Official: Aquilani is a Milan player!


RE-READ the updates from the Aquilani story.

Liverpool midfielder Alberto Aquilani has joined AC Milan after passing the first part of the medicals yesterday and today, he has underwent the second part of it and then signed a contract with the Rossoneri.

In this post you’ll find the updates from all the Aquilani action that was going on this Friday.

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  • Milan have signed Aquilani on loan. If the Italian international makes over than 25 appearances, Milan’s option to sign him turns into an obligation. The Rossoneri would be able to sign him for only €6 million (there are rumours that it could be in three installments of 2 million). As for the player’s contract, according to reports over the last days, Aquilani will make €2 million in his first year and if he stays at Milan, this would be increased to €2.5 million. Aquilani also got €2.2 million severance pay from Liverpool. He will reportedly wear the #14 shirt.
  • Alberto has passed all the medical tests and is officially a Milan player now, as confirmed by a statement on “A.C. Milan are please to announce the arrival of Alberto Aquilani on loan from Liverpool FC. The current deal, which includes an option to buy, will end on 30 June 2014.”
  • Aquilani has posed outside of Milanello with a Milan shirt. The picture can be found here (via
  • La Gazzetta dello Sport reports that Aquilani will undergo more medical check-ups this morning, this time at Milanello, before signing the contract. However, he will be at the disposal of Max Allegri for only a few days as he is part of Cesare Prandelli’s squad for the games against Faroe Islands and Slovenia (2 and 6 of September).
  • Liverpool have already announced yesterday that Aquilani will join AC Milan but nothing is signed yet, hence it is not official. Aquilani underwent a series of medical tests yesterday at the hospital and then visited his new teammates at the Rossoneri training center Milanello.

Sources: La Gazzetta dello Sport,

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Kelechi maldini

Let him join. He is welcome. Once a player is officially a milan player,i try my best to give him all my support irrespective of me not wanting the player. Wish u all the best aquilani. Forza rossoneri.


he’ll do well under Allegri’s guidance

Allegri gets the best out of players

Jo Milano

Welcome Aquaman!!! I’m confindent that Your story will change like Pirlo’s when he came to Milan. Like I said earlier; Milan has a way of helping such players discover their true identity!!! Forza Aquaman! Forza Milan!!!!! Barca, Bring it On!!!!!!!!


does this mean milan will not sign any more players this summer?

I like aqua, he is not the best player there is, but he can only contribute since we only have midfielders who are worse then him.

KPB (flamini) – V Bomb (Ambro;SHAME) – Aquaman (emanuelson)
-ElShar (Cassano)
-Ibra(Robi) Pato(Inzaghi)

Not bad for Milan, but could be sooo much better!
Also youngsters are showing to have developed, comi, boateng. its all kinda interesting.


on loan, slashed wages, cheap buy option.

How can this transfer fail? if he’s bad we just don’t buy him


you see its not about the transfer as a standalone act its more about the fact that we dont have flamini for 5 months and aqua is not the quality we all wanted and we are gonna get massacred at the hands of barca.

honestly, I am also beware of the two other teams.

we just need to buy 2 players and let ambro, gats, seedorf, oddo, bonera leave. if we buy monti and someone like busquets for DMF then we are gonna be just fine. and there will be more room for yougsters as well!


let him join Pato in hospital. lol


what a dumb thing to say


He is welcome despite me not believing in him. But i believe playing with seedorf will make him a better player


Well better than nothing…..and he’s good when on form….Maybe Seedorf can do sth about his consistency


AA is a proven player, italian and an International, don’t all be so negative about this transfer!

Pato Is Brilliant

Thats good, Aquilani will do well here.

Pato Is Brilliant

Kaka o Kaka! Believe it or not but its just a matter of moment..

Giorgi Sigua

And despite all the denial from every Ac Milan staff, you know how? oh,that’s right, you have you’re special “Twitter” sources,huh………..

knows everything

Lets see some sources dude, post some links to these “secret sources” you have. Lets see them instead of you acting like your some sort of insider with confidential information


cadi sheni dedac movtyan ra sheido am dedamotynulma


@Pato is Brilliant


@pato is brillant

Can you please give me some sources regarding this transfer please?


its just crap posted by so called agents on twitter. most of it is not legit at all…although a select few are spot on…but i believe the source hes following might be incorrect, but u never know…but honestly for the good of milan and as much as i love kaka i hope he doesnt return…we need stephan to rise !

