Milan’s Mercato Income and Expenditure


THESE are the following operations Milan have done in this summer transfer-market for the 2011-2012 upcoming season so far:


  • Boriello- 10 Million Euros from A.S Roma.
  • Alexander Merkel- 5 Million Euro from Genoa in co-ownership deal.
  • Salary of Pirlo, Jankulovski, Berretta and Leggrotaglie.
  • Astori- Remaining 50% bought from Cagliari for 4 Million euros.


  • Kevin Prince Boateng-Co-ownership( 7 million euros) with Genoa.
  • Salary of Taiwo, Mexes, Zigoni and Paloschi.
  • Stephan El-Shaarawy- 7-10 Million euros.

Did i miss anything? and i would also like all of the Users to share their opinion on who Mr.X might be.

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its not abt income – expenditure its abt winning champleague for tht we have to make investments pls buy ganso or cesc or nasri or basten


I thnk our mr x is goin to be ganso


I think MR X is going to be a proved champion, not one of an secific position, one champion that shock in market, besides Ganso


I think mr. x is going to be Honda. Just have a feeling since he can play as CAM and deep playmaker, only 25 years old, and few weeks ago expressed that he want’s to move to a bigger club


get GANSO – he’s our Mr X


Actually financial security is very important. We’re seeking a balanced transfer market. I’m sure we will sign Ganso.

Mr X isn’t Honda… we haven’t been linked to him in like two years. Mr X is Ganso.


BTW, Borriello’s buy-out is now official.

And it appears we are nearing a swap for Marchetti.


Yes, Milan Cagliari swap for Marchetti-Amelia is almost done, just missing Amelia’s wage


would def luv to c Schweinsteiger!


we should not only sign Mr.X, but ALSO Mr.Y and Mr.Z.
it will be very hard to go to semi finals of CL, with only Mr.X. even it will be very hard to win Seria A. there is napoli, udinese, lazio and juve, roma, inter who are very active in the transfer season. there is a chance that we might not win anything next season, so we should buy 2-3 GREAT WORLD CLASS players. and 2-3 GOOD FAST and YOUNG players as subs.
MR.Y should be fabregas/hamsik
MR.Z should be pastore/nasri/Lamela/Asamoah


we already have 2 good young subs (paloschi and el shaarawy)udinese needs to spend cuz they’ll be selling some of their best players, inter and napoli need 2 spend if they want to go past group stage. juve and roma r reconstructing. imo, we just need Mr X (ganso or another creative amf) and some1 like montolivo for lcm. then we’ll be competing for treble.


( barcelona, real madrid………………………)


napoli-got dzemaili and donadel..theyre NOT class.
Inter-got an 18year old kid….so…
udinese has not tried to buy anyone..they only try Not to lose THEIR players
roma only got bojan who is half-ok,half-terrible
lazio got klose and lulic..big deal..
the mercato ends in 31 august,chap…


You all know who is X but you dont say it to the people.Its definately Fabregas,its the only player worth to take the spot of pirlo+also its the 25 yeras of silvio.just be calm+w8+see.

Abdulkarim Abbas


how arewegoing to fit all these players into the team

We should sign Ganso and a kind off defensive left mid so boateng can attack more on the right side. in my mind i have players like asmaoh or montolivo


by selling players like bonera seedorf, flamini, strasser(loan) …….
and i am not saying buy 10 players, i am just saying buy about 4-5 new players


Easy shit…

Asamoah, Fabregas and Ganso for the midfield.

Zapata and Danilo in defence.

Don’t sell Cassano.

We also buy Poli and send him on loan to Cagliari, and also loan Paloschi to Cagliari.

And for our Primavera… Lorenzo Tassi “the next Baggio”


Do we really need zapata? i mean, our defense is already near perfect… and i’d rather have montolivo than asamoah, and hamsik instead of fabregas, though i don’t really thinnk either is coming anyway. also, imo we shouldn’t loan out paloschi-we should let him learn from inzaghi.


we need to buy ganso as mr. X, hamsik, and montolivo/asamoah in my opinion though i prefer montolivo over asamoah and he would be a cheaper option as i feel udinese will be less inclined to let asamoah go. pastore is too expensive unless palmero drops the price as the market comes closer to an end and fabregas is too expensive too. there is no need for lamela or nasri


The 8mill we owe barca for ibra payment.

Pato Is Brilliant

Mr. X is gonna be Fabregas. It will announced in late August that we have signed him.


You forgot Sokratis left ergo his salary (1,2 mil) is out. About Mr. X – I would really love to see Schweinsteiger being the one, although I don’t see him leaving Bayern right now (if ever). So it is probably going to be Ganso and then also another midfielder to play the LCM role.


