Ten things I don’t want to see at Milan next season


AN ARTICLE written by Kay Delaverro.

It is almost impossible to open this site, or as a matter of fact any other site, without seeing them bombarded with the transfer market speculation. Milan has had its fair share of transfer rumors with almost every player in the world being linked to Milan at one point in time. Of course more recently, it has been narrowed down to Mr X, which has led journalists in the Via Turati guessing names and putting across strange mathematical formulae, about the identity of this player.

Whiles I refuse to be drawn into the identity of whoever it is that we are eventually going to buy; I will like us to focus on the ten things that I believe most of us would not want to see next season. I believe it is only when we effectively address this issue that we can confidently compete in the UCL. Either than that, signing 11 superstars may still be pointless.

Robinho: “Milan changed me!”
Milan “watching €10/15 million” El Shaarawy

1. Daniele Bonera

Yes I will not like to see Bonera next season. I used to be one of those that felt that fans were being harsh on him but it is obvious that he carries the jinx. He was signed to replace Jaap Stam but has been nothing more than average since. Poor positioning, lack of pace and his inability to read the game makes him the biggest liability in the squad that’s far. With Nesta, Silva, Mexes, Yepes and possibly Astori certain to be in Milan next season, it is pointless to keep one of the highly paid centre backs in our squad as a 6th choice.

2. Robinho’s misfiring

Statistics show that this has been Robinho’s best season in Europe. Winning the league and being the clubs joint top scorer is an achievement he had yet to boast of. However, the temperamental Brazilian has missed more sitters than the number of mediocre signings Juventus made last season. This may not have been felt much in the league since we won anyway; but it was his one on one miss in the first leg of the Ajax game and the incredible miss away to Tottenham in the UCL, with the goal at his mercy is what really cost us.

3. Seedorf the Trequartista

Shitdorf and Slowdorf, were just some of the names that the Surinam legend was called in the first half of the season, when he was criminally played behind the two strikers. Fans called for his head after the Udinese game and he put in an even worse performance against Spurs in the first leg of UCL. His new role in midfield however seemed to ignite his career at Milan and was useful in our push for the scudetto. If Milan is serious about performining well next season, then Seedorf’s role as a trequartista must be something of the past.

4. Ibrahimovic’s Indiscipline

Statistics show that Zlatan was our most indiscipline player last season. The Swedish was not only red carded twice, but also accumulated 7 yellow cards in the process. Milan may have been lucky not to have suffered so much during his absence last season but the highest paid player in our squad, (4th in the world) must do more to stay on the pitch if we are going to compete on all fronts.

5. Pato’s glass body

Pato will be 22yrs during next season and though it may not be his fault that he is always getting injured, I expect him to get better. The Duck has loads of potential without a doubt but injuries have definitely limited his progress as a true World Champion. If next season will be Alexandre’s real break out season, then he has to be made of metal.

6. Ibrahimovic and Pato’s inconsistency

Both are incredibly good strikers with talents on the ball that complement each other. Ibra has the strength to hold the ball down, whereas Pato uses his electrifying pace. One thing that they both have in common though is that they are both relatively inconsistent, Pato’s inconsistency comes as a result of him not scoring a single goal in the Champions league this season whereas with Ibra, he has only scored three goals after the group stages in the UCL in his entire career; 2 against Arsenal and one against Stuttgart. He also scored 10 goals in the 1st half of the season, but only 4 in the 2nd half.

7. Allegri’s substitution and squad rotation.

Allegri may have proven his critics wrong by winning the scudetto with Milan last season, but one of his obvious flaws was his late substitutions and unwillingness to rotate his squad, thereby resting some players in matches that are not so relevant. This policy of his saw the likes of Strasser, Merkel and Emmanuelson make fewer appearances than expected. Pato for instance got injured in the last match of the season, when it was of not much importance.

