Aquilani: “I want to play my career here”


ALBERTO AQUILANI targets a starting role and avoids talks about Mister X.

The midfielder joined Milan on loan from Liverpool this summer and Milan Vice President Adriano Galliani had said that Aqua is the midfield-signing that was promised to Milan, better known as Mister X.

Aquilani knows he’s only here on a temporary deal (which would turn permanently if he plays 25+ games) but he’s already set sights on a place in Massimiliano Allegri’s XI as he wants to stay here for long.

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“I’ve been here for ten days, so I’ve had time to acclimatise to the fact that I’m at a great club, one of the most important in the world. Every player wants to be a part of Milan,” he said at his official presentation. “I only realized that I could come here two days before I did, it was a rapid deal. Milanello is incredible, there is everything here and I’ve been pleasantly surprised how kind everyone is, it really is a huge family.

“I want to sign permanently and play my career here. In a 4-man midfield I can play as an att. midfielder or on the left wing, which is the position I feel is most natural to me, but don’t ask me about Mister X.”

Aquilani could be given his debut tomorrow against Lazio as Massimiliano Allegri said that he or Antonio Nocerino might start. Milan have a string of tough games, but the Italian suggests Milan should not be fear of any other team, but instead be feared: “Lazio and Barcelona will be two difficult games, Lazio are strong and everyone knows about Barcelona, but still we are Milan and teams should be worried about us too.”

“In Allegri I’ve noticed great determination and all the players speak highly of him. I’m not planning on being on the bench, players do their talking on the pitch. I can’t wait, it’s going to be a great experience.

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Giorgi Sigua

Well, your technical but..
3 or 4 years is the man you should be here…..since we’re trying to rejuvenate the squad…
Youth to the max…..FORZA MILAN


you know what the worst part is?
that i have to work tomorrow and i will miss the game.
Forza Milan !


Well play your best and we will see. Good to hear one of the new midfielders will start.


I tot milan had d tradition dat any new signing wil wait until afta 3 matches b4 strtin 4rm d bence. Isnt dat wat happend 2 robinho last season? Wel i jst hope gattuso, ambro, antonini dont play if nt we’ll be screwed.



this should be atk and mid 🙂


What tradition? New players will start right away… I want all our players to do well.


Give us ur best Mr X.


@gian can’t aqua play as a treq.& a midfield of kpb,mvb & nocerino?


@ Flowchild
that’s a very nice formation but Cassano wud be better as a Trequista


nice one Aqui! u’re pure

likely lazio lineup

mvb rested, also ibra, antonini
binho injured right?


no need to rest Ibra he has more than enough Stamina and he also has a point to prove at Barca which’ll hopefully help 🙂


@haykay,think aqua no is 14,@gbengezy,cassano has alwayz played has a second striker nt a treq.hopin 4 a more a youthful & energetic middle & our oldies as bakup dats y i choose dat naija pal!

Pato Is Brilliant

Deja vu! He said same words last year when he joined Juve.. Lol and guess what, he left them a year after..


Well what happened there is Juve didn’t want to pay for redeeming his contract… Marotta is a very bad negotiator. Talking trash about another Milan player I see?


Play well & consistently & you’d̶̲̥̅̊ surely receive back up from all the fans.


If u’re a nigeria milan fan show up

Pato Is Brilliant

I am not talking trash.. I am posting truth around here unlike you.


You’re a nasty individual, and you’re nothing more then a FAKE fan. You don’t speak the truth. You lie to everybody.


PIB what u said is true,this guy has already play for 3 greats clubs and have achieved nothing,a total flop.


Shadrack, it’s obvious you don’t know anything about players. He was never a flop for Roma. He was a great player. Liverpool was unfortunate, but he didn’t flop for Juve either.


@ Giancarlo,if he is good as u say he is.Tell me?why did Juve and Liverpool had to let him go,There is nothing special about him.HE WILL ALWAYS BE A FLOP


You’re ignorant. Juve let him go because Marotta couldn’t negotiate and didn’t want to pay the fee… we got a better price. He isn’t a a flop. He wasn’t one for Roma. There is nothing special about your same old recycled arguments.


I hope Milan is not unfortunate either.


I hope you go away… along with PIB. Your presence is negative and not welcomed.


PIB and Shadtrack, I told you NOW, RESPECT to All MILAN Player!!!!!! Bad or Good They are, but STILL WE”RE AC MILAN!!! or Both of YOU leave THIS BLOG!!!!




@Giancarlo and Ryan,u guys should leave,because both u are polluting this blog with your numerous lies,u have never made any strong stand on any important issue,u hate Brasilian players especially Kaka.U guys are Inter fans that’s the reason why u did’nt want Kaka to return.I WILL EXPOSE U GUYS.


GIANCARLO AND RYAN ARE INTERISTAS,They are polluting this blog with their lies.They are wolfs in sheep clothing.




Shut up Aquilani, you are Mr X? And you must deliever all that is expected of you to prove Galliani a good CEO.


i think shadrack PIB Leave Even They insult other comment but he respect milan player though o.o.