Milan set to reduce squad to 25 players


MILAN’S squad will be reduced to 25/26 player, Galliani reveals.

The Rossoneri’s Scudetto-winning squad consisted of more than 30 players due to the January shopping list that included many players due to the injuries Massimiliano Allegri’s men had to deal with.

AC Milan Vice President Adriano Galliani has reiterated his wish to create a shorter squad.

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Milan drop Ganso hints

“Somebody will have to leave, the ideal number is 25-26 players,” he said in today’s press conference – which officially opened the 2011/2012 season – when asked about the number of players he wants. “[Antonio] Cassano will stay because he’s one of our big players; I talk of players like [Rodney] Strasser.”

We would like to use this chance to wish Cassano a happy birthday (29)!

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Time to say goodbye to>Oddo,Bonera,janko,antonini n the likes! And get some better replacement


Jankulovski has left Milan already and I think he retired from football because of the knee injury…


Oddo, bonera def need to go. I’m not convinced about antonini he does have pace is not that bad as a sub.

Janko def stepped up when we needed him during last season and deserves full respect


we have 30 players we let the following go Bonera and Oddo, then we loan Zigoni, Strasser, Ferreira, we will have 26 players


Right now there are 29 players listed on for 2011/2012…and considering there could be 1-2 more players coming in till the end of transfers we’re looking at about 5-6 players…of those listed it’s likely Strasser, Zigoni, Emanuelson are gonna be leaving, and possibly Antonini, Oddo and Bonera…I really don’t mind seeing Oddo stay next season though!


Oddo staying? you got to be joking! The dude has been finished since we won the CL back in 07.. I´d rather have a primavera player in his place, De Vito, Desole, even you! (:


lol! You have a point! I like him for sentimental reasons! 😉


we should sign this guy from Bayer Leverkusen…17 yrs old gud striker for primavera MITCHELL WEISER full back 17 yrs old koln or emre can frm bayern top class youngsters.


and go bonera go and take antonini and seedorf along with u.




Cut Bonera and Antonini, Loan Zigoni and Strasser, Sell Paloschi, Keep Urby and Oddo I like them

Yehez Kiel

WHAT!? sell PALOSCHI!? we just got him! and hes definitely a good backup-striker.. thats the most BS idea ive ever heard!


Wat??? Out of ur senses?? Sell Paloschi and keep Oddo???
Glad you are not our sporting director!!!


how many appearances did you think Paloschi will get??? Watch he will leave after the super coppa


and do you not remember what oddo did when he come on as a sub against Napoli??? Two assists that won the game

Abdulkarim Abbas

i think oddo-bonera will be sold and straaser on loan

next year squad

Goalkeepers: Abbiati-Amelia-Roma

Defenders: nesta-t.silva-mexes-yepes-taiwo-abate-zambrota-antonini

Midfield: Gattuso-ambrosini-van bommel-seedorf-boateng-flamini-emanuelson-el shaawary


these are 25 players and with one or two more players the squad will be perfect consisiting of 26 to 27 players


I totally agree with u, dude! That’s very Allegri’s! A winning squad!

and i think Schweinsteiger is the most perfect player to complete the last puzzle. No doubt!



dude paloschi is one of the best italy young strikers


Very True, But we have no space for him


then we make space for him…


Dont u see why milan have signed paloschi?? pippo is gonna retire after this coming season so by next season paloschi will be ready to take pippo’s place. Pippo did identify paloschi as his natural heir dont u remember?! 😛


No this dude, would rather want to keep Oddo over Paloschi.; Such silliness.


I agree with Giancarlo, Oddo helped us alot thhis season. REmember the napoli game????

Yehez Kiel

i would NOT be so sure to say oddo helped alot.. i mean it was just 1 GAME! not the entire / most of the season.. but he has been helpful ill give him that..


Where do you agree with me? I want Oddo gone. He had one good game, and was injured the rest.


Oddo is still good for backup..for me bonera and antonini is chosen to rip off from the squad..Jankulovski has already retired guys..hope we can get Bastian Schweinsteiger before transfer window closed.


i think it’s ok for us to wait to buy LMF player at least until January and stay with the players we already have. the reason is that our schedule especially in UCL is just something that we dont need to worry before January. i think this squad are more than enough to make Milan pass the group stage and then in January we can buy someone like Ganso to make Milan stronger and competitive in the next round 😀


Bonera, Oddo, Strasser, Zigoni, Flamini OUT

Schweinsteiger IN


No. Oddo is likely to leave. He had an offer from QPR, and that is where he will likely go. I think we should keep Emanuelson and Paloschi. Paloschi will go nowhere and that’s already been said. Bonera… obviously we all want him to go.

