New Poll: Are you satisfied with the mercato?


WHAT do you think about what Milan have done this summer?

The summer if finally over and now we can sit back and watch our favourite team, AC Milan, as we enjoy the real season, not the transfer season which this year was not different from any other in recent years.

Mister X may have never showed up but Milan have definitely made their squad stronger this summer, with the signings of Philippe Mexes, Taye Taiwo, Stephan El Shaarawy, Alberto Aquilani and Antonio Nocerino.

AC Milan 2011/2012: The official squad
Video of the Day: Welcome to Milan, Nocerino!

Milan didn’t spend too much, getting Mexes and Taiwo on free transfers, El Shaarawy was brought for a rather sizeable sum of €10 million, Aqua came on loan and Nocerino signed for a reported fee of €0.5/1 million + half of a Primavera player. Other expenses were on Zlatan Ibrahimovic, €8m, €3.5m on Marco Amelia, and €7.5 million on Kevin-Prince Boateng. Milan also sold and made a few millions out of sales.

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Red/black is my blood

I expected Pato is Brilliant to return to his country, for I knew he was so busy in recent days with Galliani and Braida on Milan Mercato on how to bring Kaka back to san siro. And since Gall & Brai are now in Italy, he should bring kaka himself. Lol

Red/black is my blood

Let PIB just come around and enjoy the fun here. Giancarlo has nothing bad against him than just to let him realize his flaws.

One love Milan.

But i think PIB should be changed to BIB, meaning….

Bonera Is Brilliant. Lol


pato is brilliant rocks, giancarlo sucks….


Oh really? Because I was 100% right?


no you wasnt, kaka was on the edge of going back. the goal against zaragoza changed everything last minute.

you are just to subborn to realize, thats why you wanted to reposnd to me with “dont respond to me” bla bla

and if you still do, you have no fantasy


I think we had a great transfer market. We have to remember we had a lot of outstanding business to conclude this year e.g. Ibra, boateng and all the other loan deals! We have a solid base to build a new team now wnd since nobody bought montolivo we can get him on the cheap next year. After him our team only needs a bit of rejuvination and small changes e.g. Replace anotnini etc.

We already have three world stars in ibra, pato and t.silva.


yea we have 3 world stars, but barcelona’s most of their whole squad is full with world class players, now we are dead when we match them…. i wont mind milan to lose to barcelona 1-0 or maybe lose to 2-0, but i will hate it if milan lose 4-0 or more, i would be really happy if milan can beat barcelona, lets all pray for milan to beat barcelona at least 1-0 or 2-1, plz god let milan win that match against barcelona!! forza milan!!!


well imagine against ALL STARS of Barcelona ,what we will do then ? i mean ,we didnt spend any money this summer ,we got Mexes ,Taiwo for free ,we got El Sharawy for a few money ,Nocerino same ,what else

Ibrahimovic 11#

Most likely Milan wants so set a “big shot” at January either Montolivo or Ganso, and maybe a average sign from Genoa to


Giancarlo, do you watch arteta games because arteta is better than all our midfielders. He is a superb player watch him shine at arsenal. We dont have a squad that can compete for the champions league


Ewwwwwwwwwwwww Arteta?? u are mad if u think he’ll help Arsenal much…

and we have a good squad….u just dont see it cuz all u idiots wants are 50m stars


Arteta is 29 years old and overrated. He’s not better then any of our midfielders. He was a last minute panic buy.

Jean C.

I hope Montolivo comes in January for free


i am very dissapointed when i look yours voting.Milan made wery good transfers exactly that players allegri wants.


ppl who arent satisfied would’ve been if we spent 10-15m on Taiwo and Mexes and gotten Nocerino for 7m -___-


Compare to Man. City , Barcelona , Man. Utd Transfer , its too less!!!


ppl are satisfied when they get what they have been promised with and it was a big star which is not rated by his transfer but with influence he have on the team
what was a bit dissapointing was the lost a bit of confidence in our manegments transfer ability
any ways galliani is always beloved by all milanistas and nobody can say our squad is complete but u can say its competitive enough (no proper CAM)(its not binho’s natural role)


There is a reason for some of us not being satisfied totally or at all . First of all our hopes are banking heavily on Acqualini . Everyone will agree with me on this that we needed a creative spark and he can or should deliver.If it was Monty I would have been over the moon not that MOnty is way better than Acqualini. In fact when Acqualini is on song he can be as good as anyone or Liverpool wouldn’t have bought him for 20M in 2009 .I hope he shines for us. The best deals were arguably Nocerino… Read more »


We won at 2007 because there was no proper competition we actually won because the best player in the world back then and the top scorer of the tournment Kaka
now our formation is 2 times better but other teams are 10 times better


