Official: Oddo joins Lecce on loan


MASSIMO ODDO is a player of U.S. Lecce now.

Oddo said earlier this summer that if a chance comes up he would be happy to leave Milan as he wants to play more regularly next year, and an option came up yesterday as Lecce have offered him a deal.

The 2006 World Cup winner accepted the offer of Lecce this morning, and Milan have confirmed on Wednesday noon that Oddo has left the Rossoneri on a season-long loan basis to join the Giallorossi.

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“AC Milan announces that it has sold Massimo Oddo on a loan basis to U.S. Lecce,” a statement confirms.

Oddo is a product of Milan’s youth system, although he could not find any room with Milan until returning “home” in 2007 after successful years at Lazio. The right-back, who turned 35 in June, was loaned out to Bayern Munich for one season but when returned to il Diavolo, he found little space due to Ignazio Abate.

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Andriy Shevchenko

Thx Oddo for everything and good luck


I wish this was more than a loan deal. When are we foing to get rid of Bonera??

Giorgi Sigua

As a 4th choice, he is not terrible.


5thchoice i believe(when mexes returns)


fiorentina now willin 2 sell Monty 2 an italian club:


It’s better 4him 2 join lecce as he will have more playing time.He can even be their

Sohel loves Shama

Now its time for Bonera to get out…

Giorgi Sigua

Thank you Oddo for everything. Have a nice ending to you career.


A player or two are arriving today………. ForzaMIlan!!!

Andriy Shevchenko




The mr X deal is done, Oddo away from Milan!!!! (:


diarra and monty pls……………


Only Antonini and Bonera left!


Good luck to the Barber of 2006 thank you very much.

Please I hope you all can show this man respect.


A good move for him. He will help Lecce. Also realize he will be on loan until the end of his contract which is summer 2012. It helps out Lecce financially.

Andriy Shevchenko

@elmickio jesi Balkanac?


gago plz galliani n monty as well. Thank u n we r good for the cl. Wooo

zona milan


Is it just an opinion or do you have the link for your statement?


Milanset posted a lot of fake rumours yesterday


everything i posted yesterday was sent to me by email from an unknown sender, but i hope it’s true..Forza MILAN!!!


How conveinant…..maybe it’s Mr X himself?


Do you always read and believe random emails by “unknown” people?


@Andriy Shevchenko

Sorry dude I am Irish not Balkan?


The funny thing is some Milan fans are still waiting for mr x.Never give up that is the spirit,FORZA MILAN.

Andriy Shevchenko

Pedro Leon to Getafe,Lass refused us only one left is Gago


Will our midfield problem be solved if diarra and monty arrive???

Andriy Shevchenko

Pedro Leon to Getafe,L.a.s.s. refused us only one left is Gago

Andriy Shevchenko

Pedro Leon to Getafe,L.a.s.s. refused us only one left is Gago and l think he’s the best choice


How do u know diarra refused us????


ODDO was a real champion,farewell.


Best wishes nd [email protected] 4 ur services in [email protected]

Andriy Shevchenko

Gago is fast with good defansive and offensive skills he’s creative.

Andriy Shevchenko

Did anybody watched him vs Barcelona before injury?By the way he knows Messi since they were a kids.

Andriy Shevchenko

Lady gaga

Its a great news to me…..Thanks mr Oddo…..
One is out,8more OLDIES to LEAVE….
lstn,why would you leave?….
U do not have to leave this site coz Mr A.Galliani also promised but Failed….
pls fellow fanz,allow and 4gv him if u can 4gv mr Galliani 4not unveiling mr X-men yestrday….
Love y’all


Y would diarra refuse, despie the fact he was not included in the america and asia friendly tours??????


Gago has joined palermo


Any dirty water can quench a flaming fire,any player that come through now will be accepted,thank u Mr Silvio Berlusconi and Mr Galliani for a job well done.

Andriy Shevchenko

Dude he won’t join us .He can sit on bench and earn 4.5 M per year !!!


L.a.s.s is not very smart. He wont get any playing time. Maybe we should get Khedira? Not Gago please. Goodness no.


Juventus signed elia and are still looking for further signings…. juve???

Mr Goph

Forza General Oddo. Thank 4 ur services man. A true great rosenera. SEMPER FI.

Andriy Shevchenko

No he didn’t where did you get that

Andriy Shevchenko

@Giancarlo on what basis do you judge players?Gago is complet midfielder and better than Aqua trust me.

Pete Acquaviva

Gago will sign for Roma or Palermo. Not us.


Gago is not a complete midfielder. And he’s not better then Aquilani. Please spare me this. Palermo have signed him anyways.


I wont be happy signing Gago. He is not bad, but not good enough to be in the starting 11 in a great club. In Roma or Palermo, he’ll be great.


Thx u oddo


Thanks 4 leaving,you are too old to our liking…


Thanks to Oddo, but his time has gone here. Hope he’ll play this season, he deserves a good career-end.


ciao oddo…


now we really need another centre back


i dnt undrstand why some of guys hate oddo that much.. He wasnt a bad option as a 80th minute substitute.. He was capable of providing long passes towards the front..
Best of luck oddo! Learn good things.


Goodluck ODDO..we all milan fans will miss still remember his the one who gave an assist and do a crossed to robinho and ibra during our victory against napoli last season..Thanks oddo…