Allegri: “A big name will replace Pirlo”


ANDREA PIRLO will be replaced with a superstar according to the Milan boss.

While Milan Vice President Adriano Galliani is playing games (“Mr. X may or may not arrive”), Coach Massimiliano Allegri is trying a little more direct approach, confirming an arrival of an important player.

Andrea Pirlo’s departure to Juventus on a Bosman transfer, left Milan with a lack of creativity in the midfield-three, and Milan have already suggested they will be signing a player with a similar qualities.

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Galliani: “We have found our Mister X, but…”

“I will now work with the players I have available, the squad is full,” the former Cagliari tactician told Milan Channel this week, and added: “Pirlo has gone so we have to replace him with a big name.”

The No. 1 candidate to arrive is Riccardo Montolivo of Fiorentina. Galliani has denied interest in the 26-year-old whose contract ends next summer, but all the media in Italy is certain that he’ll be the one.

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I hope Allegri trust


Come on…Name it!!!

Die hard milan fan

We need few new faces at milan……cos the sqaud has shown us what they are probably capable o… we need those players to boost the team…forza milan


Montolivi is not superstar


No one said superstar, just ‘big name’, and Montolivo is indeed a big name. I mean…it’s 9 letters!!!

Abdulkarim Abbas






i agree. i want schweini. maybe galliani will start talks wid bayern wen we play them.


Pastore plzzzzzz

Milan man

OMG…it’s still a mystery…???

Mr X just like “looking a needle in a haystack” for me…too many candidate, but (maybe) no one comes…:)

Lets see in august, I hope Milan boss still have much money to bring that MR X to Milanello.


montolivio is not even close to a big name!

shoaib rizwan

we should get monti as the replacement for pirlo
and buy pastore/ganso for cam



milan should also get a quality cb as long term replacement for nesta

Swedish Milanista

the 31 august we now the answer


I’m confident there’ll be a signing of a certain Mr.X but,what i’m surprised at is that the media are trying to claim Montolivo would be the Mr.X. Montolivo is a very good player but not the big name we are all expecting for the Mr.X that has been the major topic for discussion having several fans speculate and argue.We would love montolivo but we also hope for a big name.Forza Milan.


the media believes monty will not be the only signing though and we will also sign an AM.this is likely because berlu promised two superstrars, and galliani is just trying to mess with people.pastore is now the likely candidate for mr. x, according to the media.

Pato Is Brilliant

Swchienstiger maybe?


If That happens then l’d go wild wid happiness..Bastian is a Champ and plays better than Pirlo

Pato Is Brilliant

This Montolivo guy is not even capable of wearing Pirlo’s underwear lol! He is only a mediocre player really and its good that fans here realize that. 🙂


You don’t know what you’r saying as usual. Montolivo is a very good capable player, but he would just be another signing.

Abdulkarim Abbas

i think he is mr x and ganso will arrive in jan


Dudes, we are going to make a few brilliant signings this summer as well as in the winter, so next year we will fckng OWN everything!!! 😀


Hmm….Montolivo Please! he’ll be perfect here 😀

Princess jenifer

Better dan last post


The day Swchienstiger joins Milan is the Day Del Piero and Totti leaves Juve and Roma (not retire…LEAVES) (these were the only good examples in Italy i could think of)


montolivo is closer to a clown than a super star namn in football


Clown? As usual, you have NO idea what the hell you’re talkin about. Montolivo is a great player, he may not be a big name, but he is very similar to Pirlo in many aspects and is a very capable player even for milan.




Reports yesterday said milan already have an agreement wif Mr X and his club and that Mr X name has never be mentioned

Sohel Sharif

Why isn’t Montolivo isnt a big name??
He is better thn Pastore…may b evn Ganso at the moment…i like Ganso…he really is going to b nxt big thing…
This year Palermo played better just bcaz of Illicic…not overrated Pastore…


Agreed and i completely forgot about Illicic could that actually be our target i wonder!


it’s just like last summer when Ibra and Binho came to Milan. so, i believe the same thing would be happen when Mr. X (Schweiny or Cesc) and Monty came to Milan this summer.


Lets face it guyz. I love milan so so much. But this squard is not good enough to compete with madrid(contrao,ronaldo,sahin,kaka,ozil,maria,hinguain,ramos) or baca(sanchez,inesta,messi,villa,xavi) or the swiftness and pace of the wingers in man utd(+Young). These guys are not investing well. The mighty milan from (2000-2005) has fallen since the exit of kaka and sheva. Its nt easy to lift a mighty man. We will still win uefa but nt next year. Probably in 3yrs time. Let be realistic. FORZIA


Shut up you Troll you’re posting this in every article arent you!


yeah lol i agree, i remember reading this on some other article too:)


Cesc or Schweni! i am sure you’ll remember my words on september besides that Montolivo will also be rossonero