New Poll: Are you satisfied with the mercato?


WHAT do you think about what Milan have done this summer?

The summer if finally over and now we can sit back and watch our favourite team, AC Milan, as we enjoy the real season, not the transfer season which this year was not different from any other in recent years.

Mister X may have never showed up but Milan have definitely made their squad stronger this summer, with the signings of Philippe Mexes, Taye Taiwo, Stephan El Shaarawy, Alberto Aquilani and Antonio Nocerino.

AC Milan 2011/2012: The official squad
Video of the Day: Welcome to Milan, Nocerino!

Milan didn’t spend too much, getting Mexes and Taiwo on free transfers, El Shaarawy was brought for a rather sizeable sum of €10 million, Aqua came on loan and Nocerino signed for a reported fee of €0.5/1 million + half of a Primavera player. Other expenses were on Zlatan Ibrahimovic, €8m, €3.5m on Marco Amelia, and €7.5 million on Kevin-Prince Boateng. Milan also sold and made a few millions out of sales.

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It was a decent mercato, but our hopes were aimed to high by our management…

We really also needed a passer…


Aquilani is a passer U.U


Milan did a great job, but I really want to see more primavera players!

Gabriel Milan



same for me as well


i’m very satisfied with this…..Mr.X= Pair of players is wat i was wishing for……Forza Milan!


milan isnt on the level of man u, madrid, barca and city…i would say chelsea is slightly above us too….all i am asking for this january is for milan to sign montilivo and a attacking midfielder.


As of right now city have done nothing to prove themselves to me. Beating another english team by such a large margin means absolutely nothing in the premier league as english teams are notorious for lackadaisical defending. Ch league is a lot different than the epl and this is this man city squads first experience with it (yes i know some of their players have played in it before). imho madrid, man u and barca are the only teams that we should worry about. I truly believe that chelsea are not on the same level (although close) as the above… Read more »


Chelsea is lower than City and ManU? u must be mad


If you told me before the window started that we would’ve ended up with Mexes, Taiwo, Aquilani, Nocerino and one of Italy’s brightest young prospects (El Shaarawy), I would’ve thought ‘sweet’. Just because some of you were hoping for a REALLY big name, and that didn’t eventuate, doesn’t take anything away from the fact that it has been a really good mercato. Especially since we spent less than 20mil!!!

malta d best

yess i am but i wished ganso and monti too but anyway it’s good



should never spread the news about the Mr.X.. then i might be very satisfied right now.. For me our mercato was fine! im glad that we have Nocerino at the end.. now we’re complete and there is room to improve much more with the current squad.. FORZA MILAN!!!!!!!!!


It sucks that management made promises they couldn’t keep, but overall I am satisfied. I’m a bit dissatisfied that we didn’t get rid of Bonera. I would have kept Oddo over Bonera any day. Oh well…


Below average and very disappointing.We were fed with lies.


Sky Sports is currently saying that Kaka may go to Tottenham. I find this very strange. They said there is nothing concrete, but they are following the story…

Giorgi Sigua

Dude, the transfer window is closed. unless Tottenham and Real reached an agreemet befor 7pm(British) nothing can physically happen…


Montolivo and Ganso in January would be great. Who knows how the squad will fair by then. Injuries are possible and some players might be under performing. Obviously it would be nice to see Bonera and Antonini leave in January and have the signing of replacement(s). I think AC Milan have a lock on the Serie A title. Forget about CL.

Giorgi Sigua

I am extremely pleased. All the players we got added extra quality and depth.
Also since we spent only less than 20M, we can use the money to bring in good players in January (eg.Montolivo,Ganso,etc.).
Inter spent over approximately 44M,Juve spen approximately 70M and Roma spent 60M,Napoli 50M…
We are much smarter than them 😛


We will know when the season start or after the Barca game.

david uche

after all d promises mr fester made about d mister x was just a decite. Just give us mr x den the transfer wil be over. We made so many good signing but el sharawy is too raw still need time, aqua injury prone but quality player wit d addition of dis mr x he can be a cover to dat box to box midfielder, which we know seedof is old he need some rest in some games


we may surprise in jan….


I’m just telling you what Sky Sports is saying. That would be a strange transfer if Kaka did go to Tottenham, and I’d be a bit upset!