Galliani has already ruled out selling or loaning Paloschi. Some of you don’t follow the news.

Pete Acquaviva

Abbiati, Amelia Roma – 3
Abate, Zambro, Taiwo, Emmanualson, Nesta, Silva, Yepes – 7
MVB, Ambro, Gattuso, Seedorf, Flamini, KPB, El Shaarawy + MR. X, MR. Y – 8/9
Pato, Robinho, Zlatman, Paloschi, Inzaghi, Cassano – 6

Trim the fat from the defense and we have 25 members with 2 new midfielders.
This isn’t going to be a huge deal.


Currently our squad is 29 players – Oddo had a QPR offer I heard too, Zigoni is sure to go – no way will he have opportunity, Strasser its no mystery he’ll go on loan. Bonera we all want to leave but I’m not surprised there is no interest from other clubs in him! Antonini may leave too, we’ll see.

There’s a long transfer period to go and we still are after our mezzala too.

Pato Is Brilliant

Did everyone forgot to mention Seedorf lol? I think he should leave asap!

Pete Acquaviva

Thanks for the opinion on Seedorf.
He’s not leaving a month after signing a yearlong extension.

Uwem peters

Seedorf shuld not leave in a hurry,have u guys knw av forgot he has a contract till 2012,players like El shaarawy needs 2 learn 4rm him


this is what i think milan should do in the market: loan all the kids they want to loan (strasser zigoni etc) sell robinho: i think cassano is as good as he is or even better and that way paloschi would find more playing time. i know robinho is great but his money could be really usefull maybe we can get 20-30 mil im not sure. or even trade him for other player. mr x: i think we need more an AM than a CLM becouse boa can play there and we dont have AM, ganso is amazing and his… Read more »


Antonini is a liability. When Antonini or Bonera plays its like Milan are playing with a man down in defence. Its additional work for Silva and Nesta to cover their poor defending! This why Mr Allegri choose to use Zambrotta as a back up for the LB. Both Antonini and Bonera are not worth keeping. Milan can buy Maxwell for cheap as a back up! Vidal would cost no more than 20mil and he is worth the investment! The choice should be between Vidal and Montolivo NOT Ganso. Milan should go for Vidal instead of Montolivo if they decide to… Read more »


Maxwell is not a bad idea… but… he’s non-EU. He had a Dutch passport, but it got revoked. He was signed by Barcelona as a non-EU player. Inter nearly got into a lot of trouble with FIFA over that transfer.

Yehez Kiel

wait.. i just realised something.. if we do what SOME people suggests and make boa our left mezzalla.. who is going to be on the right side? gattuso? lol…

Yehez Kiel

we NEED a LCM.. cause we have no one to play there.. (well there’s urby but he cant do it alone and hell no to ambrosini) while we have like 2-3 players who could play as treq (el-shaarawy, boateng, robinho)

so… yeah….


I jus hope allegri wil start thinking well…am still not convinced with him althouhg he has my full suport


Dont be ridiculous. I dont want Oddo in this team. Hes too old… Useless and pass it. How do you agree with me? AND selling Robinho is the worst idea I ever heard.


Hahaha. If ganso arrives do you really think allegri gonna play robinho? He will be pressed out just like ronaldinho.

No? Kaka pressed out Rui costa once a time.

Theres no room for robinho when ganso starts. Prove me wrong and tell me robinhos position when ganso is there?


Robinho won’t conflict with Ganso. Do you even know what you’re talking about? Or do you speak out of thin air? Robinho is a very useful player.

THere is no room? Do you even know where they play? Robinho is a second striker/support striker, and Ganso can either play as an LCM or a CAM. And don’t respond to me.

Pete Acquaviva

While I agree with you that they play different positions, Shervin is right that Ganso will cause a drop in the opportunities for Robinho. This season he started 30+ games, if Ganso, Pato and Ibra are healthy, he’s going to be the 4th rotating through there. Which would translate to 20-25 games and a few more substitute appearances. Ganso has to make significant improvements to his defensive tactical awareness and his tackling skills if you expect him to play the LCM in Allegri’s formation. He can…I’m just saying if we also reinforce with a 2nd player besides Ganso (which we… Read more »


Pato isn’t going to be healthy… and I’d rather we have Pato benched, and Robinho play… and Ganso playing. I disagree strongly. We need more depth up front if we are going to contest on three fronts. Robinho is vital for build-up play. Brazil played like crap without him. We play poorly without him. I’m sorry to Pato, but I think it’s him that needs to improve.


