Season Outcome and Next Season Decisions: Part 2


FAN ARTICLE: Written by Abdulkarim Abbas.

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It is the time of year which people relax and hang out with their family and friends. This time is called summer. But for Soccer management it is when their work should best token to an extra gear and this time is called the transfer window. After the players have won the scudetto, they are marked on how their performances and told what their roles are for next season.

In this article I will discuss how the players have played this season, what their roles are for next season, players we should sign and formations we should play.

Leggo: Milan have chosen, Hamsik + Aquilani
Yepes: “I want to win the Champions League with Milan”

Part 1: Goalkeepers and Defenders
Part 2: Midfielders and Forwards


Massimo Ambrosini: Has had many injuries this campaign but once fit and called upon, he mostly did his job. Ambrosini bleeds rossoneri blood and fights for the shirt. Once he took the pitch this season he showed the true brilliance of a captain and helped out both offensively and defensively. He should be kept for another two years to help out the younger players, captain the side and he still has a year or two left in him. He should afterwards retire as a Ac Milan legend.

Gennaro Gattuso: One characteristic Gattuso showed he has this season is that he has the heart of a lion. He was a completely changed player when from last season. He showed leadership qualities despite causing problems at times with an argument with Joe Jordon and chanting a harsh song to Leonardo. On his good days this season he fought for every ball, played his role in the team and even scored in a few games. Should be kept for a year or two to transport his experience into the team. One thing for sure is that Gattuso will retire as a Milan legend.

Mathieu Flamini: Despite not being the Flamini of Arsenal, he has still improved a lot from last season. His has improved defensively but still needs to use his head more when he attacks and should try to improve his accuracy. People might say he is not Milan quality but he definitely should be kept as he is improving. Flamini should be kept as he will be constantly switching with Gattuso for the defensive mid role at Milan.
PIRLO: Had a great season before his injury, but after we signed Van Bommel, stats showed that the team was more balanced without him. He struggled to find playing time after his injury as he did not fit in well with Allegri’s tactics .After 10 glorious years at Milan it was time to move on and he signed a three year deal with Juventus. Pirlo’s presence in the team will surely be missed.

Clarence Seedorf: At the beginning of the season Seedorf was used as a traquista and his form and performances suffered. He often took too much time on the ball and was to slow to play there. As the end of the season approached Seedorf was played in the left mid role and he turned back the years with some spectacular performances. Should be kept only until the end of the season, then he should either play in Brazil or join the Milan coaching staff. Next year Seedorfs experience will help Milan a lot and he might also help Merekel develop into a better player. Will become a Milan legend after he retires.

Kevin-Prince Boateng: He was a sensation this season. Boateng added to the ageing midfield the much needed life and energy they needed. He has pace, strength, flair and can play anywhere in the midfield. He is not only a good player but also a good dancer. He will be an important part of the first team for many years to come. Had he improved his vision he would be Kevin KING Boateng.

Mark Van Bommel: A January signing that I thought would not succeed, but I was wrong. Van Bommel is the reason why Milan fans can believe that there is life after Pirlo. He balances out the team, helps the defense and offence, can pass and shoot from long range, and can teach the youngsters. Milan have concede 6 league goals with him on the pitch and have not conceded more than one league goal a match with him on the pitch. Should remain for another year or two depending on his form.

Urby Emanuelson: He has potential and class but is still developing. With more training Emanuelson will develop into a top class player. Should be kept as he adds pace and energy when brought on to the pitch. Will get a lot more playing time once Seedorf moves on.

Alexander Merkel: Has enormous talent and potential but just needs more experience. He showed his confidence this year with his energetic displays. Merekel is a mix of Seedorf and Boateng. Will be an important first team player in the future. I think he should get a short 3 month loan to a Seria A team like Lecce or Cesena to gain more experience then come back and learn from Seedorf and Boateng.

Rodney Strasser: Strasser has defensive talent, and is very quiet but effective. Strasser will be an important part of our future. He reminds me of Ambrosini due to him very humble and peaceful. Like Merekel, he should get a short 3 month loan to a Seria A team like Lecce or Cesena to gain more experience then come back and learn from our Veteren defensive players.


Zlatan Ibrahimovic: Carried the team on his shoulders for most part of the first season, scoring 10 goals in 16 appearances in the league. In the second part of the season he was inconsistent and received many bans due to bad behavior. Despite all that he brought strength to our attack and winning mentality to our whole team. If Ibrahimovic fixes his anger issues next season and stays calm he can definitely get 20+ league goals. Ibrahimovic should be kept for three more years as he will be an important of our attack.

Alexandre Pato: The young Brazilian has talent but just needs to stay fit. Once fit and on for Pato plays like a champion. He was injured for most of the 1st half of the season. Once he returned he proved his class by scoring 14 league goals in total. I believe he can become the best player in the world, once his injury problems fade and his consistency grows. Pato is needed for the future and will lead our attack for years to come.

Robinho: The trickery Brazilian has had his ups and downs this season. Robinho tracks back well, his movement is good he is versatile but his finishing is poor. Had he improved his finishing, he would have been top goal scorer despite scoring 14 league goals. Robinho’s contribution to the team over all has been good and should be kept for a few more years depending on his form. He will be an important squad player for years to come.

Antonio Cassano: FANTantonio has a talent many dream of having. He has had a good season in Milan despite lacking fitness. Cassano has scored 4 goals and assisted 8 in 21 appearances. If he loses some weight he can have an even more important role at the club. Cassano should be kept for at least another for him to show his real talent. Should stay more if he proves his worth.

Giacomo Beretta: A talent for the future. Berreta showed he had pace, strength and determination and just needs more playing time to prove his talent. Berreta signed a co-ownership deal with Genoa and should stay there for about 3 to 4 years to gain first team experienced before returning to AC Milan if he shows he has real talent.

