Tomorrow: Meeting about the future of Milan


NOT about the market.

Talks in the last days are that Milan will no longer by controlled by Fininvest, the company that holds Milan at the moment, following the Lodo Mondadori case and the €560 million fine the Berlusconi family got.

According to La Gazzetta dello Sport, Italy Prime Minister and Milan Patron Silvio Berlusconi will meet CEO Adriano Galliani and the chairwoman & daughter of Fininvest, Marina Berlusconi in his house tomorrow.

Report: Milan set for cash plus player bid for Montolivo
“Montolivo would be perfect for Milan”

Tomorrow they are expected to decide whether Milan will be an independent company or stay under the control of Fininvest. This operation would be difficult and it has many pros, but also many cons.

Galliani and Barbara Berlusconi both said before that Silvio will stay the owner of Milan whatever happens.

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It’ll be a tough decision to weigh what would be better. I think going as an independent company, however, has way many more pros then cons. I think it should be done. Regardless, we’ll see.


Hope the best decision for Milan.


hoping for the best :)!

Abdulkarim Abbas

hope for the best


i know SB#AG will make a good dcision 4 milan wel anyone is okay by me.

Pato Is Brilliant

I am not hoping, I am praying for the best! Lets all pray to Mighty God that whatever happens its in the interest and betterment of our beloved Milan.

dave asante

Milan would always be our Milan nomatter the decision taken. But am praying everything would be back to normal but with good signings to replace our vetrance.


D best we happèn, meanwhile we ar waitin 4 d big name..


Get to A̶̲̥̅ favourable conclusion for both parties taking into account all possible +ve & -ve effects.We are in support.