Official: Paloschi joins Chievo on loan


ALBERTO PALOSCHI will spend at least the next season at Chievo.

The Italian striker re-joined Milan this summer after spells at Parma and Genoa but the 21-year-old striker moves on as he seeks first team playing time, something that at Milan he would have barely given.

Adriano Galliani said at the start of the summer that Paloschi won’t leave Milan, but Chievo have come forward and on Monday an agreement was reached between the sides for the Rossoneri youth product.

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“A.C. Milan announces that it has sold, on loan with the right to buy him on a co-ownership basis, the striker Alberto Paloschi to Chievo Verona,” a statement on Milan’s official site reads on Monday evening.

We wish the Italy U21 man the best of luck at Chievo!

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Pete Acquaviva

The Patos are really annoying.


What have you think?
It’s not a trouble. Inzaghi with us this year. Paloschi got some pain and gain and suffer with him. Why hi should stay? He get playtime with another club, and return if Inzaghi retires.

Pato Is Brilliant

Pete, why are we annoying? Just because we are posting the truth here and sharing the current affairs. Atleat we are not using vulgar language or insulting and bashing other fans here violently.

MAmi el Negro

Lol pato is not that Brilliant, the guy is so injury prone, he never had a great season with us. I prefer Sheva over him. Pato can be great when he is injury free thats all. We need Paloschi, this is so stupid!


um… Paloschi is injury prone too. lmao.


ur not posting the truth about current affairs. you post bullsh*t you find on twitter… you say “breaking news” when it isn’t even reported in the italian media… you make stuff up, chavo…

milanista 007

guys from my opinion pato is brilliant and pato are the same guy.that guy dont have a life or any friends so he has multiple accounts in here saying stuff like oh thx pato i love u and then reply oh thx man i love u too.anws what i wanted to say is that, my fellow milqn fans dont forget that galliani said that we had a transfer budget equal to 50M he is gonna do his magic and buy us two incredible miedfielders and not a 29 year old brazilian with bad knees


Agreed, I think the Patos are the same bloke…it’s clear now, one of them doesn’t have a real friend at all, so he decided to create an imaginary gay friend(s) and posting utterly bullshit news from his secret imaginary gay source. It’s very sad though…


man ill say this again, pato is brilliant doesnt post bs rumours, like the one about kaka and stuff, otherwise galliani wouldnt have had to deny it.


No not again! I thought he could be a star! It just the same story again no roam for youngstar unless or until you are a red hot youngstar from brazil or anothe planet 🙁 …good luck to Paloschii.. Forza Milan!!!


Guys guys. According to my hidden source,aka Twitter, we are bringing in an amazing player this January. He will be finished by December. Yes, he will be finished, meaning he is a robot manufactured by Beru’s secret government funded labs. When Kaka was here, we had him do secret DNA testings to create another Kaka…and it has happened. It will come in January. Believe it or not, but I only tell the truth, as my secret source called journalists are always correct. Sorry though, I can’t name the journalists as I gave them a pact of confidentiality, so I can’t… Read more »


i have secret twitter info that Obama had affair with Oprah… i can’t tell my sources because it’s super classified confidential! i also have info that one of our players is gay… ooohhh… can’t say who cause it is private confidential info on da twitter…

lmao… i’m kidding too… lol.

yeah, I agree … lets get back to sanity.

what happens is what happens…


Milanista.. let it slide brotha. 🙂

It just seems like passion taken the wrong way. You know, things can be more tantalizing when you don’t have all the deets… and that seems like the direction uncle fester is taking the whole mercato.

There are many (sane) Milanisti here…so let’s keep our fandom mature (i.e. ignore the many Patos instead of fueling them).

This is gonna be a great season!!!


milanista 007

loooool gr8 one bro


Casano,inzhagi are useless..

Pato Is Brilliant

In January we are getting Ganso. The deal is already done. Now we will not be able to read that entire Ganso transfer saga again again. He is not going to Porto. He will join Milan in winter market.

Pete Acquaviva

Here, I wrote this a few hours ago in the Cassano article but I guess you didn’t see it. Here’s why the deal with Ganso (despite your “sources” aka twitter aka idiots making observations and speculations with no regulation) is NOT done. There’s another half of the season for Ganso to raise his value. Santos have his word he’s not going to leave (which he will probably keep), and therefore he will only improve with time, not decay, he’s 21 going on 22. If they sign an agreement for 22M, which first off is a great deal for us (go… Read more »


wishful thinking.

Pato Is Brilliant

Oh please shut up Milanista.

milanista 007

no u shut up pato i think we r all here tured of yr gay sources and ur gay fake accounts just leave this bllg already.


Guys plz calm down isn’t this blog to allow us MILANISTA’S to communicate and share ideas plz i believe that any Milan fan won’t be ok with saying such bad world against his brother(in the football world) i mean we should have good relationships with each other and unite under at least the thought that we need milan on the top of the world

milanista 007

tired* blog*

milanista 007

i like u but u see our “friend” here pato is brilliant has been publishing bullshit over and over for the past month .we are all tired of his “sources “that turned out in the end to be twitter.


you have all the right not to believe what anybody is saying but isn’t his right two to state his opinion i mean this is a blog isn’t it and his comments dont say any bad thing about the club but if u r annoyed ask him gently to stop


Ask him gently? hahaha, do you actually believe that kind of douche would stop spreading disease by gently request?

Anyway, isn’t that common thing to have disagreements in one big family? so yeah, bad words are ok and good words are cool too, it’s our call then.