8. Cassano has gotta lose weight

Il Talentino di Bari is naturally the most talented Italian of his generation. He has obviously had a good season, scoring 4 goals and 8 assists this season. Antonio though has put much weight and one can believe this is one of the reasons why he had a rather indifferent season. With rumors circulating that he will stay, he will have to lose weight to get back to his best.

9. and 10 I leave to you; to add your opinions as to what you do not want to see next season.

Note: Meytar Zeevi did not write this article.

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you forgot antonini, he should race bonera to the exit door


I couldn’t agree more, he was consistently bad both throughout the season, both offensively and defensively.

Abate and Zambrotta are better on the right.
Taiwo, Didac and Emanuelson are better on the left.

I’d rather have Yepès playing as a wingback than seeing Antonini on the pitch.


Um a good article, but I have one problem with it. Allegri was actually pretty good making substitutions and with rotation.


Allegi was good with substitutions? Are you kidding? I don’t think he even knows that you are allowed to use three subs. If there wasn’t an injury he never subbed until there was less than 10 minutes to go, and almost never used all three.


You don’t have to make three substitutions every game. Many top managers don’t even do it. You usually make the third substitution if things are going bad. Please don’t respond to me with this typical nonsense. Your ignorant talk on Witsel makes me laugh. You’re wrong here too. Allegri made most of his substitutions around the 60th minute or so, as he should.


You are dead wrong, check the records, he almost never subbed that early for tactical reasons.


I’m not dead wrong. you’re absolutely clueless. Just like you are about Witsel.


I have to agree with wcsg….Allegri’s subs were decent…kind of. In the first half of the season, his subs were horrible. He subbed with less than ten minutes to go the whole time. In the middle of the season though, he started to sub a bit earlier to give the subs more to work with.


Actually I’ve noticed time and time again that he made subs around the 60-70th minute like any other manager. And in the first Inter game, he subbed off Gattuso.


are you serious have you watched any of Milans matches this season? Allegri is not decent in picking his subs. Thats a fact.

Dark Knight

I agree with wcsc , milanista and guest … he was pretty ordinary if not really bad with his subs…@giancarlo 60-70 mins? U sure u watched first half of the season? I thought he didnt even know he had 3 subs to use.. it loooked lyk he had sworn to not use subs before 70-80 mins..


I see u forget to mention Gatusso.
I realy don’t want to see him in our squad for the next season.Terrible pass,a lot of yellow’s and most of all his low speed in theese couple of years.If he can’t stop the action he makes unimmagionable fouls.
That is my view.


Maybe you would change your view if you ever viewed any games, because you are dead wrong. What you are talking about was the Gattuso from two years ago when he was not fully recovered from his ACL injury, last year he was very good.


Dude i’m a MILAN fan since 1991.I have watched most of the matches that MILAN played since then.
Don’t tell me that Gatusso is valuable.He is just lame and very very slow with terrible passing.He just runs until he tackles someone even with his empty head.
Gatusso WAS excelent few years ago,but now………..LAME


What I don’t want to see at Milan next year? Alex Witsel.


Why is that? He’s a Milan quality player and has great potential.


We don’t need potential, we need talent now. Milan can not take a year off to rebuild, this is AC Milan, they must always be at the top.


Who says we are going to rebuild? Use your damn head. Pato came to Milan with potential. Kaka came to Milan with potential. Abate came to Milan with potential. This is how it works. Witsel is a quality player, who already has played in the EL and CL.


I took my time to check on Witsel on youtube and i can confidiently tell anyone that he’s Milan class player. Our problem is, we r awaiting that very big name but remember Kaka was a nobody in Europe when he came to Milan. Witsel will do very well at Milan.


Sokratis came with potential. And bonera in his time! Also merkel has potential and you are writing against him.


Pippo, well that’s the gamble you make. Sometimes a player will make it, sometimes they won’t. I can confidently say that Witsel is Milan class though.

I guess we should pass up on every young player.


You cant say if a player is good or bad based on youtube videos..
In videos,they put the 10 best phases a player has ever done.. You dont know if he playes allways like that..

