half time, and redoubling their efforts in the second half, despite a decent long range effort from Vucinic in the last minute, the scoreline remained level at half time.

Just moments into the second half and only a superb Buffon save denied a Milan goal, thanks to good work from both Nocerino and Boateng. Alessandro Nesta was then booked for a rather cynical foul as Juve looked to counter, however the booking was probably a fair call.

the Rossoneri were making much more of a game of it now, it was a slightly more open game than before, and the tempo was more consistent, the Rossoneri had a good chance with almost 55 minutes gone, following terrific work from Antonio Cassano in the buildup – however, Clarence Seedorf was unable to pick the right pass into the box as Boateng made the run, it was a fairly tired ball, Seedorf perhaps struggling having played 90 minutes in the last 3 games.

With around half an hour to go, Urby Emmanuelson was brought on for Antonio Cassano.

In the 68th minute, Juventus were almost awarded a golden opportunity, as Thiago Silva slipped as a ball was played through for Vucinic – however, the Brazilian sprinted as fast as he could and got back to win the ball cleanly as Vucinic took 1 touch too many to try and capitalise on it..

just 2 minutes later, Alessandro Nesta was taken off, after taking a knock, and replaced by Luca Antonini (pushing Bonera central)

Arturo Vial almost gave Juventus a (probably deserved) lead with about 15 minutes to go, as Juve broke on the counter, the ball was played into Pirlo, who dummied, let it through his legs, and running onto it was the Chilean Vidal, who’s low, driven effort pulled narrowly wide, meaning the score remained level. Moments later and Vucinic was allowed a free shot from the edge of the area, and only missed narrowly too, despite the chances though, the score was level with 10 to go.

Massimiliano Allegri decided to solidify the game with 7 minutes to go, as Massimo Ambrosini was brought on for Nocerino.

However the plan failed disasterously. Just 4 minutes from time following some intricate 1 touch play on the edge of the area, the ball was heading for the 6 yard box, and as Bonera got a block in, Marchisio deflected the ball in with an element of good fortune. In all honesty, Juve deserved it.

And just when things couldn’t look more bleak, it went from bad to worse – insult was added to injury as Kevin-Prince Boateng (just back from injury) picked up his second yellow card for raising his arm foolishly to attempt a handball (which would have sent him off anyway) only to catch the had of Chiellini, and so he was sent off for a second yellow.

Juventus weren’t finished there. Heaping onto Milan’s misery came Claudio Marchisio. As Marchiso struck a volley from well outside the box, the ball went straight at Abbiati – and Abbiati let it straight through his legs, an embarrassing blunder to end the night, although again, it was arguably deserved.

Best Moment: n/a

Man of the Match: wouldn’t be fair to pick a Milan player really, anyone who watched the game will know which Juve player (sadly) ran the show.

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How i wish Galliani nd Berlusconi r readin dis comments so dey can c d passion 4rm fans.

All dis players u guys ve mentioned, Milan has been linked wit ALL bt we signed NONE isn’t it a shame?

Til jan, i rest my case on transfers bt i tink its a must we sign monty nd ‘anoder creative midfieldr’ or we wil be sorry.


Im pretty sure Berlu is doing Bunga Bunga right now as opposed to reading comments on a Milan Fansite.


the defense doing fine.. it just the midfield, no creativity, and NO SUPPORT!!!!!!!!!!!! when one gets the ball, the other just looking far away, come closer helps the teamate, just like barca and juve’s game, they pressing us fast and hard, no way you can hold the ball when 3 player press you. teamate shud come closer helps.. NO TEAMWORK from midfield by Milan..

Fadil Maldini

Milan was playing bad since 1st week serie a against Napoli.They play so slow n without determination and creativity,like last season.Especially the Miedfielders. But,why Allegri didn’t learn from match to match?He always do the same thing(mistake). He have no courage to make any changes in the squad.Why he always play Abbiati,seedorf,mvb,Cassano in almost whole match? Why Allegri never give a chance for our youngman and newcomer? I’m so sure,if Milan make new tactic and formation,we will play better and better. The squad: Amelia Abate-Ely-Silva-Taiwo Kpb-Nocerino-Urby Aquilani El shar-Ibra. Sub: Roma De sciglio-Mexes Valoti-Seedorf Cassano-Inzaghi. If we have no injury player,this… Read more »


Look despite this poor start now we linked to palacios he is good but wtf he won’t solve anything


