Video of the Day: Happy birthday, Sheva


ANDRIY SHEVCHENKO is without a doubt one of the best forwards to have ever played for AC Milan. Sheva is the Top Scorer in the Silvio Berlusconi era with 175 goals, and the two have the same birthday, day, not year, as the Ukraine turns 35 today (40 years younger than Berlusconi). We wish Shevchenko, who will play tonight in the Europa League with Dynamo Kyiv, a very happy birthday.

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My Best Striker EVER!!!..Happy Birthday Sheva!


The best ever Milan Striker Sheva <3<3

175 goals from the guy celebrating his 35th birthday today likewise 2000 goals for d president celebrating his 75th birthday today. What a 1derful CELEBRATION. Forza Jubilation.


milan sheva n berlu were meant to b…


sheva n pippo the reason i started watching milan…
i knew it then n there…this is the love of my life!!


Best Striker after Pippo and Van Basten!! 😀


Happy birthday to the great man that make me a milan fan. I love u sheva and i miss u. U still remain the best striker in the world. SHEVAGOAL


Happy BDay Sheva i’ll never forget you and i’ll never forget the moment when you scored the last penalty in UCL 2003 Final.


this is what luis suarez, villa, benzema, van persie dream to b…but there is only one…Andriy Shevchenko…
great player, great striker, great club…but what an amazing video!!


dear andrey,so many unique and beautiful memories of you,happy birthday maestro wish you all the best…


ЂA̶̲̅PPƔ birthday shev, hope U̶̲̥̅̊. Score in tonight encounter

Andriy Shevchenko

Thank you all so where are gifts and birthday cake?


schevchenkoooooooooo i love you!!!!!!

Andriy Shevchenko

I love you too man,but lam not g.a.y


My Best Striker ever.

Joshua Nigeria

We love Schevy

Andriy Shevchenko



happy birthday sehvy we miss you

Shev Johannesburg

Forza Sheva


the last of a dying breed of pure strikers to have played Milan. Your understanding with Kaka was amazing and with crespo back then, we were almost like Milan of 1994.. Happy Birthday………..LEGEND!!!


Happy B-Day Sheva


we miss you shevchenko 🙂


Hey guys, want to help a Milan fan out? like


i’m trying to win a contest here!


hapi b’day to the father of goals who baptised me in lombadin to be a milanian wish he preach pato to learn how to score best ever player i have set my eyes on against juve in the cham’leagu final u are a true world class striker may u come bak to train our youth fowards
4za sheva… 4za rossomilan……..


*sobs*…wunt 4get dose your lovely goals,especially that curling shot against Inter Merda in the Semi finals of the UCL..(2005 i tink)


Happy BDay!You are my HERO!Forza SHEVA


A man with a big heart who always scored when it really mattered.
Milan miss your greatness.
Wish you all the very best my legend.

ps. maybe pato can learn something from the video.

Milan 4 Barca 0

What a player. One of my friends who supports inter said the best compliment i can give this guy is that he is the best 2 footed striker around. Absolutely deadly. I [email protected] think many people know this but he also scored a hat-trick against barcelona at the nou camp for dynamo kyiv. How many players can put that on their record. He was a wonderful servant of AC Milan and I wish him all the best for the future.

Forza Shevchenko
Forza Rossoneri


Cafu nesta MALDINI serginho

Gattuso PIRLO seedorf



How I miss this lineup!
And the man with capital letters is the reason I started to love this club yeah!

Andriy Shevchenko

Forget Ramires, Elias or Elano, Argentina- destroyer Lucas Moura is the star to revive Brazil’s stuttering midfield

Andriy Shevchenko

Hahahaha who said that Ganso is better than Lucas?This kid is monster,he’s sick.

Andriy Shevchenko

If we wanna be better than Barca we should buy him right now ’till it’s not late.


Hapi b day to my favorite playa of all time and may God punish chelsea 4 spoilin u for us . Dis is y i hate epl


Hw old is lucas moura ? He luks lyke an unreasonable price tag.


@andriy shev..! u have done it lucas is a playa we must get. he’s very sick with the ball we need a striker also in january
4za milan


Sheva > Ibra!


My first favorite player in Milan. You don’t know know much I miss you.:(

Fadil Maldini

175 goals for Rossonerri in seven years.
It means, 25 goals per season.
Wonderful record,Sheva.
You are best of the best Striker, that I’ve ever seen in the world.
You will always in my heart.
Happy Birthday!!

Max falase

As ur days shall b ur stregth, Shevy. Api Bday.

Andriy Shevchenko

Lucas Moura is 19 year old and no matther what l would give 50 M for this guy he’ll be the best player on the world for couple of years.


Happy Bday Sheva….
You are best of the best Striker, that I’ve ever seen in the world.
You will always in my heart….


i wonder if Pato7 can emulate Sheva7 success at Milan!
as a Milan fans, i wish him to beat Sheva, although i doubt he can if he is stay the same.. Now Pato is almost as old Sheva when he just joining us in 1999, but Sheva was a real machine gun and a very discipline player, low profile and work for the team.. a good sample for Pato to follow..!!


Happy Birthday SHEVA!.. with all respect to Pato, but i really miss Sheva.. ever since his departure, no one has been able to replace him, Kaka’ and Inzaghi.. our best trio ever.. Ibra-Pato-Cassano-Robinho are not as good as them.. only Ibra has the quality that is close to sheva, great technique, hardworking.. Shame for Pato that he’s not improving like he supposed to, if only he can replicate his form in 2008-2009, 2009-2010! he wasnt that good last season despite some crucial goals, but if you watched this video (sheva,inzaghi n kaka), you’ll understand my point here


As much as this is supposed to be a celebration I feel kinda sad watching the video. I just realized how much I missed this guy in Milan jersey. Happy birthday Sheva!


Shorts of words….. I almost cried watchin dis video. His kind can neva be seen again.


happy bdy! forza milan!!


I remember Sheva, Massaro, Weah… all of these legends… not many players like them anymore…

And can we stop talking about Lucas Moura? Nothing special, and this is a Sheva article.

black milanista

yea happy birthday king sheva a tru master at goal i can only hope pato can emulate this football genius and not be a total flop

8c milan

sheva come back please!!!! please give this new strikers some school

R O S S 23

sheva > ibra….


My best striker and player of all-time. Tactically and mentally good. FORZA SHEVA. Sobs