Filippo Inzaghi: Once Inzhagi steps on to the pitch you see a man so motivated and determined to succeed. Had I told you he was 37 you would sue me for lying. Despite being injured for most of the season, he played with the same happiness and style he usually plays with. Inzhagi should be kept for a year or two to teach our youngsters his poaching skills and to break the all-time European goal scoring record. He is in fact our champions’ league secret weapon.

Question: Name good strikers under the age of 24 🙂

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milan for life

Pato! enough said


With a good enough passer/long passer if we unleash Inzaghi on European teams…he’s surely to break Raul’s record 😀

I Love Milan

emmm you forgot Paloschi m8…:P

Its Maqq

Baretta has pace? He is slower than a turtle..

Ac milanoo

I hope you will read this ….

why are milan not loking for player like

Charlie Adam- keieuke Honda ? hamsik and Aqualine they are NOT GOOD TO MILAN…

We need some good player and not player who are free and cant play football-.


Honda is non-EU.

Charlie Adam is English, and has shown a desire to play football in the Premier League.


hamsik isnt good enough. hes almost gone to chelsea a couple times and alreay plays in a thrid place team, honda plays in russia and is only known because of the world cup.he is good but not as hamsik, at least not yet


Hamsik and Aquillani are not good enough to play for Milan, but Charlie Adam is???? This is a joke right? Are you seriously telling me you would rather have Adam than Hamsik or Aquilani? The latter two are accomplished internationals, Adam has played one top flight season for Blackpool, and had an ok season in a poor team that was eventually relegated. This must be a joke….

Abdulkarim Abbas

@I love Milan

Paloschi will be a part of the next part which is transfers and formaions thats why i did not included mexes and taiwo in part 1

@its maqq

Bereeta does have pace and stamini but not much speed is what you meen

Every one answer the question and name me good strikers under the age of 24

Yehez Kiel

name good u-24 strikers? thats the easy.. pato, neymar, MESSI, balotelli, hulk, chicarito, muller, and many more..

Abdulkarim Abbas

@yehel kiel

thx but players like messi and hulk are two expensive but u read my mind when u said balotelli. i was thinking balotelli and lakulaku can u name me more strikers like them


Adding to Yehez’s list:

Gamiero, Aguero, Rossi, Fred, Falcao, Abel Hernandez, Kagawa, Benzema, Llorente, Bojan…etc etc.

Are you trying to come up with targets for us?

Ahmad Al-Hamdan

higuain who is not much of a big game performer but still good, giuseppe rossi is also great, chicharito, benzema who should move to a different league,

Ali ahmadi

Milan should buy bale …. He is the best and enough for milan.

Ali ahmadi

BALE is enough for milan


damn, this is like im reading something from Google translate


I think that noone can be best player in the world while Messi is here


What ar we all saying, adam to hamsik d different was very big. Hamsik n aquilani knows much about serie a than adam n honda. @ abass why didn’t u name oduamadi or did u 4get him. I know dat galliani wil buy d players wil need


Decent article, but the grammar and spelling is an issue. Yeah kinda reads like a Babelfish translation lol.

Where is Paloschi? Beretta is gone as far as I’m concerned… didn’t we loan him to another team? He’s so slow…


it would be great to sign
neymar ganso and bale

Andriy Shevchenko

@Abas it’s not lakaka but Lukaku and Seferovic from Fiorentina youth is new Ibrahimovic,Diego Mauricio aka Drogbinho 19 years,Edin Ibrahimovic 19 years…

Mehdi Kaka


Abdulkarim Abbas

LOOOOOL sorry for my bad grammer and vocabulary but there is a problem with my microsoft. To all of u critisizing the article y dont u all write one?loyall milan fans support each other hint hint zvone09

Odumadi is just like berreta in other words needs experience.

And for the u-24 question, its for another article i am writing.


Sohel Sharif

Who the hell is Charlie Adams…isn’t he an comedian?

yehez kiel

@pete no fred! I actually thought about him but I think he’s mediocre! Only a star at the brazilian league!

Pato Is Brilliant

@ Abdulkarim – Well done mate. That was a good written article. Its usual for a human being to make mistake. I appreciate that you did your level best and I would love to read more articles from you. And dont take any notice of other Milanfans criticizing you. Cheers bro!

Pato Is Brilliant

Under 24 attackers are as follows:

Pato, Neymar, Benzema, Higuan, Kun Aguero, Balotelli, Dzeko, Lakaku, Chichirato, Sturridge, Menez, Bojan, Pedro, Gramiero, Paloschi, Abel Hernandez!

I think these names are enough!

Yehez Kiel

seriously did you misspelled that on purpose? its higuain, lukaku, chicharito, and gameiro!


Kevin Gameiro transferred to PSG just recently. I know some wanted him… but I guess he wanted to stay in France.


giuseppe rossi, luis suarez


juan agudelo chicarito bojan

Abdulkarim Abbas

@Pato is brialliant

thx for your support:) i haveallways shared similar opinionswith you

btw thx every one for naming me players. its for an article i am going to write. Within a week a will be porting 2 articles the 3rd part of this article and a suprise article that will grab the interest of a lot of people here


Nice Article!! And i dunno wats so bad about the grammer? i could understand it fine

Bone chronic

Charlie adams????. . . . .english media hype

yehez kiel

@giancarlo yes, and also probably want first-team action too..


i would be really pissed if Seedorf started more then 12 games in the entire season.




i dont know, but giovannni dos santos is epic.. he just ddoesnt get enough playing time at x club he is at.

if milan sign him…. ill be cheering

Abdulkarim Abbas


thx man

Pato Is Brilliant

@ Abdulkarim – Thats awesome dude. Will be waiting for your upcoming articles. Good luck.