Dunga: “Ganso could be the heir of Pirlo at Milan”


PAULO HENRIQUE GANSO is the ideal successor of Andrea Pirlo, Carlos Dunga thinks.

The saga of Paulo Henrique Ganso, 21-year-old of Santos FC, does not seem to be even near ending, as the white smoke has not arrived despite the new quotes and statements that are always coming up.

Former Brazil coach, Carlos Dunga, believes that Ganso lacks pace in order to succeed in a league like the Italian, especially in his natural role, and he suggests that Ganso would be better as a regista.

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“Ganso can’t play as a No 10 in Italy. He doesn’t have the speed to play in that part of the pitch,” the former Fiorentina defensive midfielder is quoted as saying on Sunday’s edition of La Gazzetta dello Sport.

“He could play as a regista in Serie A. He could be the ideal heir to Pirlo at Milan. Ganso sees what normal players don’t. He isn’t quick, but he makes the ball run quickly.” Ganso usually plays as a trequartista.

In that interview, Dunga also said that Lucas Silva is like Kaka and Casemiro like Daniele De Rossi.

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Gabriel Milan

Yes Dunga, I think so


Hahahahahahahahhaha Ganso would get eaten alive as Regista and we would have to Play 2 DM’s to protect him(which i dont think is what Allegri wants).Nice try Dunga go and study some more about coaching XD!


If what we saw in #ca2011 then I am not convinced ganso will fit at any position with Milan.
Was not impressed.


But nothing ancelotti


Thank you dunga…well said!!


bring bak kaka or get pastore even nasri. 1 of them 2 play the amf role, sell cassano if we get 1 of them hes not needed, n montolivo 2 play lm role, n put boateng rm role. We need new fukn players. Im so fukn sik of dis shit. Just spend some fukn money. Cheap arses.


Then go support Real Merda fucking piece of shit.Also you idiots saying “Well said Dunga” are you fucking Morons Ganso would get eaten alive in that Position he has no defensive skills we would have to play Van Bommel/Ambro and Gattuso to Protect him.Ganso would best play as LCM not Regista.

Pato Is Brilliant

Oh for God sake Dunga, shut up.

Andriy Shevchenko

Fernando Gago


yes thank u so much i have been trying to say this for ages GAGO IS AMAZING and he a very stable player like pirlo with great passiing and presence… i think we could also try and get keita for barca if they get fabregas


yeah dunga, you want to destroy ganso in that mode while you destroyed Ronaldinho!

Sohel Sharif

We should got for Casemiro thn


LOL Dunga is so Full of Shit XD!



Ganso is not the man to lead Milan


Ganso is a perfect No 10 in modern football he can assists our strikers with great passes exactly like ozil wilshire and xavi but with a powerful midfield found in Milan espacially if montilivo arrives he would be a huge success

It's Maqq

Ganso have great vision and creativity, the only thing he lacks is the speed. He will only get slower with time, speed is very essential for trequartista as it takes one moment of brilliance for a No.10 to beat the defenders and shoot a crucial goal like kaka did for so many years. I personally think we need someone with good acceleration and speed along with vision and creativity. Pastore is one good option!


A modern football has to be able to beat a man, clearly something Ganso lacks indeed!


Pastore better than Ganso and ideal replacement for Kaka! Get thos through ur heads


Pastore sucks and Ilicic is way better then him get this through your head.You said you watched Palermo but you didnt since if you did you would know who Ilicic is Nuff Said!


Dunga has a point. I would rather Ganso over Montolivo any day! Even though he had a poor tournament in the Copa, if Milan can get him at 15mil then great but I dont think he is worth the kind of money Santos wants.

At the club level Ganso can play but Milan can find other players who are young and more experienced at 35+mil.


ganso as regista. Lucas marcelinho/silva/moura as cam

Yehez Kiel

wow STFU morons! Dunga is right! Ganso would do well as regista, Boateng could be our new Gattuso and cover Ganso cause he has stamina and hustle.. remember that pirlo was a trequartista before ancelotti moved him to regista.


@Yehez Kiel…you are right! Pirlo played as a trequartista at Brescia and Inter prior to Ancelotti using him as a regista! Ganso may have the same impact as Pirlo at Milan! Good point!


Really dont see that happening! its like saying put kaka or pastore as a regista


Sometimes I feel like replying but the stupid comments prevent me from doing so.


I think Montolivo wil b ok 4 us


thank you mr dunga we milan realy need ganso to replace pirlo never mind the sluggishness mind you