Seedorf: “Watch out for Eto’o and Sneijder”


CLARENCE SEEDORF believes these are the most dangerous Inter men.

Preparations are all over and there is only wait right now as AC Milan and Inter both finished their last training sessions few hours ago and the Rossoneri and the Nerazzurri players rest ahead of the match.

Milan midfielder Clarence Seedorf feels ready but knows that Inter have some top class players to watch out for. The Dutchman, who turns 36 in the month of April, spoke in today’s press conference in Beijing.

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“I hope to keep on winning with this team. It’s true that I also played with Inter in my career, but Milan have given me so much in the last few years. We should be focused on our own characteristics and work on them. I feel good. I watch what I eat and my strength comes from the motivation that I still have within me.

“Who would we remove from Inter tomorrow evening? Obviously [striker Samuel] Eto’o and [midfielder Wesley] Sneijder. They are fantastic players and at any moment can change the outcome of a match. It doesn’t make any difference how many times Gasperini has tried him out in central midfield or in the hole behind the strikers. Wes can play anywhere on the pitch: in Holland we learn these things when we’re kids.”

Adriano Galliani has claimed that Italian football is in decline, but Seedorf believes that “Italy has some fantastic players and when I talk to players abroad” and that “Our football has a special attractiveness.”

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Seedorf should come on at some point in that game.


Seedorf should START….we need creativity in Midfield not only DMs

slow or watever he’s a better choice for LCM than anyone lese


yea that’s true but Gasperini 3-4-3 doesnt suit Sneijder and Eto aint happy with him either
i see Milan winning 2-0

Forza Milan


There are reports that Galliani meets Florentino Perez for Kaka….:/ cant say i’m happy about this….cant even say i dont want this…..


ya i saw it on too. but other reports suggest its bout lassana diarra

Rossoneri Sweden

lass will alos be good its not like or midfild can be worse


i feel the same way. not happy, but not disappointed at the same time. just depends on how much we would pay for him as he would be good for now but who knows what will happen a year or two down the road…

Rossoneri Sweden

when do the supercup start in sweden (GMT+1)

Pato Is Brilliant

@ Ryan, I told you man. Kaka will come for sure. I have been saying this for 2 months now.

Pato Is Brilliant

Why would Milan buy a defensive midfielder when already they have got plenty of them.

Kaka was the subject of their meeting, Galliani had also meetings with his agent like five times this summer.

I am glad how the things are going, Kaka is more than welcome here. Pato and Ibra would recieve killer passes!

Forza Milan and Viva Kaka!


because our defensive midfielders are old..except for flamini…

maybe we’re getting ronaldo!… oh, who am i kidding

Pato Is Brilliant

Pato is Brilliant: “Watch Out Milanfans! Kaka is coming!”

Mr Goph

Ricardo isakson Dos santos Liete aka KAKA. With kaka, ibra, pato, robinho, monty, cassano, silva, abate, ganso, kpb, aquilani, taiwo, El shawaary, merkel, valoti, verdi and urby at milan in 2013 we will single handedly take serie A back to the top as barca is doing 4 la liga. FORZA MILAN

Abdulkarim Abbas

kaka is getting to oldd and should not be bbought

Abdulkarim Abbas

Hope u have a gd season seedorf


Seedorf might be correct about the players. Most players do want to play in the Serie A, BUT NOBODY wants to watch the Serie A. The fields are horrible. The stadiums are horrible. Because of that, the teams barely have any air time outside the Italian channels. Its not helping that Italian youngsters are not playing first team football either.

But remember guys…you can change your car. You can change your underpants.But you can never, ever change your team.

Pato Is Brilliant

Abdulkarim, Kaka would be coming on loan. Just like Ibra.

Abdulkarim Abbas

but only on loan would be enough not to buy him

Sohel loves Shama

I think its Xavi Alonso…
1.83 metre, Rough hair, plays like Pirlo, he played as left midfielder in a few games in Madrid…nd he doesnt like Mourinho…what do u guyz think

Milan 4 Barca 0

come back home kaka. theres an old saying in sport. form is temporary but class is permanent. I hate it wen people say he is too old. Maldini was 37 i think wen we won it in 2007. At least in midfield he will have protection all over the field, not forgetting milanello were he will get all the rehabilitation that he needs.


come back home kaka………………….!

Pato Is Brilliant

Kaka will come back. We Milanfans will see! And yeah Galliani is gonna bring him on loan. Forza Milan.