Seen that on SS, KAKA rumours going to SPURS


I personally hope Kaka does sign for Tottenham. Then I will be really looking for someone on here to apologize to me.


While my hopes were high because of the drama concerning all of the market this year I am not disappointed. We signed one of the best CB in Italy in Mexes, one of the best LB in France with Taiwo, a decent player in Aquilani, another good addition with Nocerino,and the mysterious El Shaarawy who could be great and I say COULD not over hyping him at all, plus we will have MVB, cassano and urby all for the CL this year. Heck we still have the winter transfer market which we will get one player for sure according to… Read more »


The thing is, Milan said they will buy mr X.
A good player who yet hasn’t evovlved to a full player (Allegri said this).
This player who they were sure of signing was Ganso, BUT, Ganso wants to stay until after the game against Barcelona, therefore he will join Milan in the wintertransfer.
Milan will sign Gansso in january, and then they will tell everyone that the summers Mr X finally has arrived.


Parts have been covered that was needed and as we all knew KAKA didn’t come!

Sohel loves Shama

Market was satisfactory…


yes we did the perfect marcato we didn´t spent too much and we signed good players thanks mrgilliani


Ok, Harry Redknapp just said that Kaka is not coming.


Hmmm I wud have to say yes an no. Yes cos it was a pretty good mercato, an no cos they lied about the whole Mr.X thing?!!


I think Mr X was Ganso, but he came out and said he won’t be leaving till Jan?


we’ll b fine w/th players we hav …now its up to Allegri to field th right players. ForzaMilan ForzaRagazzi!


Gattuso once said, if taiwo n mexes were sign in deadline day, we ar wil say is a good market, i agree to dat.. D market was good 4 me


still keepin mah fingers crossed …still hav 1hr 45 left b4 market closes! go get em Galliani…


How many champions league contenders spend less than 20 million this season non. Despite being the champion barca still sign quality players. Am so not satisfied with our transfer. We going out of the ucl in the second round again. We know the truth lets not be blinded by our love for the team. Forza milan


Schalke last season spent nth but Huntelaar


lmao umm so your saying chelsea is better than ManU? i would understand if u said they were better than city which isnt really the case at the moment so i dont know where your getting at, so please enlighten me.



Mr Goph

Not bad. But we could have done better though. FORZA MILAN.


i cani believe we didnt get poli,he was very easy to sign…


average mercato.

management should be banned for trolling! LOL


Overall, I think it was a good window based upon value for what was paid. Mexes and Taiwo were free, Aquilani and Nocerino were not very expensive. If Montolivo comes in January, then that would be another good addition for a lower price. This could be a good window also based upon some of the loan moves if they pan out well. I am one of those that would like us to get younger. Therefore, if Paloschi, Verdi, Merkel, and Albertazzi all do well with their clubs and return able to contribute significantly, then this could be a great position… Read more »


Verdi & il Faraone are strikers Buddy.. can´t se them play in midfield in a 4-3-3 formation.


u just made a 4-4-3 formation…


…hr n thirty left …tick tick tick… think Milan has somthing BIG fo th fans!


I’m very satisfied. We did not have to get a big signing. We already have champions in our team and I fear they could have been unsettled. On the other hand, we’ve reinforced our squad appropriately with very good signings. Nocerino is a great signing, and I really like him as a player.


you use to hate him though..



No I never hated Nocerino. He wasn’t my first choice, but I’m happy with him.

Uwem peters

Well,d mercato was pretty good coz we did not spend much but buy good players, but it would av been much pretty if Galliani had gave us Monty or Eriksen


600k+ half of ferreira = Nocerino(wow)


When i read it, i couldnt stop laughing. Galliani is a master.


True Master and from who, zamparini, the big mouth lol


They bought Nocerino for 7.5 million if I remember right… his value has actually gone up. And he was closer to 9 million. I still can’t believe the reported fee was only 600,000$… Zamparini is an old fool.


in one word SATISFIED

Sally Webb

I think that there was way too much hype given to us about the infamous MR X…..but with the players we have brought in Im happy….lets also give some of the young players that played in the summer get a look in this season…..last season they didnt…..think Allegri was a little hesitant with the title at stake…..<3 FORZA MILAN <3 I will be at the San Siro to cheer them on for the Parma game to cheer them on xx


Am i satisfied? Comparing to what? We could have better players of course, and we could got more players. Before the market i said we need a fullback (left) a centre back (Mexes), a defensive mid (Nocerino) and a creative mid (Aquilani) and a trequarista (maybe el Shaaravy). So the minimum is completed. But it’s not that simple. Galliani reduced the wages more than 10 M Euros, we spent for less than 20 million for 5 good players. If i look at the amount of money we spent, i’m fully satisfied – it’s important regarding the financial fair play. Galliani… Read more »


Galliani basically said: “Nocerino is a great player with great quality who will replace Flamini and Gattuso”.

