Galliani: “Cassano is a true champion”


ADRIANO GALLIANI is happy with having Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Antonio Cassano upfront.

“Antonio Cassano will stay at Milan” is something Galliani and the player’s agent said a lot in the summer. The media insisted that FantAntonio would be leaving, for rather selfish reasons, but he chose to stay.

And the Rossoneri don’t regret keeping him around at all. Cassano has started in every Milan game so far, partly because of the injuries, and he’s been in terrific form, scoring and assisting, despite fatigue.

Juventus F.C-AC Milan: The Rossoneri squad
Juventus F.C-AC Milan: The Bianconeri squad

“It was easy to foresee that after August 31 things would change (for Cassano),” Galliani told Milan Channel. “When the market ended, Antonio was able to focus on the field. Cassano is a true champion and he realized that it is better to play some games at Milan, along with other stars, winning league titles and other trophies, than being the only star of a medium-small team, play every game and not win anything.”<

With Zlatan Ibrahimovic back after injury, the attacking line is Cassano-Ibra. “Cassano is getting along very well with Ibrahimovic,” the Milan Vice President and Chief Executive then added. “The Sweden gives us strength and physicality: nobody in the world can have two [Lionel] Messi’s, but we have to Ibrahimovic’s.

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i only tried if works 😉 FORZA MILAN


Foza Milan.I Hope milan will buy Eriksen i really like that wonderkid:)



i prefer giovinco


Nah,giovinco is not a very good passer but a finisher he plays well as a second striker but eriksen is younger with 5 years and can improve greatly!:)

Mahdi 22

First we should sign Monty


In my opinion Monty is already one of us:).I think he will come to milan this winter or this summer depends on fiorentina.


cas*sano was an excellent deal because he brings something to the table. Aquilani thus far is a flop signing dispite his goal against napoli which he later vanished in the match and his convincing debute against lazio.


Yes indeed, but he lack finishing


We extremely need an AM. especially young and promising like eriksen, that’all.


Thats what i was sayin:)


Two ibra’s , dats a laugh . Stil have faith in aqua though id like a winter double swoop of monty n ganso .


Messi who ?


lol nice galliani 4 an indirect subtle insult to sampdoria, but milan really needs someone who can finish consistantly, we cant rely on ibra the whole time… Nd cassano is helpful but he has moments of inconsistancies


Monty is a milan player no story cause he said recently ‘i cant imagine nocerino playin in camp nou nd am stil here’ case dismised.
Eriksen? I would say maybe cause am nt sure we would cough out milions of pounds 2 get him bt u neva can tell.


aquilani is strugling to playing in trequartista position. And i prefer him playing in the right mf.
Hopefully we get monty, because he is the ideal model to plays as mezzala.
And we need trequartista.
I really really love hamsik or lavezzi.


If only pato cud step up his game . Do u remember the draw against bremen ? He was so frickin great . Now dose days re few n far between


pato forms are very good when he plays with kaka.
But now, i dunno what happened to him.
He’s gonna wasting his talent if he keep playing like he was now.


The match vs Juve prove that Galliani is WRONG! Cassano is a shitty together with Ibra everytime we meet a big club!