Report: Juventus wanted to sign Seedorf


JUVENTUS wanted Clarence Seedorf to come with Andrea Pirlo, it emerges.

Andrea Pirlo left Milan this summer on a Bosman transfer to join Juventus and the Bianconeri legendary goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon said it was the deal of the century, as Juve got a high-profile player at no cost.

However, it now appears that Juve tried to get another Milan player whose contract was due to expire in the summer as according to the Turin-based newspaper Tuttosport, Juve wanted to get Clarence Seedorf.

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The Dutchman, unlike Pirlo, was convinced by Milan CEO Adriano Galliani to sign a one-year extension. The former Brescia man on the other hand, wanted a contract for at least two years, but Galliani wasn’t ready to give him this guarantee as Milan’s policy for 30+ players is a renewal for only one more year.

Milan enjoy the presence of Seedorf who got off on the right foot this season and already scored a goal.

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thats why mostly latin n s.american players dont go to england…the lifestyle weather is very harsh…they need some sun n some love…which only spain n italy(amongst the top) can offer…

thats y no samba no party…

abt the tevez thing..well the best part is he is only 27..n man city shud’ve let him go if he wanted to pt keeping a player like tevez on the bench..u r just asking for trouble..

but lets not get him to milan…we hv 2 many ST..


OFF topic:

do u think CL is bigger than the world cup??…

so many experts(mostly english) say that club competition is bigger n better than INTNL level hence to reduce the no of INTNL matches..i for one disagree with that…
every1 dies to play for NT..its only in england they dnt..thats y they suck n so they want to change it..

R O S S 23

cl is better than wc imo….the quality in international games has gone teams are just poor…

Mr. Rational

Of course not. It takes lots of money to win the CL which is pretty predictable. But the world cup and euros is gold. Its so unpredictable any team can practically win it.


Cl spans a longer period dan wc . But wc is more anticipated dan it .


i hear monty agent iz in talk galiani a deal has been vocali agree.i would prefer tevez 2 amauri,bcos tevez gives his all in a match.


we should go for tevez now when there are a sale on him. we could get him for 22mil euro, tevez can play in the leagau and zlatan plays in cl


I think milan shld nt waste their time chasing tevez. To me, milan shld sign giovanni dos santos of spurs, i mean d guy is vry gud nd fast nd has skills.

Mr Goph

World cup more better than Cl in my opinion. This arguement was sprung up by the english media because they su*k at international level.

Andriy Shevchenko

Somebody delets my posts.


tevez anoys me,but to be frank he is better than robinho in every aspect of the game.the problem is for tevez to come at least two forwards must leave.cass and inzaghi maybe



yehez kiel

Robinho is better than tevez ATM. Heck even Cassano is in better form than tevez! No need to waste our money on him!

R O S S 23

seedorf’s finished, jube should have signed him to a three year deal so he’d finally leave.

no offesne of course, i love dorf, but he’s passed it. modric would be better, or another wc mid.


Quiet down. You’re wrong once again. Seedorf has been excellent so far.