One thing you must also take into account by him is his fitness. He’s always in great fitness… Aquilani sometimes is questionable, but Nocerino is rarely injured managing 120 appearances in 3 seasons.

I’m still waiting for PIB’s apology.


Official press release: AC Milan communicates that Pato is Brilliant commits suicide.

We need him PIB back! He is a true Milan fan.


Imagine if Kaka signs for Tottenham… lol.


I doubt you’ll get the words from PIB cause that stubbor might’ve gone to the pit of sadness, I wonder what does his face look like by now, lol.


yeah PIB Apologize to him and the rest of us (me!!) u were saying i’ll regret not listening to u? guess who’s regretting now?

If he is a true fan he’d accept the current team we got which is slowly growing up rather than expecting every summer to be 50m signings galore


Yeah man. I was told I’m gonna regret my words and look bad in the end. Who is looking bad now?

I like this team as it is. I’m glad we got two mid-20s year old midfielders.

Just imagine if Kaka goes to Tottenham lol.


How i wished we signed afellay/pjanic,lugano/coates,guarin/fernandinho.but i guez its over now.


i follow milan over 25years and am not impressed they got some good players all on loan silvio wont spend any more he is living on past glories so are the fans who praise him the guy is an embarresment with his behavior were is the present he promised the fans oh yea that was the 700+fine for fininesta that the club will end up fitting the bill for.they needed quality midfeilders there pinning there hopes on an avarage and injury prone aqua and a 18year old kid.and allegri is spineless going along with the mister x crap. and he… Read more »


If this is it then it´s definitly a big FAIL!

Berlu started the mr X campain by annoucing we would get 2 campiones if we won the scudetto and not anyone of us, we´ve desived by the biggest snake outhere!

Nobody is demanding astronomical transfers, but we demand quality. Roma did a great mercato and they didn´t go Man City crazy on the market.

De Rossi-Gago/Pizarro-Pjanic


Dudes, we´re gonna have domestic problems let alone CL!

Rossonero MT

Nocerino seems like a good replacement for flamini, we now have a very strong midifiel in terms of defensive players, who can track back and press, we just need more creativity, of the likes of a young seedorf, or hopefully a future boateng. Im also very pleased with the defensive reinforcements, considering they were free, they were two very good acquisitions. Taiwo despite being a bit slow, and not the best defender, is surely more capable than antonini..who has the defensive awareness of a wet carrot. And mexes is an excellent backup for the rather injury prone nesta.. Although mexes… Read more »


Transfer window is still open for 50 more minutes hm…


Yeah all sorts of teams are still signing players. I don’t know where people got the other deadline from. Arsenal sign Mertesacker lmao… what an upgrade not. Poor Arsenal lol. He sucks.


it’s still open for england teams..not italian clubs


Um no. Italian teams, like Atalanta, were still signing players just an hour ago.


no, they weren’

the transfer market is still open for england teams..closes in 30 mins…lol


what would everyone have said if taiwo and mexes were not for free???


palermo sacked stefano poli


Um what do you mean? Their contracts expired. Legally, they were free agents.


I mean had we paid smthing like 15 for taiwo and 10 for mexes…. then some fans here would be happy because milan did spend


Ooo! Yeah, they would probably be super happy that we spent money… I mean Juve spent 12 million on a very average right back (Lichtsteiner).

malta d best

anyway happy birthday pato from malta


Guess we’re saving the best for the last, one or two new players in January…who knows?

allu allu

I am happy to hear that we got a good player, i know he is not Kaka or Fabregas but to my opinion we don’t need big names to our team due to the fact that we got some relay good youngsters and i believe that some of those players gonna come back stronger and ready for Milan next year. I appreciate what Galiani and our President have done for this Mercato and i know for sure that in January there will be some big names among our team. I wanna thank you all for taking your time and speaking… Read more »