I agree you to some extent but I dont necessarily agree other teams were streets behind Milan. Milan were struggling till Kaka’s goal against Celtic in the second round . After that they never look behind . Also Kaka was never ever the same player again . He was just awesome that year .But whatever you say Gattusu,Ambrosini were 3x better and you have to count that before you we are 2 times better than that team now. Our current team we have to see but last year we can’t even beat a team like Spurs which was unthinkable on… Read more »


I believe (or atleast hope) that El Shaarawy did great in training wish made Max confident about his success and give B&G more time to get Mr.X


I think this season we must give young milan like urby, nocerino, aqua, etc to play in champion league… So their mentality to be champion can be growth up…. Its ok for me, milan can’t get champion league this year… We must learn from barca and MU… How their young players can be mature and ready for big matches…


after this transfer window close,can galliani or allegri just announce to us who is the player that they thought as mr.x actually??..”He is 1.83, has blue eyes, and thick hair”whose this guy uncle..


I am sure they have NO
those were only smokescreen for the press they failed in getting several players such as alcantara and ganso


what is the friendly match today


*time of the match


they should have bought montolivo too then we would have stood a good chance against barcelona but now i am doubtfull

Mr Goph

Yeah, a very good yet very average marcato. But at least our squad got the necessary beef up they needed and at a very cheat rate if i may add. And how on earth did Uncle G get Nocerino for 0.6 + half of Feriera. Thumbs up uncle G. FORZA GALIANI. FORZA MILAN.


Galliani said mr.X is aquilani and that Mr.Y is from madrid but he decided to stay there..Lass or kaka maybe?..! Oh well it doesn’t matter now!


This was a perfect end to a great mercato, Galliani and Braida should be the hottest prospects in the next transferwindow:)Nocerino will add depht too our ageing midfield departement, and Aquilani will bring some much needed creativity. Grazie Silvio!


Guys, I’m just doing a little logic. I’m started to believe that ganso is coming om january. The reason: 1.If we calculate bla bla and bla. Where’s all the money going? Even we can’t afford monty for 7M. Have we made a deal for someone who’s not arrive yet but later on? 2.We still have 1 slot for non-eu. And Galliani seems like don’t want to sign anymore players in non-eu slot 3.Ganso said he would love to play for milan. 4.Coach allegri said that ganso would be a great addition. 5.Later on I could continue for some reason but… Read more »


well i prefer getting monto in january

milan fan zuki

milan really need world class midfielder. milan can not fight Barcalona with this players. not enough to fight Barcalona. i think they will win over milan ( home and away) in UCL. let’s see. i will never wrong. but, i am happy for one thing. it is Gustuso still get three matches bean for UCL and falamini get injury. i don’t want this two to play for milan in UCL. they are very slow. and easy to get red card.


At least someone here have the same opinion regarding Gattusu in Milan team like me . He should never play in Milan shirt period. Two slow doesn’t even have any clue to pass the ball in pressure situation , only can run like a headless chicken.Do you know how long is his ban ? Hopefully till Second 2nd 1st leg at least !!! I have to add another name Bonera to my hate list.


We did well in the transfer market, compared to the previous ones we had. Remember this window also concluded some deals like ibra and KPB.
@axelynx ur points makes a lot of sense. However, right now my mind is focused on the current team and the Barca match on September 13 with this current squad.
@Giancarlo…what’s ur opinion on our Barca tie at the nou camp on september 13?


monty + ganso in january oh my god awesome.You must be patience in big signing


do not underestimate on juventus, giancarlo. i believe they can pass inter this season. forlan, zarate, alvarez and jonathan cannot help inter as expected. inter will fall to 5th, after milan-juve-napoli-lazio, if sneijder is injured. eto’o is a decisive player, just like ibra for milan.


People have been saying that for 3 seasons now. Juventus sucks. And have an average coach.

Andriy Shevchenko

Eriksen,Montolivo and Parolo in January


Just learnt that Galliani reveals that Aquilani is Mr ‘X’. Please does he have blue eyes or like someone said sometime ago, he wears contact lens all the time….lol.


Oh crap!
Just read from official page of acmilan that mr.x was aquilani..hahahaha can’t believe it. Just another smokescreen as galliani can’t get the real target whom I believe is schweini.

Anyway I still believe for ganso and monty in jan, despite of our squad is good enough,for serieA but not yet for CL

Andriy Shevchenko

@Rossonero MT and others who critisise Taiwo.Taiwo isn’t slow and bad you judged him on games played in August he’s muslim and he was fasting during those game.



Mr.x will come in january galliani is the best manipulator because if now sais that aquilani is mr. x than nobody expect for any big signing.Great tactic.


Pato Is brilliant talks much trash and abuses he definetly should make a general apology. But i swear i never wish he should leave because we are one Milan.


Some are not happy with this great mercato because they are ungrateful and never happy with the great squad we already have. Pathetic.


great mercato? lol…average mercato.

a great mercato would be categorized with signing aguero and sanchez and cesc. not aquaflop and nocerino..hahahaha


Avearge? Average? Average? Grow up. This was not average.