New Poll: Are you satisfied with the mercato?


WHAT do you think about what Milan have done this summer?

The summer if finally over and now we can sit back and watch our favourite team, AC Milan, as we enjoy the real season, not the transfer season which this year was not different from any other in recent years.

Mister X may have never showed up but Milan have definitely made their squad stronger this summer, with the signings of Philippe Mexes, Taye Taiwo, Stephan El Shaarawy, Alberto Aquilani and Antonio Nocerino.

AC Milan 2011/2012: The official squad
Video of the Day: Welcome to Milan, Nocerino!

Milan didn’t spend too much, getting Mexes and Taiwo on free transfers, El Shaarawy was brought for a rather sizeable sum of €10 million, Aqua came on loan and Nocerino signed for a reported fee of €0.5/1 million + half of a Primavera player. Other expenses were on Zlatan Ibrahimovic, €8m, €3.5m on Marco Amelia, and €7.5 million on Kevin-Prince Boateng. Milan also sold and made a few millions out of sales.

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very well managed market by some utility players..milan didnt go by ”name” but by their performances.. Nocerino is a good passer with great ethics and can sacrifice himself for the teammates..great buy..shaarawy is a prospect to watch.. Defense has been strengthened..


juventus spent 88.5 millions this window


roma spent around….where do these guys get the money, and we can’t even afford a player like monty..ahaha


And the funny part is, they spent 160m combined and we are still two levels above them both!

Lady gaga

If y’all re angry at PATO IS BRILLIANT…i wonder wat y’all will do if u’re giving a chance to express your feelings facing Mr Galliani……
No one is gonna commit suicide,definitely not pato is brilliant….
IF Y’ALL WANT HIS APOLOGY (NO PROBS) but please,no one should wish him dead…..
pls,update me bout Ricky Montolivo…..wanna know if he’s with the Viola” or gone…….
Thank you…..
Forza milan


He’s still Viola

dont worry i’m pretty sure we’ll get him soon Allegri admires him a lot

Andriy Shevchenko

@Giancarlo l don’t if you watched Trofeo Berlusconi and saw that ‘average Lichtsteiner’ he is really good but l’d never spend 11 M on him.


I’m not buying it. He’s average going forward… that’s pretty much it. I don’t like him. Lazio got rid of him quick. They didn’t need him.


I agree. Juve and Roma had an average transfer campaign because both of them had problems in defence not in midfield or the wing.

Juve and Roma needed to sign a quality CB, LB, and RB!

Lichsteiner and Ziegler are average players! Juve and Roma should have went for Criscito or Balzaretti, Cassani and Lugano or Coates!

Inter is much weaker this season without Eto’o! Forlan is older and he is not as dangerous as Eto’o!


raul meireles wuld be a good signing for us dnt u think guys?? just handed in a transfer request at liverpool….man these open chance need to taen….am not sure if maret has closed yet just saying


italian deadline isover…it is only open in england now, plus he is chelsea bound…


such opened cheap chances not used by Milan: sirigue not better than abbiati but better than amelia and younger (8m) coates 20 years old a giant and better than all our backup defenders (8m) Monty but it is believed that there is a plan to get him at january so no problem there poli propably the next pirlo young and a good backup (6m) vidal defenatly one of the best defensive midfielders out now and a perfect replacement for mvb(10.5m) lamela young a great dribbler and can improve a lot (12m) I am not claiming that those are the transfers… Read more »


Because those aren’t good enough, and we are waiting for better players? Like Ganso?

Monty will come though.


seriously if Monty and Ganso move to Milan then we will be deffanitly the best team around the world in transfers really this is the new era of Milan glory
hope you are right man


Well if many of those players came we would have seriously too many. We didn’t need anymore defenders, though I did like Coates.

I like Rodrigo Ely though. He showed a lot of promise for such a young player. One of the few primavera players that impressed me this pre-season.