Jo Milano

Aquillani Is a good Player, though I(initially) prefered sum1 else. The truth is He’s been really unlucky with Injuries. I’ve watched sum of his highlights and I can tell you; he’s a Pass Master, almost second to non. And he doesn’t only pass but he does it with Style. Remember when Pirlo came to Milan he was a bit Part player with Inter. Milan is a place where players like that seem to discover their true identity. I really Belive in a year’s time evryone on tis Blog will be Crazy about Auillani. MARK MY WORDS!!!


Everybody Ignore Pato is Brilliant


We’re trying to but it’s kinda hard. He says it like 5 times on every page!

Abdulkarim Abbas

its his opinion wat do u want from him


He’s Stating it like its a fact and he wont give us Sources when we’re asking for them!

Abdulkarim Abbas

he might be stating them as facts but we never know wat happens and just think of it as his opinion if it annoys u


Aqua’s good, but personally I think he’s not the best transfer for us this summer. Hope that mr.X’s still there, and I hope it isn’t kaka. I love kaka, but his comeback would cost more than earn. -potentially he’ll make our young AMF such as sharrawy,valoti won’t get enough time to play. -huge potential he’ll become a big flop just like sheva does -im a little bit affraid of his knee’s injury But if it is kaka, I will be just ok. As I hope he’ll become our mentor for youngsters. And I believe milan lab could recover his fitness.… Read more »

Lady gaga

Hi guys…
Who’s d next target?

Lady gaga

Aquihandsome ain’t mr X-men…
Still kping mi fingers cross till August da 29th….
Get well M.Flamini,T.Taiwo,S.El Shawaary….
Someone should sendout Oddo,F.Roma and Gattuso coz am tired of em”

Abdulkarim Abbas

i agree with that i still thinkthere is another mr .x

Yehez Kiel

yes but he is no match for pirlo! in skills and looks.. lol 😉

Die hard milan fan

@pato is brilliant….if what ur saying truely happens, i’ll take u to be an “AMBASSADOR OF MILAN FAN”. Heres my fb id ([email protected]) pls keep me posted wit more of kaka’s news. FORZA MILAN!

Pato Is Brilliant

Die hard milan fan, I have saved your fb id.. I am sure everyone on 31st will agree with me..

Pato Is Brilliant

Next year when Seedorf, Gattuso, Van Bommel will leave.. So we should have Kaka to mentor young talents.. Shaarawy expressed he would love to play along side Ricky.. So if he really comes cheap, which is very likely.. Then all of you shouldwelcome him with warm heats..

Pato Is Brilliant

Correction: with warm hearts not heats lol..

Abdulkarim Abbas

GD luk aquilani

allu allu

Aqua is already a big player on that same moment when he signed for Milan.
Todays football is not easy and i’m happy that we got someone like him in our team and not someone like the players of freaking Barcelona ( all the best players you can fide, but their game is not 2 teams playing football!! it’s one team playing and the other defending- I fucking hate it.)Can’t wait to kick their ass in CH,
All the best to Aquilani and Milan.

Milan Forever ole ole 😀


Yet another, BIGGER transfer is still waiting. Trust me 😉


Still believe monty and kaka will join in the last minute like last season. Aqua will be good addition after Flam got heavy injured, for sharawy, don’t worry, I think mr allegri will pos Aqua at midfield not amf. Anyway, welcome aqua, I’m on my way to buy ure shirt #14 aquilani 🙂


i like the faith fans here have for more signings, but i am not sure uncle fester is on the same page with us. allegri and him want to believe in the dream that their team is complete. as a matter of fact we are not complete in any section. GK we dont have reliable sub. DF at least 1more young leftback is needed, MF busquest-like DMF and a LMF with left foot and attacking prows is needed. No trequartista in ACM at the moment, we are trying players in that position that are not AMFs. Only our attack is… Read more »


Welcome Aquilani, and I agree with @Jo Milano, he is a great player with world class passing ability. Let’s just hope he performs with less injury for milan. The deal is fabulous.
@Pato is brilliant, I can’t help but to share your optimism. I really love kaka, and u might just be right that he is the Mr X. However, I’ll only hope he doesn’t become a flop like the return of sheva. That will really tarnish the image he already has with Milan in our memories, and that I don’t want. Let us have Montolivio.


against galatasaray, kaka created all kinds of problems for their defence………….if he come she’ll hopefully be good…


Against Galatasaray, he was awful… I don’t know what game you were watching.


this news about aqua is too over.. remember he isn’t world class player, he’s just medioker player… if milan gets messi, fabregas or nasri you can write the progress news about them…


Ignore PIB all

he’s full of ****


Im starting to believe Pato Is Brilliant. Kaka is everywhere in the Italian news right now. Apparently he told Galliani he is willing to take a pay cut of 40 percent to re join milan. Galliani is leaving it up to Berlusconi. Pato You may be right my friend. I wouldnt mind KAKA back at all. Form is temporary Class is permanent. I know he is up there in a age and injured a lot. But he can teach our youngsters as well. PLus i really dont think he ever played with his heart in Madrid. Thats jus my opinion… Read more »