Francisco Vasquez

It’s impossible for ANY team to always be at the top. Not even Barca or Madrid, nor Man U

Dark Knight

hahah youtube..even heskey is class on youtube.. Witsel is good but too expensive.. U can buy Nasri for that much


Decent piece.

Forza Ibra.


Antonini:oddo I agree with all the race


i dont want to see we lose to inter


starting an old midfield…… and always starting ibra(even when tired and not performing)

Pato Is Brilliant

Excellent article dude!

#9. Dont wanna see Seedorf in the team.

#10. Dont wanna se Milan k.o before reaching the semifinal in next year in CL.


1.Another poor performance in CL. At least we must get to d semi final.
2.Another lost or draw against Palermo, we must beat them home and away.


gud atticle but something is missing, antonini he should go as he has refuse to learn despite all d chance giving to him lets giv it to emanuelson lol….

objective observer

You call this journalism or an editorial? It’s poorly written and offensive.

“shitdorf or slowdorf”, really? Is this article written by a 15 year old?

Clarence was absolutely vital in milan’s title push, he might be mired by some inconsistency largely do to age, but he doesn’t deserve names like this to be mentioned. Especially by a website trying to put a respectable spin on Milan.

Just because some kid writes it on internet forums doesn’t mean it’s ANYWAY appropriate for this blog.


That’s a good point. I didn’t pick that one up. Seedorf is a legend at Milan respected by the real fans. Only the glory hunters hate him.

Dark Knight

no not really people can hate whoever they want..all of San siro boeed him regularly in the first half of the season.. specially the curva.. try telling them they are glory hunters.. i have never been a seedorf fan ever.. but yeh his last 6-10 matches were good.


milan is the clube with the best culture of football every body noes dis we desav some respect lol…


uncle gali we need ur help.sign new players 4 us with all due respect.


maldini is the best defender ever please every player dat play as a defender must giv him some respect. humble man.


milan forever lets go……

Boban 10

Spot on Meytar! Maybe Antonini to, but heyyy i guess i can´t have everything (:

Mehdi Kaka

you forgot leonardo’s merda face


Great article by the way. I completely agree with all your opinions on what we don’t want to see next season. #9. Mexes’ in-discipline – as is the case with Ibra, if we are to expect that Mexes and Nesta will share their duties, then Mexes must be reliable and stay disciplined. 10. Milan’s poor performances vs English Premier League Teams – What is with Italian clubs not being able to win vs premier league sides? Milan’s loss to Tottenham was heart breaking, and our loss to Man U. in 2010 was more so “expected”. We’ve also lost to Arsenal.… Read more »

Dark Knight

very good points.. totally agree with both..




GangstaUnit99xx Clearly you’re 13 year old and maybe less but not more…


first of all my user name doest have have to G’s it has one, its spelt like this; “GanstaUnit99xx” second, i think you got offended because u might be ‘fatter’ than cassano and if u want to lose weight then “run fatty run” cos u will lose some weight then. third, at least i am not a fatty like u who was born like something B.C and is putting weight on every second, at least i’m young and i dont need medical-care every day and at least i can wipe my own ass by myself, but if u wipe ur… Read more »


Oh this guy again? Usually people who call someone fat are fat themselves. Grow up man.


No disrepect to objective observer but i truly think you are an i****. at what point was seedorf disrespected in the article?the writer states that those were the names that some fans called him earlier in the season which is true.why are u personalising it and calling meytars work bad journalism?should he have hidden the obvious fact and suger quote seepdorf bcos this is a milan site?i think u shd b more objective


i dont like witsel becouse he may be good but we need players that are either stars now or have the potential to be the best, ganso has the potential to be like kaka quality, montolivo is the best italian midfielder in my opinion, de rossi is one of the best dmf in the world, pastore is amazing and has potential, bale is exelent but i think it doesnt fit in the team, what i would like to see?

