Report: Kucka to join Milan in 2012


JURAJ KUCKA will join AC Milan next summer, reports suggest.

The summer of 2011 is just at its start but Milan are already working on next summer’s coups, reaching an agreement with Genoa over Juraj Kucka, reports the Rome-based sports daily il Corriere dello Sport.

Five midfielders will be out of contract next summer and the Rossoneri have identified the replacement of Mark Van Bommel (34) and Massimo Ambrosini (34) in the shape of the 24-year-old Slovakian.

El Shaarawy: Exams, then Milan
Genoa refuse to sell Kucka to Milan, for now

It appears that there is an open discussion between the two clubs and Milan managed to agree a deal for Kucka while dealing with the Rossoblu starlet Stephan El Shaarawy (18) who joins Milan on co-ownership.

Kucka impressed Coach Massimiliano Allegri since joining Serie A in January.

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Thanks, but no thanks. We already have a great depth at midfield, what we need is some quality players who can improve our First IX.


this year, we have excellent depth. next year, we have no depth, coz lots of ppl are retiring. also, don’t forget that some of the midfielders may want to leave the club for more playing time, too. besides, if he’s impressed allegri, then he must be pretty good.


First IX?


i think AC MILAN youth academy name is GENOA


Doh! what the f*ck for this guy? not necessary…


deepak..agree with you..LIKE!!

Tafiardo Cardoso

is he a WORLD CLASS player??? if the answer is YES, why barcelona, real madrid, chelsea and MU NEVER scout for him???


because Barcelona, Real Madrid, Chelsea and MU wants to pay 50 million each for average players instead.

Tafiardo Cardoso

and kucka price is 20 million… i think kucka is overrated..


Same reason why Barcelona/RM/Chelsea…..isnt interested in our Ambrosini or Gattuso or even MvB ever! They dont use DMs

Tafiardo Cardoso

are you sure Sergio Busquets (Barca), Sami Khedira (RM), Michael Essien (Chelsea) isn’t DM???


fyi Van Bommel is a former Barca player lol


Its not just a WC player that a team needs,, its a player who fits in the team that makes him good,, just watch the different Kaka in RM and MILAN’s Kaka,, and a lot of another example.. Maybe Max as a coach see what we can’t see,, and besides the deal is next year,, he can just improve more…


They are different from the DMs we use….example Essien has a really good vision and can shoot very well


Our Formations consist of 4 Defenders 1 DM 1 LCM 1 RCM 1 CAM and 2 striker

PL and La Liga more commonly use the 4-4-2 or 4-3-3 or 4-2-3-1


NOOOOO. This guy is not worth it at all. Kucka? who is that anyways? We need to get Asamoah and stop all this nonsense.


Ryan: ManU was interested in Pirlo and Gattuso in 2007, after the CL victory. And MvB was a Barca player for a year.


:/ we’r not getting him this season anyway….


have you even seen him play… obviously not because if you did then u would say how good he is. he played against milan last season and he was the main reason why genoa got a draw. his tackling is very good, he quik, strong, hes good with the ball and he has a gud shot… if we get him, then it’ll be in 2012. so if your still hating on him, then he’ll prove u wrong next season… i would love it if milan get asamoah. FORZA MILAN


agree with Deepak. imo, Genoa don’t have intention to win the scudetto. their goals are more to make profits from selling their players. buy players at low prices and sell them at the highest. as simpple as that. we can say that Genoa are more likely the players selling agency. we have to admit that their scout team are much better than milan’s.


not milan class.


Genoa’s aims are to remain in the serie A and still make profits from selling players coz they got the best scout in serie A as far as I see it.They discover talents not yet expensive,buy then resell.

milan fun zuki

please sign WC player. Ganso? yes. go ahead….


They should put their attention on asamoah


What i’m trying to say is trust in Allegri! If he think he’s good he probably is


sigh…midtable signings.

that’s what happens when we have a midtable manager, with a provincial mentality. he likes all of these average players, on poor teams.

we should aim for world class players….


u are unfortunately not only ignorant , but also oblivious to your ignorance, hence your expert analysis on Max


Sign Genoa’s Scouts!!!!!


Maybe he is a friend of Hamsik?