Mr.X = one of ganso, nasri, kaka, and just maybe jovetic, now that hamsik has been ruled out from the runnin


i like jovetic he is gr8 player


how much faith does everyone have in el shaarawy? ive only seen him play twice but he is very talented. Is he good enough to start as trequartista? Very Very few 18-19 year olds find success at this level especially CL. IF he can and cassano split time at ACM then i hope hamsik is MR X! If hamsik comes and taiwo plays well then our biggest weekness, IMO (our whole left side), will be very solid.

Ahmad Al-Hamdan

he is not yet ready to be starting trequartista, but he has time to learn from cassano, i have faith in him


I think It’s clear that our priority number one is Fabregas and that’s the deal Raiola has been working with. It all depends though on the player and how much Barcelona is interested. But if we can not get Fabregas and another non-eu spot opens up then Milan will go for Ganso.


Mr. X might be Axel Witsel I think!


why stop at fabregas and ganso and pastore. Lets get messi and ronaldo too! Ibra can be a supersub!

Mr. X is either Hamsik or Ganso.

Do we really want Fabregas? World class no doubt. But if hes dreaming about a move to the nou camp, will his heart ever truly be at Milanello? To spend all that money for a guy who’d rather be somewhere else? no thanks. I’ll take the guy who bleeds red and black any day.



Forget Hamsik. It’s just something the newspapers made up. The club has been clear what kind of qualities Mr.X will have and the player they are looking for. Hamsik has none of these qualities. Trust me…

1. Fabregas
2. Ganso


U missed 8 millions as a part of installments from 24 M euros to barca for Ibrahimovic


Fair enough, but if no Hamsik, forget Fabregas.

And lets also assume we don’t get the extra non-EU spot? then no Ganso.

Who does that leave us with… Witsel? Ugh that would be a disappointing Mr. X indeed.

What do we really need anyway? Just young replacements for Nesta, Ambro, Gattuso, and Seedorf? Everything else is stacked.


I’d love Zapata, but I don’t think we’ll sign him.


I think mr x woul dbe someone unthinkable… not going to be ganso or witsel or even hamsik, if galliani says that hes not going to get someone he is not going to get someone, he is a man of his word i think so we should believe what he says… noone we have been linked to so far can be mr.x so lets see and wait coz we will never guess… i think fabregas is a choice because he is so unreal to me


We need a left midfielder (replacemant for Pirlo) and I think Fabregas fits in that position. I aggree though that it will be very difficult.

Plan B is to move down Boateng as a left midfielder and put Ganso as a trequartista.

And if non of the above would happen? Then It’s anybody’s guess. But I’m convinced that this is what the priority in the club is.


i would go for plan B


I also really like marco marin, a midfielder from werden bremen.. check the guy out.. he wont be mr.x but that would be amazing the guy is like new messy, also if they want our papastopolus which would be the best defender they have we could exchange for marin and its a win win situation


Mr.X is Arjen Robben! You heard it here first.


yea robben and his long flowing hair…


Zac, shame on you! There is always rogaine!


Some you missed:

Incoming Money:

8M from the sale of Ricardo Olivera.
Also the 10M from Borriello is going to paid in 3 3.3M installments per/yr


We owe 8M /season for Zlatan.


That Zlatan business was genius. A Barca fan friend of mine is still complaining we ran out with him on a super discount.




I think Mr.x is going to be Fabregas, i believe we are waiting until Barca fails to sign him, second i think is Ganso.


we already have mr. x
he is El sharaawy


just wait and see who mr.x will b


Bastian Schweinsteiger is Mr.X
but i would like Adel Taarabt also


Mr X is GANSO, believe it !!!

Nimesh loves MILAN

I don’t know why Arjen Robben or Ribery are not mentioned or thought about …. As far as I know, they have been with Bayern for a long time and should be looking for a change and with ex-Bayern captain MvB to convinve them, we could get one of the two (if not both) ….


MR X is GANSO if u guys are not aware he is already learning italian……. and the only italian team he wil come to is milan…..
and the other midfielder will me MOTALIVO!


Mr X is Gareth Bale


Definitely our mr. will be Ganso or Montolivo.


Thinking realistically, Milan should be buying the following players:
Ganso – 25 Million
Poli – Co-ownership
Pedro Leon – we can probably get him for 6 Million
Marchetti – Swap with Amelia
We also need a right back as a sub for Abate. Davide Santon or maybe Lorenzo de Silvestri – 8/10 Million.


PEdro Leon is a winger… I don’t think we play with those…


these players must go: flamini,oddo,bonera,onyewu,cassano

Titus Pynchon

Not Mr.X : Ganso (height 184cm while Mr.X 183cm) Fabregas (height 175cm) Witsel (Rightfooted , Mr.X Leftfooted) El-Shaarawy (180cm)

from the names that related with Milan on media, only Marek Hamsik and Gareth Bale who have all the specifications mentioned by Allegri(including scary hairstyle)

and after arrogant statement from De Laurentiis,Galliani gonna think twice to sign…….