Montolivo will come cheap in the winter and Ganso could be our one big purchase.

o seeing tvyperprism

Look at it this way. We have improved the squad from last season for what can only be described as peanuts.

Uncle Fester is a better wheeler and dealer than Del Boy. If we get Ganso and Montolivo in January it would be an epic series of signings, but I wouldn’t hold my breath.

Well, maybe not on the latter. I think if AC want either player they will get them. Might just be a case of holding on until next season to get Monty.

Nehow, forza Milan.


I agree in regards to Vidal, and Coates! These are two players I believe Milan really missed out on! I’ve always preferred Coates over Mexes!

Lamela would have force El Sharaawy out. No purpose in having two young AM/trequartista’s!

I also preferred Sirigu, Marchetti and Handanovic over Amelia!


This is the beginning of an end for Gatusso and Ambrosini now that Nocerino has arrived! Aquilani should force Seedorf out as well!

The competition in midfield will be great! I expect Robinho, Cassano, and Aquilani to get playing over Seedorf who will be useful in the latter stages of the CL!


Am not satisfied with this transfer market for milan at all.
Milan should have brought in MONTOLIVO or GANSO at least.


Maybe since we spent so little we can spend a lot in January or next summer…


Not satisfied. they promised some great players, finally we got nothing.
And we will continue playing with the retarded boateng as a playmaker. I want to cruch my head against a brick wall

o seeing tvyperprism

LMFAO. Boateng is retarded? Aside from the horrible language of your comment, did you watch any AC games from last year? Boateng was in my opinion one of the top three players at the club, after Ibra and Van Bommel when he arrived in January. He gave us a sense of dynamism that has been lacking in the Milan midfield since Kaka left. I’m not saying he is as good as Kaka but he gave the team a fresh dimension. I hated MVB before he signed for us, because I had always saw him as a thug. But, without his… Read more »


TRANSFER DEADLIND DAY SIGNINGS: chelsea have signed liverpool midfielder Raul meireless on a four year deal, benayoun have now gone to arsenal on loan, Arsenal have completed the signing of Everton midfield dymano Mikel Arteta to join up with andre santos, mertasarker and park chu young…. What a transfer market suprise from epl…..

Milan 4 Barca 0

All in all can’t really complain. I just hope that these players gel quickly and start well. I cannot wait for the matches against barcelona, especially the one in the san siro. That one should be special 🙂


arsenal bought andre santos, benayoun, arteta, mertesacker, and park (all avg players)….

o seeing tvyperprism

I’d agree with you on most of them, but Arteta is a quality player. He is the perfect replacement for Mr Loyalty and I’m sure it was at a knockdown price.

As for the rest of their signings, well, only time will tell, but I can see Mertesacker being ripped to shreds by a few wingers and mobile centre forwards.


wenger should be

he has like 100m to spend and he buys andre santos?? lol..that guy can’t defend at…

benayoun? he still plays?? haha


poor arsene, i think he tried signing stars, but as soon as they knew they were negotiating with arsenal they close the door,lol,………


Update on that: In addition to Santos they bought Benayoun, Mertesacker, and Mikel Arteta today…so not too bad! 🙂


Yeah, I think Arsenal will probably be a mid table team this year. I don’t see them doing to well. I also don’t think Inter will be nearly as strong as they were in the past few seasons either…


i think that if we beat barca, i’ll be convinced we can compete with all the teams in europe and that we are on par level with barcelona, Madrid, united, city and bayern.Forza Milan!!!!


Does anyone know if Leonardo was sacked at Inter or if he went to PSG for money?


