Ibrahimovic 2.0: An improved Zlatan is needed


ZLATAN IBRAHIMOVIC has to give a little more next year.

Ibrahimovic came from Barcelona in the last summer and already in his first year with the Black & Red shirt, he made the difference, turning them from second/third place material to Scudetto winners.

However, his great performances lasted only half a season. A buckled-down Ibrahimovic will help Milan to win the title also next season, as they start the 2011/2012 season as favourites for the championship.

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“I will not come back from Barcelona without Ibrahimovic,” said AC Milan Vice President Adriano Galliani last summer after denying on many occasions that he would be making a move for the Sweden – saying he’d be too expensive and negotiations will be very difficult. However, as you would expect from a transfer guru as Galliani, he pulled off a deal which sees Milan paying the European Champions €24 million in next installments. Ibrahimovic would come on a one-year loan with the Rossoneri reportedly obligated to buy him from Pep Guardiola’s side, that only a year before paid €46m + Samuel Eto’o for the player.

Ibra’s debut at Milan was not very successful as il Diavolo lost 2-0 to newly promoted side Cesena with “Ibracadabra” missing a penalty. But it was not too long before Ibrahimovic proved he was a good investment for Milan; he scored his debut goals against Auxerre in the Champions League and was without a doubt the No. 1 player on the pitch during the first half of the season – scoring and assisting – and there were talks that Milan will not be able to play without Ibrahimovic, as they became like Inter, not playing for each other but for Ibrahimovic; the press claimed Milan were too depended on him.

Comparisons to one of his history greatest, Mark Van Basten, started, but all Zlatan wanted is to sit back and relax a bit: “I feel very tired,” he said, “I’m burnt out”. Coach Massimiliano Allegri could not afford putting Ibrahimovic on the bench as every match was too important for Milan, who were running for the Scudetto.

Ibra started to lose his patience and was very tired and Milan felt it during the games as he was much less effective in the next months of the season; he scored only one goal during the month of February – a penalty kick against Napoli. Milan kept on winning, with random heroes like Gennaro Gattuso or Antonio Cassano scoring the winning goals and it was seen that the days of the Ibra-dependency were basically over. However, two tough games came afterwards and Milan nearly lost the first place of in Serie A.

Milan struggled against A.S. Bari, and nothing was going for the burnt out Ibra; he was mad, and got sent off for punching his opponent in the stomach. The disciplinary commission gave the player a three-match ban (which was later reduced to two games following a successful appeal). Galliani called the games against Bari and Palermo the worst moments of the season as Milan came to the derby with one point collected in two games, plus they were without Ibrahimovic. But, you all know what happened in that derby.

Ibra returned from his two-match ban on April 10, for the game against Fiorentina and he was the star of the match, but for the wrong reasons. Ibrahimovic was sent off again, for the second time in 2 matches.

The Milan fans started to dislike him and said he was not worth what Milan paid for him, but legendary Paolo Maldini thought that “Ibrahimovic is the current symbol of Milan.” Zlatan said before he moves away every few years because he does not want to be regarded a symbol or a legend at any particular club. Maldini sees a symbol in a guy that karate-kicks players as a sign of affection, but Ibra has yet to prove it to many fans who just wish him to stop yelling at others and play good football like he knows and loves to do.

We don’t even talk about his ineffectiveness in Champions League football, but Ibrahimovic has to prove to himself and Milan that he’s matured enough to play a whole season without getting suspended for silly things and even the excuse of tiredness is no longer available with Milan having 7 forwards.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic returns to training in two days, and he must do a little better… in everything.

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Perfect article! I agree with everything!!

Pato Is Brilliant

Ibra would deliver us the 20th league title for sure. But when it comes in Champions League, he definitely needs to improve. He is a born league champlon though!


We need to remember it was Ibra that hauled our asses for half a season to the scudetto top. We are self to blame for the strain we put on Ibra. Idiotic injuries on a dozen players is just not cutting it when fighting for CL or a scudetto. Ibra may have stupidly punched someone in the stomach but regardless of that he just being on the pitch electrifies the eagerness for everyone to perform at their peak efficiency.