Lady gaga

I see no reason why y’all will be dissing each other…fu*k it… jst gona miss my lil Palo(21)..anyway,wishn u da very best of luck boi

milanista 007

we did…many times but nothing he is like mr.knows it all .I will respect this guy only if kaka is signed on the 18th of august and milan sign fabregas(that’s what he has been saying)

milanista 007

agree with u 100%(enkel)


that the spirit of actual MILAN FANS.FORZA MILAN


If cassano is leaving he is leaving to florence as gilardinho is going to Genea


kaka on the 18th and fubregus 29th

Pete Acquaviva

Please for the love of God, if you’re going to continue talking about Cesc will you please call him FABREGAS not FUBREGUS

Although it does make me laugh trying to read it in your voice.

Aqua Man

fuk fabregas man to expensive. De rossi for cm boateng rm. Montolivo lm n robinho amf till january n get ganso. N maybe aquilani for bench super sub. Or as im hearing kaka for a low price.

Pato Is Brilliant

Allright then. What if I am right? What if Kaka and Fabregas are Milan players at the end of this month? What will you guys say by then?

Honestly, the way most of you guys treat me here, I feel like I am an merda interfan. But nevermind, we are all Milanfans and we should try to respect each other opinions.

But one thing is damn sure. This is the most hostile Milan blog ever! There are some fans here who sometimes gets so angry that they would like to kill the guy whom they disagree. 🙂

Pete Acquaviva

If you’re right, then you can feel good about yourself. I’d hope you would anyway. The reason you encounter hostility on this blog is because you claim speculation as facts, you also spammed your opinion on every single topic, and often posted literally the exact same thing in muiltiple places. You write BREAKING NEWS when there isn’t breaking news. It’s just breaking speculation. Trust me, if you were an Inter fan, everyone would be far more hostile. What people don’t like is being told things by their peers who claim authority based on secret sources (which are then found out… Read more »


the pint is not that we don’t think that Fabregas or Kaka won’t come to Milan . . It is just annoying to read your “Breaking News” comments all the time . . that aren’t confirmed on any site or blog


Lets stop arguing. Nobody has inside info on what’s going on. Kaka nor fabregas are going to join milan.

But we will have to see.

I think that some guys here need to stop making such big bold statements. you don’t know what’s gonna happen until it happens.

knowing what some reporter says proves nada… sigue sigue sigue… we’ll have to see. por favor… lets quiet down until something happens and not go for each others neck…

Pato Is Brilliant

Heheh lol. Okay lets wait and see.

Ane Milanisti

Ok guys, i like ur info so much..:)
But, how obout lucas biglia?
yesterday, you said that milan had singed him for 8M??
so, in January we’ll have 4 new midfielders??
Please, be cleared!

Forza Milan! Forza Pato!


milan didn’t sign lucas biglia. it’s just another rumor that pato is brilliant exaggerated. once again.


I’m pretty surprised by this. I figured that if Cassano left, it would create an excellent situation for Paloschi to see the field this season. However, I’m not the coach and perhaps the staff has seen something we have not.

I would have liked to see him play for Milan this season, but if this opportunity allows him to improve as a player and come back ready to contribute next season, then I’m excited about it.


De Rossi Or Montolivo please please!

Andriy Shevchenko

Ok you two rossonero23 and rossonero26 stop it don’t attack pato is briliant.Bringing Ibrahimovic for 24 milions and his transfer in Barca was around 70 milions was Sci Fi last season so what Galliani did?Kaka has to big wages for bench player and not even Real can afford that luxury so what’s unreal in bringing him back for 11 m?We know that Real sell many of his high paided aqusitions for small price.


I have seen Kaka during pre season. He is not like he used to be before. Anyway, hope he can recover his forms back. Forza Milan.

Andriy Shevchenko

And why does Barca need Fabregas when they have Alcantra?Galliani said that Mister X was ”playing” in Italy,1.83 height and it’s upcoming prospect.What if Alcantra is Mister X (born italian,hot prospect…).?There is no place for Fabregas and Alcantra one can’t play so l guess that is why we are waiting for 31.8.

Pete Acquaviva

Because he extended his contract with Barcelona this summer, and added an 80M buyout clause. That’s why.


kaka is a player in the past. he’s not like what he used to be. we acn get somebody better. Alcantara doesn’t play in Italy lmao. He plays for Barcelona.


patience people, patience


BREAKING NEWS: Milan SIGNED Messi for only 12m!!


Calm down u both rossonero23 and 26.
People can’t write down their opinions, just don’t be too harsh pleasee..

We are all milan fans,as I remember it LOL

Well guys, once again. Nothing is impossible nowadays in modern football,the only thing that exists, is the dumb transfer strategy, and the smart one.

Oh come on brother! Be patient to wait and no need to bash one and another.
Fore me, I am still hoping schweini to come! Noone know and no one knows what’s going on,right?

Tell me some facts,if u are convinced, and tell me where’s the source!


I mean “people can write down their opinions…”

Sorry for mistake and can’t edit it since I used to online from my blackberry


People can write ‘opinions’ not spread false rumours


Pato, ibra, robinho, inzaghi, cassano, elsharawy…No tell me where would paloschi fit in the picture?
And who knows, elsharawy might just suprise everyone, I mean there must be a reason we paid 10mil for half his card…?! Be patient, have faith in the club’s project and stratergies…We are milan, so back the plan! Forza


world class midfielders!! where are they????

hopefully raiola can get either fabregas or modric…


Love you nick, Pato is brilliant, dubebe, ryan, rossonero26, milan22 and the rest of you
Please dont throw ur frustration on your fellow fan.
United is the only way we can stand. Let be unite


Kaka and Fabregas, both will arrives in August 29?!

well, let’s see if information from Pato is Brilliant was right or wrong!

However, honestly I still hope Milan will bring Montolivo this summer.

Pato Is Brilliant

Allright. I am waiting. I am patient.