Seedorf was so slow he seemed to be moving backwards. But Clearly this Milan side is horrible. Out summer 2012: Abbiati, Antonini, Bonera, Yepes, Zambrotta, Flamini, Emanuelson, Seedorf, Ambrosini, Gattuso and Inzaghi. In January 2012: Van Der Vaart, De Rossi and Montolivo. In Summer 2012: Lloris, Polenta, Sakho, M’Vila, Marvin Martin and Hamsik. I can promise you we will win CL 2013. ———— Lloris ————– Abate — Sakho — Silva — Taiwo ————- M’Vila ————- — De Rossi ———— Hamsik — ————- Vaart ————– —– Ibrahimovic – Pato ——— Subs: Amelia, Mexes, Polenta, Montolivo, Martin, Nocerino, Robinho. And Btw. Keep… Read more »

Jean C.

As soon as Nesta went out I knew we were screwed… we need Mexes asap. Anyway, Juventus were more offensive the whole game, although we had our clear chances. We started the game with a crippled right side, so all plays were generated from the left with Zambrotta (who was unbelievably slow yesterday btw)… But despite the horrible game I was convinced that we could rescue a point from Delle Alpi… My final words: Bonera, die please!!!


we need GK lorris orAkinfeev.CB gum,
MIDFIELD Lucas,Eriksen.merkel
loris in post, gum subs as repl 4 nesta and mexes . Eriksen and monty in mid field with Merkel as sub Gameiro up front with Ibra we wil rule the world . Milan should swoop Gamiero with cassano in january
4za milan am ash


Kevin Gameiro is a really good striker, kinda reminds me of Papin!


guys, ive said this since last year, even though we won serie A, allegri is not Milan material coach. there is player power in the room, i think of seedorf, who starts every game.. i just cant understand. Bonera, do us all a favour a go play in Qatar or something, and bring antonini,ambrosini,seedorf with you. im so tired of seeing those guys. Allegri, gros some nuts and start doing something, when the going gets tough the tough gets going, so lets see what your made of. 4-3-1-2 doesnt work no more. so i say we should go to 4-3-3… Read more »


yeah 4-3-3 wil siut us but with monty marvin martin and gamiero men…..we need to get bak on wining ways
4za milan


What is going on?something must be done or else we say goodbye to CL football next season.Berlusconi has really ruin us.We need a new owner period


After all this bullsh*it we link to Palacios another wack player,now i know we are indeed very broke,wtf is going on.We need a total takeover.




Were does he plays?????


This midfield is a disaster I mean if Seedorf doesn’t play well, the midfield is horrible, we are depending on a 35 yr old CM to control de Midfield of Ac Milan, WTF!
And whats even more frustrating or depressing is that you look to the bench and you want to cry it’s so bad, where was Mr. X?? Wasn’t he supposed to be the solution for our Midfield?
We got our a$$ kicked, BIG TIME.

Jean C.

age is not related… Pirlo just proved that to you yesterday


We need sponsors and owners our administration are all thieve. Help Help Arab money Help!

Sally Webb

I have been a Milan fan for 6 season and have NEVER seen them play that BAD! We need all the players back ASAP or we we not be qualifying for anything 🙁 xx


To be fair, the whole team played like Kotoko FC…not just bonera…cas*sano has been really disappointing me, can’t wait to have robinho and pato back. i know pato wasn’t so great either, but he’s more likely to bounce back, imo. Pato was probably better than ronaldinho in his youth team, he could do WONDERS if he reverts back to that form.


Juventus will take Italian football to 2nd spot. Why?
Getting Vidal from German top giant shows much superiority considering our deserved lose. Its not allegris fault but bad administration and management.

black milanista

Juve,Milan,Inter,Napoli..etc will take us there but realistically Juve has always been a step ahead of both Milanese Giants Roma is said to be making plans to build there stadium time for Both Milan Clubs to do the same no more Sharing A Stadium Berlusconi wants to build a stadium for milan but he wants it to be named after him..what can I say he’s like a Caesar so the saying goes Time is The Revealer of everything


Why didnt Taiwo play?


I really love this club..so I cry to take this fact..
Bonera is curse..curse..curse, a disaster for milan forever, he came from the deepest of e hell.. My dream of scudetto n ucl is lost with this performance.. OMG, please help us..


Some great comments here but more dumb comments.