Allegri on Juventus, Pirlo, his future and more…


MASSIMILIANO ALLEGRI expects a tough game against Juventus on Sunday night at the new Arena.

Juventus got off the new Serie A season on the right foot and their fans are already dreaming on the Scudetto, but on Sunday they have the first real test of the season as they host Reigning Champions Milan.

With Andrea Pirlo in the Bianconeri shirt this time, the Juventus Arena will be packed and the Rossoneri boss, Massimiliano Allegri is all set for the game and will also welcome Kevin-Prince Boateng back.

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Allegri is reportedly a Juventus supporter: “Yeah, sure. As a child, when you fall in love with the teams that win. And in that Juve there was Platini, who had technique and brains,” Massimiliano told Tuttosport.

Juventus had a good market, they have a squad that can fight for the title plus the advantage of playing once a week. [Antonio] Conte was so many years at Juve, and he was an important player. Comparisons between Conte and I? I don’t want to get into it. Conte did well in the past and he has great experience.”

All eyes will be on Pirlo who will play against his former team. Andrea has already played versus Milan with the Juventus shirt in the Luigi Berlusconi Trophy but this time it will be even more special for the Italian.

“Andrea is a great player, when he left Milan, he told the truth: after ten years in the same place, he no longer had the motivation that he had in the beginning, which is normal. Nobody has ever said he was finished and with me he had done well from the beginning and after he returned from injury,” Allegri added.

“They tell me the bench at the Juventus Arena is in the stands: that way if anyone wants to give me suggestions, I can hear them,” the boss said.  “But I’d take the San Siro with 70,000 fans any day.”

Allegri can count on Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Antonio Cassano in attack, while Kevin-Prince Boateng is likely to be fit enough to play from the start as well. “Ibra affects us a lot because he has great technical and physical attributes. Last year he was crucial for us when we were not a team yet. Cassano was not overweight, but he has improved his physical condition and mentally he works well. Cassano is important.

Max has done a great work at Milan, and he already won two major titles: the Serie A and the Italian Supercoppa. His contract, along with the contracts of many other players at Milan, expires in June 2012.

“My deal expiring in 2012? It’s true, I didn’t renew it yet: we have a verbal agreement, but we didn’t talk about money. The club makes the contract. I’m waiting for [Vice President Adriano] Galliani,” Allegri said.

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Super maxi, icredible ibra, iron prince, mobile cassano….go rock juve..forza milan my darlin team. A team like no other


Best thing to do is stick someone on Pirlo like glue,if you watched the Catania match or watched any smart coaches in the past, stopping Pirlo normally neutrilised Milan and will do the same against Juve.

He can’t get a moments peace, really hope they win this match!

Forza van Bommel


Just sign the damn contract Max!!!!

Andriy Shevchenko

Tevez isn’t better than Robinho.


What has Tevez got to do with anything?


i really hope milan will buy san siro and then use some money to make it really nice.

and it is importen for milan to work without ibra to, because ibra can not alway play.



we really need a stadium…so much money its gng to generate…next yr juve will be so good financially its’ll b crazy..

i heard that inter-milan have a contract which ties up to rent the stadium till 2016..until then nothing can b done??..can some1 confirm this??..i think its true..

2ndly to build a stadium or buying this one..will it come under clubs expenses or B himself can buy??..according to FFP..??


He is joking around, i really don’t understand the big deal of this pic.


Seriously boateng sucks big time. He’s gud in midfield role nt trequartista.

1899 Milan

boateng is a great midfielder and he is fast and without him and ofcourse other milan players we can’t win, teamwork is what makes milan great!


Boateng is the fighting element, we lack. I like mvb, and all but he isn’t 26 any more, so he don’t have the speed to play alone in the midfield. Let be realistic, the last couple of games he has been playing alone in the defensive part of the midfield. In my opinion Allegri should play down nocerino, and play up seedorf.

Seedorf (or Aquaman)
Nocerino – Van Bommel


When is binho goin to return anyone? We really miss and need him!


No actual date, but is believed that around 1-2 weeks more.


i hope that will allegri put nocerino to van bommel position when will boateng back van bommel is too slow.Seedorf is still important for milan.

abate mexes silva taiwo
boateng nocerino seedorf
robinho ibra

Winning starting line up

Mr Goph

Forza Allegri. Hope urby starts and aquaman starts.


Yeah the talked about date for Robinho to return is after the international break, in about 1-2 weeks.

I’m happy Boateng is back. People take issue with his ability, but I think he’s definitely Milan starting material. And he’s a big fighter in midfield.

R O S S 23

ill be happy with a draw in turin, i dont see us winning with all of these injured players…

a loss would be very…forza milan

1-1…..our defense is a mess atm…a shadow of what it was last season…..


Our defense isn’t a mess. And it is disciplined right now.

R O S S 23

“They tell me the bench at the Juventus Arena is in the stands: that way if anyone wants to give me suggestions, I can hear them,” the boss said.

hahahaha…that’s quality!!! hopefully some milan fans are sitting next to him, and can tell him to stop playing three dm’s..lmao


Allegri has never played with three DMs. Gone over this a million times.


boateng never suck he is a real dynamo material in the midfield i kinda like watch the diffrence vs juve boateng will show how hard he is. not underestm udas cos it’s a team with a can-do spirit
44zzaa rossomilan


He dont need a contract extension yet. Lets hope to see how we perform in champion league. Semifinal is a good sign.


I’ll even say… I don’t think Allegri has even played with two DMs.

Milan francis

We seems to have too many coaches on this blog,like seriuosly guys you all should lay of his back and allow him do his work.As far as am concern Allegri has done well,even Fergurson speaks highly of him,if that was not enough,you can google his name to see for yourself his track record before coming to milan.Am tired of people who calls him Allegdope and other negatives name just because he didnt play there stupid fifa 11,and i think its quite disrespectful for a coach of the most succesful club in the world,i just metyar is takin note of all… Read more »