Official: Didac Vila joins RCD Espanyol on loan


DIDAC VILA has rejoined Espanyol.

After six months at Milan with only one game in his record, Didac Vila returns to Espanyol, this time on loan as Milan want him to gain more first team experience before coming back in the future.

The left-back joined Milan from Espanyol in January for €4 million but will be spending the next season playing for the Catalan side, as confirmed on the official website of Espanyol,

Menez: “No Milan deal!”
Mexes: “Milan, I will give you my all”

An agreement between Milan and Espanyol was reached yesterday as their chiefs visited the fashion capital of Europe. Despite interest from other clubs, Didac is better growing at his hometown club.

The player is currently with the Under 21 Spanish team.

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This is for the better. He’ll be more suited to play in a team that’ll guarantee him playing time. If we loaned him to another team, there was no guarantee. This was the best option for both Milan and Didac.



He will grow at a faster pace with guaranteed time.
He’s still young enough to have time to adapt to Italy, it is more important for him to learn the game than the style of the league.


hope he does actually grow fast. with our luck with lady injury we might need him come jan.


Kool. ís bonera still in milanello? gush


we have to do something abt Bonera


imagine he doesnt start at espanyol LOL thatll be fucked but i hope he does, watched a few games this dudes got potential. very raw tho
safe safe


He was already playin regular at espanyol.even playin 90mins against barca and did very well against messi.if we didnt play him bcoz we felt he was inexperienced for serie a,why not loan him 2 an italian team?genoa maybe since criscito is leavin?


Because that doesn’t make any sense. He’s not guaranteed playing time at another Italian team.


Nicw way to waste 4 million.


@makAveli i support u. So dat we can kno his quality




my only thought is if he goes back and has success will he ever want to return to milan after having a hard year?


there’s is no clause for them to buy him permanently. he’s Milan player anyhow

Giorgi Sigua

better that he went to Espanyol,,,he may have not played a lot in other Seria A teams….who remembers Bruno Montelongo, on loan to bologna but hasn’t played a single match


Bruno Montelongo is another bad investment. If Milan want to buy cheap players at least buy quality cheap players and not mediocre players who cant make the first team.

Dominic Adiyiah was another wasted investment! None of these players were good enough to challenge the players in our senior team!

So whats the point in buying them?


It’s called taking a gamble. Sometimes players work out great, sometimes they don’t. That’s just the way things are.


You call buying three players who are not good enough to play in the first team taking a gamble? LOL. That’s called bad investment. Clearly you dont know the value of money!


I agree with u Nick.What is the point of spending cash if he isn’t good enough?There isn’ such thing as gamble in football mate.U can’t gamble with club such as MILAN.As i posted in another article:some players are not suited good enough for some teams,that depends on the tactics and the way the team plays certain match.A club like
Fredrikstad FK is is more suitable for those kind of players,agree?


True. If some one is good buy him, and keep him. Simple as that. We bought didac, and 6 months later he is sent back? WTF? What changed? HE was good in espanyol to spend 4 mil, but in the transport to milan he forgot to play??????


Another WASTEFUL investment. Milan should have invested that money on Angelo Ogbonna.

I should have known Didac Vila was a joke since he could not break into the team ahead of players like Antonini, Bonera and Jankulowski who were all used at left back ahead of him.

This is the type of players that Milan dont need. If they are not good enough for the first team then they are not good enough for Milan, simple!


It’s not that he is a joke… he needs time and I think he will return in the future? Ogbonna? LOL. No thanks. That’s a guy who will never make it big in the Serie A. He’ll probably be at Torino like 3 more seasons and everybody will forget about him.


Giancarlo I use to respect your opinion till I read what others think about you in forums and now on man you are a joke to me, till you prove otherwise and defend your reputation. It is apparent you have no love to Milan, you are a spy.


You’re a complete tool. Goal-legacy? I don’t post on that site. And you have me confused with someone else. The only joke here is you. At least use a real name… or just be an idiot. I guess you’ll choose the second option. Why do I have to defend my reputation against you? You haven’t proved anything against me.

I love Milan and have always been following Milan. So quiet down.



Ahmad Al-Hamdan

Giancarlo don’t listen to him, he has no idea what hes saying, i respect your opinion, and really i only use that website to see fixture dates, they even put that borriello scored 29 goals in the 09-10 season, its bull crap. and goal-legacy, u seriously need to find other websites, even bleacher report is better than those two websites, at least their articles give a good read

Giancarlo and the new forum, goallegacy.forumotion or something like that is a joke. It’s a horrible looking forum. Looks like something from ten years ago. If they are going to make a forum it better look good. makes my virus scanner go crazy everytime I’m on it, and there are huge flash ads that take up the entire screen. I gave up on that site a long time ago out of frustration.


ha ha ha…/..zorro unmasked..i suggest he is loaned to another italian team if our reason for not playing is soley based on the fact that he is not ready for seria a and u say that does not make sense?like u will know what makes is actually rumoured that some italian clubs wanted him.even cesena who felt santon would go back to inter.espanyol needed him bcos they sold both their full backs in jan and suffered


ypu mean you got banned a long time. It makes a big difference, and you are not aloowed to post in the new ones as far as I know.


Go away please. People are allowed to post at the new ones. All of them are allowed to do so. But we don’t need you here trashing things. Go back to those forums where you belong. They look horrible.


Actually, Makaveli, I do know what makes sense. The other teams in the Serie A wanted to buy him outright. We didn’t want to sell him. It was that simple.




again this doesnt make sense.and believe when i tell u i dont mean to sound offensive. but every team would AT LEAST prefer a loan b4 buying if they had the chance.imagine santos want to loan ganso hypotetically-:will milan refuse and say no bcos its buying or nothing?your guess os as good as min


No. They wanted to either co-own him or buy him outright (one figure as low as 1.5 million)… or have an option to buy. We only sent him back to Espanyol on a loan with no option to buy. This is the best for him as a player.


who is going to be are backup lb? – stupid bc once you loan they hardly come back ie Gorcuff.


oi y not trade taiwo for cissoko. Im pretty sure he has a passport. Or we cant do that since we just got him. Lol just thinking out loud.


good for him.. but not for us… i just cant get it why we splashed 4 mil for a young man and then send back to his former club rather than serie A club?? i hope G and Alle have a good plan to this catalan boy… 🙂

Pato Is Brilliant

Hey guys do you remember the the young Brazilian that we bought in winter 2008? A fullback just like Cafu, his name was Felipe Mattioni. Where the heck he has gone? Last time I checked he was loaned out to a Spanish club Getafe. Any news about him?


Hey “Pato Is Brilliant”!!!!
Do u know where Demetrio Albertini is?Is he loaned somewhere?Please stop looking for players that MILAN ditched.It doesn’t mean that if he was great at Gremio then for sure he’ll be that great anywhere.Those things happen 100:1.


Shevchenko is the best example of that.
Great at Dinamo Kiev — a god at AC MILAN.