I see your medication still dont work. change doctor, it might actually help the siuationen alot for you.

You can do it! Or in sports way “just do it”

PS. This was only a bullshit post to giancarlo nothing else.


You’re the one who needs medication. Probably some major psychotropic drugs, like Xanax. You’re a nutcase.

You only post bullshit. That’s all you do.


think has robinho been as decisive as cassano? i dont thinks so, hes money could help us to complete the midfield. and dude dont trash others ideas like they are crap even if u are right, u are nobody to do that


Actually I think he’s been more decisive then Cassano… and has been vital for build-up play. Your ideas are silly.. just like your talk. Yes, I will trash your ideas. It’s called freedom of speech. If you don’t like it, deal with it. You’re the one that opened your mouth and said something dumb.


freedom of speech consists of choosing and express yourself, you can say what u want as well as i can but what you cant do is insult and disrespect. robinho is not that good i think, the best thing he did was passing but couldnt score half of his good chances. with a good amf we can cover the passing problem, pato will be healthier and ibra wont rage becouse they will play easier. dont tell me that my ideas are stupid or anything if u have something to say talk correctly and with respect


I’m sorry but I think you said something incredibly silly and wrong! Robinho is very good, in fact excellent. He was responsible for the build-up play for many of our goals. You don’t have any possible explanation in benching him besides saying “he misses a lot”. You just don’t take into account he was responsible for many of the goals Ibra scored, and played best alongside Ibra. Pato was not good enough along Ibra. You know why Ibra was angry? Mostly at Pato for disappearing in many games. Robinho and Ibra were always better up front together, not Ibra and… Read more »


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Now when pato havnt scored in copa america you think its the right time to bash him. your are thinking like a terrororist. Im glad you have no major power in this world, if you did you would use it to bang kids.

“ibra and robinho better than ibra and pato?”

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And here is another few words of advice, you stupid ass shervin. I wasn’t asking for your opinion, so don’t f-king give me your stupid ass opinion.


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Then the whole forum must be crackheads according to you. They all are against you including me. Haha you always try to be smart, always try to be Mr. “I know everything – follow me”

Game over.

Yehez Kiel

ibra plays better without pato and vice-versa.. if you dont think so. then you must be mentally disturbed.. or just havent seen much games last season..


Pato shouldn’t be benched.What caused the problem with both on field is the change in d role that pato plays.Robinho is more versatile but,I think Pato loves to play more in the right wing.Correct me if I’♍ wrong.Ibra’s ball style is stiffling cos Pato is A̶̲̥̅ mover.Robinho however can move and play along with Ibra.In other words Pato strictly prefers direct attack.


Oddo,bonera and yepes should go.

milan fun zuki

Gattuso, falamini, Bonera GO!
Abiati- Almileia- Roma
abate( oddo) Nesta( mexes) T-silva taiwo( zambrota) Anini
BvM, KpB.ambroseni, seedoef,,Elwy-ganso,motolivo or ,pestore-Emar..son
it is i still hope we can sign montolivo or pestore on this summer and Ganso on next transfer.


Pato is a great player but he has alot to learn. Even Allegri said that Pato needs more consistency. But he’s only 21 and he needs another season or 2 to become more mature. I think he’ll be great next season if he’s fit. I don’t get why people think that Pato is the problem in this Ibra-pato issue that every1 brings up. I think they played great together most of the time, but they didn’t play enough games together. This is why they had an inconsistant partnership. And Ibra made some mistakes aswell. Robi and Ibra played well together… Read more »


If this is the concept, then: I’m thinking in this starting 11: Abbiati- Abate, Nesta, T. Silva, Taiwo- Gattuso, Van Bommel, Boateng- Cassano- Ibrahimovic, Pato Corrently it’s probably the best. For the squad’s consistency, i think we need: – Antonini and Zambrotta /alternatives for both sides – Oddo is above. – Yepes and Mexes as CB-s. / I don’t like Yepes, but had a better season than Bonera. – Ambrosini and Flamini / Strasser is above – Seedorf and Emanuelson (?) – El Shaaravy as a hier of Cassano – Robinho, Inzaghi and Paloschi as attackers. So, Imo, Oddo, Bonera,… Read more »