As far as I know, he and Moratti agreed to rescind his contract for him to move to PSG. He was never sacked.


im quite satisfied, i suppose we did well. Let me tell you why.. I think Emanuelson is going to do great things for milan next season, I have a feeling he is going to get a permanent spot on the left midfield, competing with Aquilani, along with Boateng, Nocerino. As well as having some experience with the likes of MVB and Seedorf.. Defence is fine, Mexes should do ok, he should be a great back up for Nesta, and Taiwo, from what I’ve seen so far the guy has improved very quickly between every match, I think by the time… Read more »


Not yet satisfied..but i believe ganso is THE mr. X in january..according to “potential player but not yet grown” and the fact that we have one slot for nonEU player this season.. About the current squad, i believe we could talk much about serie a, but i’m pessimistic for CL..we have wonderful attacker, and strong defender, but not for creative midfield..we have seedorf and aquilani here, but that’s not enough..i was hoping that kaka or monty would come.. I think we’re gonna end up on runner up in CL group stage, and let’s hope we didn’t have to face MU,… Read more »


Milan had an above average transfer window this summer. We signed players that pretty much fill all the spots that we needed covered. But the only thing that I did not like is that there was no Mr X. Too much anticipation for nobody. Still, we signed some very good players. Nocerino will contribute greatly. VB will be tired sometimes so Nocerino can take over. He can even play in the LCM if Milan want to play complete counter-attacking football. I look forward to this season. We can make the semi’s of the CL.


Not yet.. but i believe we could sign some players in January, and i believe that the Mr. X is Ganso according to “very potential player but not fully grown” and the fact that we have one slot for nonEU player this season. with the current squad, i believe we could speak more about serie a, but not with CL. we have deadly attackers, strong deffender, but lack of creative midfield..we have seedorf and aquilani here, but i was hoping that we could sign kaka and monty. And one more, we don’t have subs for abbiati..and he’s prone to injury..… Read more »


mertesacker, andre santos avrge playas? lol


Ok, cause Inter was playing well under him. If Banitez didn’t coach them the first half of the season and Leonardo did who knows they might have won the Serie A. They were only 6 points behind us and they played like garbage the first half… Anyway, I was just wondering because it would have been stupid to fire him!


Yeah Arsenal is a joke. Andre Santos is not a good player and Mertesacker is too slow… Not the defender they needed. Arteta? And people are saying our mercato was average. We did very well and spent just 12m. We are not broke but wise about money.

Arsenal was spending because they had to… They lost Nasri and Fabregas…replacing them with Arteta and Park lmao.


With all due respect Giancarlo, you can’t talk about sontos, park, and mertasoccer all you, but I would love to have Arteta at Milan. Wonderful player with good vision and technique!


Arteta is a step down from what they had before. I’m not saying he’s a bad player… but he’s not world clsas. I can talk about Santos, Park and Mertesacker all I want. They are average players!


i think the mercato went well, no much room 2 sign huge playas, the respect 4 the old veterans, i bliev nxt yr will be more open. Monty is leavin only 4 a bigger club & so who else. more italians on the team & the uncle fester financial management.

we’re solid 4 the CL 1/4 finals, may be th scudetto again
Real Madrista can be stopped only by Barca


Gia, mertesacker is a 2 time wc playa, a killer pass stoppa, andre santos a smoove & xperienced playa
my only doubt, how quickly they adapt 2 th fast paced prmr lge


I am partialy satisfied coz we reinforce the team, but am still waiting 4 Montolivo & Ganso in january

zona milan

Guys, its just my opinion. Maybe milan save much money in this mercato because already knew that next season players price will go down due to FIFA Rules which make club cannot expend money higher than their expenses..

This is the last season club like man city, chelsea who were supported by their owners can shop highly price players.. So I think this season’s mercato is great because we still got great player with reasonable price.

Please feel free to correct my opinion all of u guys..


are we happy with milan’s mercato? well, this was the best that milan can do. i just hope that mexes and taiwo can play their best with milan’s jersey. on midfields, i hope that either aquilani and nocerino can replace either gattuso and flamini. i do hope that the new players can impress allegri very soon since our veterans (except seedorf) are lack of creativity. about el shaarawy, i trully wan to know how good he is. bear in mind that milan gave half of merkel for half of shaarawy, so it seems that milan are really sure that shaarawy… Read more »


Maybe we really should have signed on another striker.. it seems Robinho has contracted an inflammation in his pubis bone. I hear rehabilitation for this type of injury may take up to a year (ouch).

