Highlights: Bayern Munich 1-1 AC Milan (5-3 on pens)


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Where’s the battle between Nesta and Gomez in the start of the match – I found it quite funny 🙂


Well except for Paloschi..all the penalty takers were Brilliant

Abdulkarim Abbas

i must apologize to u all as it is my fault milan lost as i am bad luk wen it comes to penalties.
Milan- bayern
my soccer team 3 times

my solution to my soccer team was every time it reaxhed a penalty shootout i would leave the area and cme bak in 10 min

for milan i will leave the room in penaltiess and cme bak wen its over.

Sorry to all of u i wanted to leave the room but thought i should just watch this shoot – out hoping we would win

AC Milanooooo

Is it just me or did milan do absolutely nothing after Ibra’s goal. Cassano was a digrace it’s time for him to go. Galiani needs to realize this milan team is NOT complete(as he continues to tell evryone). We need some midfield reinforcements!!!!!


Maybe Milan gave up the match in some sort of a secret agreement to sign Bastian Schweinsteiger just a thought


I’m gonna say this again THIS WAS JUST A FUCKING FRIENDLY STOP ACTING LIKE WE LOST SOME BIG MATCH……Seriously….stop acting like Arsenal fans who care way too much about little things..

If we buy 2 Mids (one AM and one CM/LCM) we’ll be fine….


i knew paloshi would screw up when he walked to the penalty spot. matri is much better, not only because he missed a penalty in a friendly match. Its the principal.

Paloshi is just astri. Stupid milan fan wants them back just because they’re young. They have much to learn.


Gave up the match? IN PENS? Stupidest thing I ever heard considering it’s the pretty pointless Audi Cup there is not much for Bayern to gain. If this was CL I would maybe entertain the idea,but absolutely that is not the case.


stop thinking all negative….


Relax guys,this is only friendly match..we still got plenty of time to take cover all the weakness that we got..i agree we are lack of creative midfield,seems like monty ,fabregas or bastian would perfect…in this match i just thinking what is gattuso doing??he always like to playing around without his target or mission,it just useless..


I think we don’t have much to worry about, the defeat will just allow us strengthen our weaknesses.


this is a fucking disgrace and i hope galliani wakes up. we dont have a attacking midfielder lets face boateng is a piece of shit behind ibra and pato i threw up watching him there. we should play a 4-3-1-2. i really hope fabregas isnt a rumour because if we are going to win the fucking champions league we need a spark. the midfield in our team is a disgrace. sell gattuso before he is worthless he ruins the fluidity of our team. my formation and guaranteed complete team to compete in europe. abbiati abate nesta silva taiwo monty fabregas… Read more »


Think you used the F word enough to demonstrate that you have no point and no understanding of football? bravo. when I use it, it’s to make a point. not rant.

Berlusconi is the best one to keep funding the team. your formation is silly too. No defensive midfielder? We’ll get destroyed playing that formation on the counter.


Well get raped in Midfield with that kind of MIdfield + we need a Leader like Van Bommel in there we are not gonna become like Real Madrid who have no leader after selling Raul and that’s why they suck and don’t have that same feeling anymore!


OMFG people its the end of the world because we lost a fucking FRIENDLY GAME (After just a week or so of training) in penalties to Bayern! … oh my fucking god…

go cry me a river.


Paloschi is a piece of shit,,,i never like this guy..he was not playing football..he just running..and so did boateng,,,,sell Paloschi to get montolivo..


You’re an Idiot Paloschi didn’t even have a chance to touch the ball becuz our midfield sucked!

Uwem peters

Calm down guys,it’s nt something 2 hit d nail on d head,it’s just our second pre-season,had it been we had an easy ride over Bayern,we would av probably go back & relax thinking we are complete,but now it shows we av a lot of work 2 done in our team,remember dis hw it was in pre-season match Barca v Malin b4 we make 2 signing Ibra & Robinho,no creative midfielder,Bonera was no way 2 be found,let uncle G.do something now b4 it too late,MILAN TILL I DIE

Pato Is Brilliant

Abbiati is bad when it come in saving plenty strikes. He cant even read or guess any one of them.

Anyways do not worry guys. This was just a friendly game and our players were not playing up to their full potential.

I hope Galliani say, “I will not leave Munich without Swchienstiger”! He really is a brilliant midfielder. Forza Milan!


We give away the penalty in other to bastian scwentiger, if u remember last year will give away penalty to barcelona in other to sign ibrahimovic, which is with us now.


We give away the penalty in other to sign bastian scwentiger, if u remember last year will give away penalty to barcelona in other to sign ibrahimovic, which is with us now.


We lost casmerio who supposed to be our next big thing TOO BAD


, h@s he gone to inter? Fuck!


Well only his signture is missing and he will be official on the blacklist

Yehez Kiel

its BS how people blame galliani / allegri for losing a F*CKING friendly! but ofcourse we werent good cause bayern had all the possesion.. we really need a new midfielder!


Monty is definitly needed to add new blood to the mid but also a player that can actually pass the ball to make some threat on our opponent goal like a pre finishing touch an assister in other words to perform the role that is exhausting our strikers so that they wont have to go back and build up the play and then finish it themselves

Pato Is Brilliant

Abdulkarim – Hahahaha – it isnt your fault why Milan lost! Dont blame yourself.

Abdulkarim Abbas

thank u buddy like i said before u r my favorit commentor in this site


ok guys its fineee its just a friendly 🙂 dont worry we will lose 10-0 against barca but you know what….its still a friendly….WTF……….pre-season solidify teams….pre season shows whether we will be able to compete in europe or not……we were a joke and if your all going to convince yourselves that we are fine, we might as well declare ourselves out of CL. arrigo sacchi’s milan shits on this milan, up to you if you think were complete i personally thing a player who is actually a natural central attacking midfielder should come and montolivo. if were done in the… Read more »


last year the left back position was our weakest link but we still managed to make it work out thankfully to our beastly center backs and WE WOKE UP AND REALISED THIS SO WE WENT OUT AND SIGNED TAIWO….i dont see the difference between the tarquista position…..we had ronaldinho honestly he was our best CAM after kaka but theyre both gone now. sooo…boateng? NO robinho? NO they are not meant to be there why is everyone so delusional, its our weakest link and a fix up would guarantee us success someone who can get the ball to ibra and pato’s… Read more »


Ronaldinho sucked as a AM….he did well as a LW though…only for a year though. then he went to shit.

Abdulkarim Abbas

yaa ur right the diavolaa guy is goin crazy for no reason. he does not realize this is mila inus mr x


Abbiati makes the kind of wonderful unexpected saves but allows silly balls in moreso,we all know Amelia is better in penalty & should av bn introduced @ 87th mins.Abbiati sucks @ pens.


im going crazy because im tired of just hoping and praying like all milan fans. just watch if we dont get another signing other than ronaldinho. alright @abdulkarim? since 2007 ive been waiting, the scudetto isnt enough. no where near infact