Pirlo: “10 years at Milan will not be forgotten easily”


ANDREA PIRLO believes Juventus are on a par with Milan and says he won’t forget the last 10 years.

One of Milan’s biggest symbols in the last decade has switched from Red & Black to White & Black after 10 years in which he won everything possible with the shirt of Milan, including 2 Champions League titles.

Pirlo has moved to Juventus, who are building a whole new side which is believed to compete for the Scudetto next season but Andrea says he won’t forget his time with il Diavolo so quickly.

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“I spent a decade with Milan, that cannot be forgotten easily,” Pirlo, who was presented this week by Juventus and wore their away, pink shirt, told their official site. “Galliani said that he expected to see me with the black and white shirt at the presentation of the new strips? It was a joke, but I think he made it because he fears this new Juve team that’s emerging, a side that will give everyone a tough game.

“The way I see it, we start on a par with the Milan clubs.” Pirlo and Juventus will meet Inter and Milan in August for the annual TIM Cup in Bari. Pirlo’s new side finished third in the last edition of this tournament.

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what you should say is 10 years at milan will NEVER be forgotten!! either way, we still love you pirlo!


We love you Maestro 🙁


I wont forget u too Pirlo BUT Juve is nowhere near us YET

Abdulkarim Abbas

u wuill never be a rival.

gd luk pirlo


I’ll be routing for Juve as long as they their games have no effect on Milan. When Juventus come back then the big 3 seria a teams will start to dominate in Europe again

Uwem peters

U could have take pay-cut and stay with us,for that reason u can’t be call milan legend

Yehez Kiel

u mad bro? the reason why pirlo left is because he wanted more than a 1-year extension.. and because he doesnt really fit in allegri’s formation..

but even though he left us.. i still consider him as a MILAN LEGEND.. just like Sheva, Cafu, Kaka, ETC.

it doesnt REALLY matter how long you stay at the club.. what REALLY matters is how much you’ve done and gave for the club.. and he’s given & done a lot for us!


I still think he should have took the extension regardless. But his heart was no longer with this team lets be honest.

And he didn’t have to move to Juventus… it’s like a stab in the heart.

Inzaghi took a 1.2 million pay cut… and only makes 800,000 now. We just couldn’t offer a 3 year contract that Pirlo wanted…


you cant compare inzaghi to pirlo.inzaghi is waay older than him. pirlo made the right chice for his csreer


Pirlo could have moved to a different team. Juventus is a disaster right now.

Yehez Kiel

which other team (in italy) wanted pirlo in italy? cause everytime i read.. juventus was the only italian team who was interested..


He could have gone to Udinese or Roma. Not the scum cheating team.

Yehez Kiel

im not sure if moving to juve means a ‘direct stab in the heart’ juve has good history.. yes they are worse than horrible right now.. besides we share a common enemy in the form of : inter!


Pirlo probably wants new challenges . Good luck for him.


Pirlo wasn’t truly A̶̲̥̅ milan fan,I loved him playing at milan though but,realistically he could have accepted pay cut and 1yr extension if he really loved the club(or rather if he really was A̶̲̥̅ fan).I wish him the best but,he’s not A̶̲̥̅ total milan legend like the likes of maldini,he’s A̶̲̥̅ partial legend.

Alimi Ahmed

u wil neva b 4gotin in my memory
Andrea Pirlo stil luv u


Pirlo ur name would 4 ever be remembered wenever milan is involved.