But then again, Fantantonio will be happy with the new pecking order.


That sounds disgusting! A year?? Where did u here this from??


No. Such an injury does not take a year to recover from him. It takes several weeks with proper medical care.


I’m satisfied but I hate tricky games about Mr.X… A few month ago, there’s rumour about Mr.X… even Allergi said tell about Mr.X identity… What a shame… So I hope management stop to playing mind games like Mr.X … Where is allergi now?? Why he don’t show up to tell again about Mr.X? At least he apologiez to milanisti…


Happy with d transfer but i really wanted monty but when precisely wud mexes n taiwo be back


And we really dont have a back up plan for our squad that exactly where the prob lies no adequate backup for abate and ibra

Fadil Maldini

It’s very good Mercato and mr G also very wise to spending money.
We don’t get star player with overrated price,but Allegri get the player what he need.
Next winter,or summer lately,our squad would be perfect by great signing of 1 or 2 important player.
And we would have a complete squad with great regeneration. The beginning of new Milan.
I’m sure about this.


i think the moderator of this blog needs to review the syntax for comments check. i did not write any sarkasm words and did not insult others. why did the moderator keep putting my comments awaiting for moderation? is it because i wrote in 3 paragraphs?


Will we be able to watch the friendly tomorrow online anywhere and if so can someone send me the link please??


i’m dissapointed with mr. X miLan, Galliani so have many words to say, but didn’ t want to realise it.


I don’t get how anybody can criticize Milan’s transfer market. We brought in 5 top quality players (Mexes, Aquilani, Taiwo, El Shaarawy and Nocerino) for ONLY 600K. That is unheard of in today’s transfer markets. Plus securing the deals for Ibra and Boateng, we spent smartly and reinforced an already very good team. The team has depth, toughness, creativity and experience without being insanely old. Galliani did an EXCEPTIONAL job


who is our freekick shooter Taiwo or Ibra

Pete Acquaviva

One is left footed one is right footed. So it depends where the ball is. Also Seedorf can take kicks.


hopefully…emanuelson should get more


and aqua for corners


Milan need good mr x


For me it’s all right for the long we can replace flamini its much better rather than i heard just now robinho also has getting injured and has been removed from brazil squad..hope his injury was not too serious and hoping he can recovered soon,our early starting league was quite tough and CL 1st game against barca also was around the conner…Let the Games Begin!!!Forza MILAN!!!!!


We need kaka back to milan

Hutri Richard Laloan

GANSO please!!


Juventus in the last three seasons since their return to Serie A, have spent close to 500 million Euros. Not once have they got close to the Serie A title, and for two seasons got in 7th/8th place. How are they favorites?

Emanuelson is a good player anyways. I’m not sure if he will be a starter though. Pato could take our free kicks… he should improve in that area.

Kaka back to Milan? Forget it. This summer was his last chance. He wanted to stay at Madrid, and so he did.


And yet another post of mine is under moderation. Okay, this is getting silly. Let people post, and if there is a problem deal with it then. Work on this moderation feature please… I can get cuss words, but I didn’t use one of them.

Red/black is my blood

Giancarlo, i could remember vividly when Pato is Brilliant gave a comment on 15th of August, 2011 at 3:11pm that….

“When kaka arrives in the end of this month, Giancarlo would definitely feel the pain and would scream ouch.. Same goes to all other guys here who dont want to see kaka back. Shame on you guys.”

This is exactly the way he typed the comment. The question is…

Who’s gonna cry now?


I was about to post that quote. Thanks for sharing it. It’s important for everyone to see the c.r.a.p this guy, PIB, put me through.

I warned people not to believe the papers or journalists.

Nocerino was mentioned once back in June or July… we were barely linked to him…

All I want is an apology.


Please tell me where I can watch tomorrows friendly