With better training sessions and better midfielders we can go places.

We are AC Milan, we bow down for no team.


All fankx to PATINHO,who came to our rescue against Napoli and Almighty Inter milan…Uncle Ibrahimovic,i think u still need self control over urself…remember that we are all family,so therefore “dont spoil our reputation on the pitch”…..aw u guys doing 2day?…get well TS33 and PMexes5….


Ibra is a genious. You ca dislike him, but can’t ignore him. If you watch his goals, then you can see: at least half of the chances wouldn’t be a goal if it’s not him.
But self-discipline is needed, and a bit of more will in the CL.
And one more: we don’t depend on Ibra. He is great, but we’ll have Robinho, Cassano, El Shaaravy, Pato, Inzaghi and Paloschi along with him. So if he tired, then we have replacement. And Pato became true leader too in matches like against Napoli or Inter…


i don’t think is fare to blame Ibra for the CL lose aginst Spurs, I want to blame Pato, the guy have only scored two CL goals in his whole carier, Ibra did 4 in the grup this season, without him we would not have gone to the Spurs game. Pato is not so good many Milan fans want him to be, he is not a winner, Ibra is, he is not good i the Cl Ibra is way better, he is young but he need to stop get injurys every season, Pato should be more like Ibra, he don´t… Read more »


To the author of this article, shut up!!


Even when he’s not scoring, he’s making assists or important to build-up play in goals scored. I think people need to take that into account. He got a bit tired and frustrated till the end, but I think when we won the title he may have been very happy. And as far as Pato and injury problems, that’s what you have to deal with when a player is young. I don’t think anyone is saying Pato is better than Ibra. There is no question Ibra is the better player, but Pato is still very important to this team… I think… Read more »


Giancarlo, I couldn’t compare Pato to Ibra. They play in completely different style. I cant say which is best, but i’m sure they are among the best strikers on earth. We have one of the best defence (maybe the best) with T. Silva, Nesta, Mexes, Taiwo, Zambrotta and Abate. And one of the best (if not the best) offensive line in which Ibra takes important part. That’s it. That’s why we need more self-discipline from him. We can play without Ibrahimovic, but that’s less effective than with him.


I’m saying Ibra is the best overall, but Ibra also has been playing football longer… and Pato still needs time to develop as a player. I think he’s on the right path if he can stay fit and continue developing as a player. Pato is still a young player… and in a few years he should be fantastic.


imo ibra is the best 9 out there, pato is still young but he is amazing. i think part of ibras frustration was the fact that we didnt have a link (a good one) between midfield and attack and it made things harder for him


Link!!!!! You are so right.

Cien osud

Ibra is the most complete player in the world. No other striker has his eyes and understanding of the game. He is a King


With IBRA+PATO and a new link player,,, MILAN has the best offense in the world…


With IBRA+PATO and a new link player,,, MILAN will have the best offense in the world…


If № other player has his eyees,where do you put Inzaghi?


We all know without doubt Pato would have been the highest goal scorer if only he did stay fit,but his injuries didn’t allow it.And Inzaghi is still A̶̲̥̅ striker I respect anytime(Perfect positioning and run ins despite being quite on the offside most times).A̶̲̥̅ perfect striker is the one that proves he is to be feared in the front of goals & lives up to reputation.Mourinho said & I quote “Inzaghi is the only player I fear in Milan” and he was right to fear him coz when he came on,he proved the point by scoring A̶̲̥̅ brace to bring… Read more »


Is this freaking article a joke? “We don’t even talk about his ineffectiveness in Champions League football.” Don’t try to sound objective when you are clearly subjective. HIS ineffectiveness in the Champions League?! MILANS ineffectiveness is more like it. You can’t fu¤#ing celebrate him when he’s doing everything right and then turn your back on him when he’s not at his best. What about Pato? Robinho? and all of the other players in the team? Who scored the most goals for milan in the CL this year? Ibra. “Zlatan Ibrahimovic returns to training in two days, and he must do… Read more »