Official: Cagliari buy out Astori


DAVIDE ASTORI is a Cagliari player, it’s been confirmed.

After the report on the Italian media on Wednesday morning, Cagliari have announced that they’ve bought out the remanding 50% of defender Davide Astori, who has been there since 2008 on co-ownership.

Cagliari Chairmen, Massimo Cellino announced the agreement tonight when arrived in the Lega Calcio.

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Milan receive €4m for this sale. The center back grew up in the Rossoneri’s youth system but wasn’t able to find space at Milan so he moved to Cagliari three seasons ago, becoming an important part of their squad.

The news is not yet confirmed on the official sites of neither team as Cagliari General Director Francesco Marroccu still has to sign on a paper which approves the entire thing. However, it’s already considered official.

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Not the end of the world. There are better quality defenders out there. I would have liked him at Milan, but not a big loss… he would have been 4th or 5th choice centerback.


Oh, crap! He would be much better if he played alongside Nesta or Silva or even Mexes.

ola milan

this is a mes! wel it shows we hv alot 2 do.there’re som quality italian defendas out ther.the transfa is stil open,nt yet a lost


Um lol. Why is it a mess? What quality Italian defenders? I’d rather we get another Brazilian defender. Italian defenders are very average.


bad news now we have BONERA and nesta for pre season terrible


shit! Why?


Uncle fester know wat he is doing, maybe to bring in marchetti


Just sell Bonera,Antonini,Flamini already !!!

And Loan Strasser to Novara !

Make space ! And buy: Ganso, Mr.X, Asamoah and young defender… And for our Primavera sign Lorenzo Tassi !


@Kevin: Milan no longer need Marchetti. They already have Abbiati and Amelia. Besides, I don’t think half of Astori is only worth 4 millions. Even Sharaawy worth more than him. I really don’t have any idea about what’s going on.


Amelia might be swapped for Marchetti actually. That’s what I’ve read.

And yes, half of Astori’s contract is worth about 4 million…

Fredrik, Flamini should stay. I’d have no issue selling Bonera if anyone would take him. I think Antonini should remain one more season though… but I’m probably the only one that thinks that.


Do you really think half of him is only 4 million? Don’t you think Milan could get more from him?


Actually yes. I think Astori is worth 8-10 million tops. Bonucci I think was 14-15 million. And Bonucci is a better defender than Astori. Still I think Italian defenders these days are so incredibly average. We need to look elsewhere.

There is no Nesta, Maldini or Baresi like Italian defender out there. None that even read the talent of those men!

Yehez Kiel

your not alone! i also think we should keep antonini just to be a squad player..


fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! know we cant sell bonera shiiiiiiiiiiit


‘DAMN! Milan gonna FLOP NEXT SEASON!!’
‘NO CL for us this season i guess’
‘Now this is a mess’

wtf? is he like the only defender for Milan? There are plenty others…..its a loss but maybe Galliani has his reason….stop being so overly negative about this its not that big of a deal


I gotta agree with you Ryan.

And people are saying all sorts of rubbish about Bonera now. Bonera won’t play next season.

There are better defenders out there. I don’t even know if Astori would do well in a CL match. He seems to disappear in the big games.

I’d rather we get a better defender.


I think the sale of Astori was a big mistake. First of all, there’s no reason why they couldn’t have just extended the co-ownership agreement with Cagliari. Secondly, even though he may not currently be ready to start for Milan, he’s easily one of the most promising young Italian defenders. Third, he’s easily an improvement over other bum CB’s sitting on the bench i.e. Bonera and Antonini. Fourth, Milan could easily afford to pay 4 million to buy out Cagliari’s half of the contract. Ultimately one of two things is true; either this is an obvious mistake on Galliani’s part,… Read more »


We already have nesta, silva, mexes, yepes for center back position. Astori would have been on the bench all season so this deal could give him experience and extra funds for us to use toward mr. x

I’m confident that Galliani knows what he’s going.

Btw great news Inter couldn’t capture Villas Boas as he went to manage Chelsea

Dark Knight

Mexes is injured, Nesta gets injured a lot altho he is class, T Silva and Yepes going to COpa America.. So what u on about again? and Astori was worth just 4 million!! I mean i hear people saying it isnt end of the world.. i know it isnt.. but y leave a pretty good defender who has room to develop for just 4 million?? How many defenders can u buy for that price.. an average run of the mill loser defender costs around 15m in EPL, Same with everyone else.. Milan will be buying astori back in a couple… Read more »


Sky says Milan and Cagliari have agreed to trade Marco Amelia and Federico Marchetti. The players have to agree to the move.”


Told you guys so… 😉 Marchetti will be a better option.


Agreed giancarlo they’re better defenders out there :kompany,vertonghen,sakho etc not much in italy but I do like comprese from fiorentina ….. I watched rodrigo ely tho he looks like a real prospect letss hope he grows well


i read somewhere that we’re promoting ely, albetrazzi, calvano and fossati for preseason. i hope they do well and get spots on the bench


something tells me this will be Astori’s last year at Cagliari.Milan is just waiting for Nesta to retire.Astori needs the games and he wouldn’t get it at Milan.


Poor kid. He’s better than Bonera,Yepes, and Onyewu.
He’s also younger and has room to improve.
Surely playing/learning from the likes of Nesta and Thiago Silva can help Astori? I guess not….

Dark Knight

Exactly my point..!!! He would have learnt from Nesta and Silva..If not bring him this season then we could have done a deal where we buy him out for 4 million but agree to let him stay in cagliari for another season on loan.. that way he doesnt harm his italy’s chance..and gets regular footie.. and we got a replacement for nesta when he retires next season.. because you need good backup.. Look at united..(i hate them btw) they had vidic, ferdinand, evans but still bought defenders..


There is a 1st choice buy back option in his contract for Milan. We haven’t lost him forever, but he wouldn’t get any playing time if he came to us. And I don’t think he’s better than Yepes honestly.

United… they bought defenders because Vidic or Ferdinand may be sold.


Yepes is 35 years old. He should leave..make way for some young blood.

Vidic and Ferdinand are both world class, but United have also secured their future ( Chris Smalling, pretty good CB tbh )….our management refuses to look to the future.

They INSIST on getting every ounce of energy out of every player…look at Dorf’s rotting carcass!


thats a real shame. i wish he wouldve gone to milan. rannochia from inter would be a good buy at this point.


he would have been 4th choice at Milan
1 = Nesta
2 = Silva
3 = Mexes
4 = Yepes
5 = Bonera
Add to those some promising PRIMAVERA players who would have been further down the pecking order
1 = Albertazzi
2 = Rodrigo Ely
Add to this that he is 1st choice at Cagliari and recently made his AZZURRI debut + much more needed 4m

Its a win win win (ACM, Cagliari, and Astori)in my opinion


still Onyewu and Bonera must fight hard to become 5th defender..very good competition at back line, which only benefit the club. We can buy him later in few years 🙂


YESSSSSSSSSSS. I understand that he is Italian, but I have always said that he is not milan quality, he is very error prone. and yes he is young, but 24 is not THAT young, so he will not improve dramatically any more. good move, sell him and search for a better player next year. good move

Milan LA

Guys don’t feel bad about losing Astori. Watch how Pato owned him during Milan Cagliari game and you’ll feel better.


Yes there are better options, but none of them are as cheap as Astori. We’re not that rich anymore to be honest.

Please remember, Nesta and Yepes is one year older, and we don’t know what Mexes will look like when got back from injury.

Astori is one of the best defenders in Serie A, he’s young and cheap and good enough. If not, it’s ridiculous to buy half of him with €4m anyway.