Didac attacks: “Allegri never had faith in me”


DIDAC VILA has attacked Coach Massimiliano Allegri: “I was never part of his plans.”

AC Milan brought Didac Vila in January from Spanish side Espanyol, but he was only given one chance to show his worth, in the final day of the last season against Udinese after everything was already settled.

Vila will be spending the next season on loan back in his home club. Speaking to Sport.es, the 22-year-old left back has spoken about his experience in Italy, saying he felt as if he never part of Milan’s plans.

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“My first experience in Italy did not go well at all,” Didac said. “The problem was not the lack of play. The coach never had faith in me, I was not part of his his plans from the beginning, which is not normal.”

Didac may have not liked the way Allegri treated him, but he’s fond of Adriano Galliani, who brought him.

“[Vice President and CEO] Galliani is a myth, he’s a very quiet person, who had great confidence in me. I was always told to be patient,” the player said. “My relationship with him, and his son, is very good.”

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Sorry to hear that didac, Come back next season stronger than ever. And allegri must start using kids

miguel sensacion

Well IMO this was to be expected. Although this is not a very professional way to voice your displeasure especially with a “World Class Club”. These statements will oly hurt you in the future. If you play good @ Espanyol, I could see a sale that would make a profit for A.C Milan. The we could use the money elsewhere. We have talent in our youth system @ that position in DeVito… Note to you Didac Vila : Don’t bash the club who owns you unless you want to leave. Alegri is our coach and a huge part of our… Read more »

miguel sensacion

He’s On Twitter also .. @didacvila


He never bashed the club he just bashed Allegri he seems to like Galliani though!


I agree,Allegri treated bad Didac and Sokratis last year..
I believe the lads could have contributed more…


Sorry to say dude but you weren’t good enough. It’s that simple. Your signing still to this day confuse me as well as Montelongo, Leandro Grimi,and Dominic Adiyiah.

You are all not Milan quality, its that simple!


Oh Fuck Off Didac only played one match for use ONE STINKING MATCH and he already PWNED Antonini.


Didac not good enough?? he played very well for Spain in U-23 world cup and was one of the best players. and you think Antonini is good enough??


I kinda want to see more of Montelongo, call it strange but I think he could offer good minutes in Cup matches or times when the starting XI has been through a long stretch. The matches he played over the winter break last season, he was menacing. If he rebounds from that bad injury I wouldn’t mind seeing a bit more of him.

Lady gaga

Didac villa assisted the first goal in d under17 world cup final b4 Thiago score the second…this guy is good but i see no reason all Allegri decide to loan him and sell “papa”…
Dear allegri,u need to sell Oddo,Bonera and Antonini coz i dont see their usefulness in the team….SORRY kid,next season at milan will defintely be ur season at milan…..PLS MAKE SURE U DO WELL AT ESPANYOL and learn ow to mark out plays like messi,lorente,benzema etc….. Goodluck boy


I just wish not to see any more of these bad signing anymore espacially with el shaarawy

Andriy Shevchenko

Add Wilshere to Mr.X list he is young and he got great potential besides Mino Raiola was seen in London Bale,Balotelli and Wilshere are only players that rings in my mind.


DidC WILL PLAY NEXT SEASON. No worries Didac. Focus on being the best.


People!! Didac is on loan. Espanyol do not have the option to buy Didac. He is not for sale. Last season everything was set on winning the lo Scudetto. This season on CL. Didac is 22 years old and will have 10 years of playing time in Milan.


I have to agree with him, he should’ve played in copa italia at least…

Shev Johannesburg

He never got a chance even when antonini was awfull


Thats true… Allegri in defence preferred to play antonini,bonera,oddo etc than give chances to younger players like villa or Sokratis,even though they didnt play well..
On the other hand,he did give chances to midfielders such us merkel and strasser,and they did really well..

Just cant understand what was in his mind (in that particullar issue..I dont think he is a bad coach overall)


FFS I really feel sorry for you Vila you would of been Much better then that piece of shit Antonini Allegri what the hell is wrong with you!


to defend allegri didac came from la liga and he is like 21… he needed to adapt.

diidac shoulda kept this rant till next season IF we never got him back… now he kinda deflated all hope saying that to our coach, and no milan player ever bashes their coach, except gattuso, and he had every right to.

Mr Goph

This guy knows he’s just on loan right? Bashing Big Max when he knows he’s still coming back. Didac will rust on the bench when he returns next year. FORZA MILAN


Allegri is useless, terrible tactics and selection in the Champions League, only won Serie A because the team was vastly improved and Inter had weakened losing Mourinho and Balotelli and from what I hear Abate’s transformation was mainly down to Tassoti.

Abdulkarim Abbas

ur useless allegri is a suberb coach and has gd tactics piss off


i like Didac coz is a good play for milan…


hmmm..why loan him back to espanyol if he needs to adapt to italian football. reminds me of when we signed that young gremio right back not too long along


allegri is a joke.


He will be a descent player in few years and we will bring him back or sell him to get a return.

On side note rest in peace Andrea Pazzagli


Didac is young, he lacks of experience playing in Italy, and he needs time to blend in to the squad style of play, so it doesnt surprised me that Allegri eager to play him.

I hope you will get mature and stronger next season, Didac.



FFS He’s better then Antonini Nuff Said!


how can allegri play antonini instead of urby or didac villa. I seriously cant believe dis. Antonini has to b the worst lb in seria a. He doesnt even play for italy for god sake allegri wats wrong wit u. Hope taiwo gets betta n stronger. But i still think criscito or cissoko would hav been the better option. But we go for the cheap players. Woo. Yer right. Just get rid of antonini, bonera, oddo, yepes. N get taloi/lovren/kjaar 4 cb, n dats it. Man seriously cant stand these useless players. Go to samp or udine som fukn shit… Read more »

Yehez Kiel

you dont know what your talking about! urby cant play at lb! well he CAN, but hes no better than antonini at that position.. which is why he is pushed forward to the midfield..


hahaha what did the kid expect? he only came to Milan to help Raoila’s wallet.


It seems like Milan tries to invest in Future stars but without giving them chance there is no point to buy them. it is that simple. Oddo, Antonini, Bonera, Ambrosini`s time was up 3 years ago not now. Milan couldn`t do anything with players like Bonera, Oddo, Zambrotta, Antonini, Janku, Ambrosini 3 years ago with Carlo…. If the buy young players like Emanuelson, didac, Papa then better to use them…….other teams like Palermo, Udinese has faith in players like Pastore, or Sanchez and it benefits…If these huys come to milan Pastore would never ever play he would warm the bench… Read more »

Andriy Shevchenko

I was allways for Rijjkard or Van Basten because l belive that they would give our youth players more playing time.


Rijkaard? Yes
Van Basten? Hell No! Van Basten sucks as Manager!