Abdulkarim Abbas

Wee neeed to signn montolivoo or erikson as our me.x as i was just thinking wee need a bit more. it makes me sad as i was hoping for more than just aquilani(desite me being happy with us signing him) i thought he was one of our 2 big signngs. I wish we can sign montolivoo as a traquestaa but i am being honestt its hard to see any pne coming with in the last 56 hours of the transfer market. there is still a bit of hope since galliani said he will not reveil the player untill august 29… Read more »


if by any chance another signing is going to happen… i wish its montolivo…damm it just pay the 10 mill… he is worth more than that


Gallani our mr X is simply X kaka… We need him back, because all d old players should leave next summer, so that kaka will remained the 30. Do dat now is 3 days left… Forza milan!!! Rossoneri 4 life


Sign Kaka to mentor young talents? More like what will happen if he comes (and he’s not), our young talents will get no playing time and then get sent out. We would not sign Ganso, Eriksen, or anyone else if Kaka comes. Kaka’s wage is huge. Ignore Mr PIB. Mr X is NOT Kaka. We don’t need him. Mr X should have been someone young below the age of 25. But I doubt we will sign anyone else now. Afterall, I hear that Perez rejected PSG’s offer of 25 million saying it’s not enough. The shocker is that Perez values… Read more »


BTW, I welcome Aquilani… and wish him the best.


I welcome Aquilani as well, but I am a bit skeptical about him. Hopefully he will prove my doubts wrong and perform awesomely. He is a good player but needs confidence. Allegri and his new team mates can provide him just that.
Forza Aquilani Forza Milan.


i also think Mr.X is not Kaka, but someone from the EPL. But if Kaka was to take a huge pay cut and cost us very little on the transfer I would not mind, him coming back. After all it is Kaka he can do wonders. And our medical team is far superior than Madrid’s, we can fix him up in no time.


Currently and without a proper playmaker maybe we should try the formation 4 3 3
mid trio: KVB MVB aqu
forward trio: Pato ibra binho
as its better for boateng aqua binho and el shaarawy
but seriously guys we can beat barca but we desperetly need GANSO the best player we can have with great vision and long passing accurancy

Elegbede hakeem.

Signing acquilani is a good news 4 we fans and good boost 4 for milan 2 be able 2 compete in both europe and italy.I wish him all the best 4 the rest of his stay at milan.


ask any real football fan. Alberto Aquilani is worldclass! premier is just not 4 every1,i just feel like its mostly 4 footballin slaves
Its just sad, if we knew we’d be facin Barca I know we wlda obtained Schwenie by all means.picturin a midfield of cdorf10-aqui14-schwenie31 wit the world best defenders backin them Bacelona probably fry in hell


ask a real football fan. Alberto Aquilani is worldclass! premier lge is just not 4 every1,i just blieve its mostly 4 footballin slaves
Its sad, if we knew we’d be facin Barca I know we wlda obtained Schwenie by all means.picturin a midfield of cdorf10-aqui14-schwenie31 wit the world best defenders backin them Bacelona probably fry in hell


If Galliani says Milan’s transfer market is closed, I kinda believe him, but wasn’t it Berlusconi who splashed cash last season on Ibra and Robinho? I’m pretty sure he will do the same again, since this is the last year he can do that. Imo if we get any good midfielder with good vision, we’ll be on par with barca, if not better.


Binho flopped at man city..came 2 milan..won a title…ibra didnt suit barca’s system..came 2 milan..won a title..boetang at portsmouth got relegated..came 2 milan..won a title…so y cnt we believe aqua cud do da same if he was a flop? MAD RESPECT 4 FESTER & ALLEGRI..i hope eden hazard = MR X..he can play bth sides..we gt barca 1st cl game wat mre u wnt


I just wish 29th should come now and see the golden mr x. To me i don’t like aqua but wish to force me to like him by supplying good passes,avoid injuries,perform brilliantly.

fatai owotutu

welcome aquillani to milan wish best of luck,take us on and prove ur worth to the world dat u deserve to be in milan forza.i think mr x should be at the of 19-25 and wit great vision


Aqua is world class?? Hahaha… Give me a answer and tell me when aqua bring roma and liverpool became champion at serie a or premier league… He’s just only medioker player… And Milan gets him because this transfer can make sense to milan… Nothing special…


Can’t wait to see clash againts Juve. While Pirlo vs Aquilani. Just like a swap