a midfield with ganso as amf montolivo and boateng on sides and de rossi as dmf


I agree. Meytar only referred to the names some people on this site used to personify Seedorf during his poor games. So why is everyone or anyone having an issue with the article or the author’s reference of Seedorf? These were 8 great points that I totally agree with. #9- Milan needs a more than decent back up for Taiwo as Antonini is also a liability and should be sold if possible. #10-Milan must invest in a quality midfield player or trequartista that will take the team to another level. Not someone mediocre like Menez or Hamsik. Either Ganso, Lucas… Read more »


I dn’t wanna see a milan without Ganso!


haha gay


witsel hahaha


true defensive mid hahaha


You’re a idiot. Go take your childish sh*t elsewhere.


why are u guilty i not even talkin to u or about u

it looks like u r guilty of something

please no fight peace

and dont be guilty


I’m one of the only ones talking about Witsel, and now you’re posting dumb crap. You did this stupidity before. You can’t even say why you don’t like the player.

Dark Knight

Why do u think people have to explain to you why they dont like witsel or someone else for that matter. You arent witsel are u? or his agent or his family? .. Even if u were still people dont have to explain it to u why they dont like someone.. Chill






some people no matter what protect their favorite (haha) players only and ridiculously talk nonsense about other good potential players even if he is phenomenon.
idont why i realy dont understand any CLUE
i am clueless hahaha


I have several players that I want to see at Milan, idiot. And others want Witsel at Milan too. It’s not only me. Grow the fu-k up.


wat ur problem please dont fight i cant bare u

as i told u if u r guilty keep it to ur self dont retaliate


Guilty of what?

For wanting a quality player at Milan? Is that my problem?

Go cheer on Juventus please if you like us signing garbage.


Pirlo went to Juventus to be fair.

Show a tad respect, Giancarlo. They have more domestic titles than us.

I’m not supporting them, but having a disrespectful “we’re the best” attitude really turns people off, and it’s not what Milan is about.


Pete, Juve has done next to nothing in Europe. They have two CL trophies…

Yes, we are better than Juventus. We are one of the most successful teams internationally.

Pirlo made a huge error going to that mediocre team.


Seriously Giancarlo u are the joke on the blog.and i think most of the readers knw that.u answer even when you,ve not been called.and common sense will tell u the seedorf trequartista point was not an insult.seriously how is it an insult


How am I the joke? You’re the joke. Why does he say that stuff about Witsel? He did this crap before. I asked him about it, and he never answered back. Why don’t you gain some common sense. Guess you don’t have any.


Ibrahimovic! feels he is the savior of Milan which is a pathetic way of thinks


antonini and flamini


instead of having argument on whom to see the way out, we’d better suggest ways that will help the team. we should tell the weak points along with mentioning strong ones.

we are to bring and create a situation in which they feel supported, not lonely


Ok enough of this fighting!!!

Ibra has two goals for Sweden right now. He’s on fire. What a great return to form. He’s in good spirits too. I’m watching streaming.. 🙁 But, nice goals.

Sweden 3-0 Finland. Euro 2012 Qualifier.


And Ibrahimovic just got his hat trick. 4-0 Sweden. He’s in amazing form… great return from injury. Smiling a bit too… not yelling.

Pato Is Brilliant

Cut Ibrahimovic’s salary into half. His wages is too much! I was shocked when I heard that he earns more than entire Napoli players. Now that is a point for our management to consider.


No. He deserves his wage.


No player honestly deserves the money they make in football.

No one.

The amount paid to footballers is absurd (athletes in general as well).

That being said, Pato has a good point on Ibra’s wages, however, we must also consider he already took a pay cut to be with us in the first place.


I strongly disagree. Players do deserve it base on their quality. I think the wage is just. So I disagree with you.

Francisco Vasquez

hey man, to be honest, they are ridiculously overpaid. If I had played as much as they have in their lives( youth teams, or choosing a footballer career instead of an academic career) I’m sure I would play decently as well (I’m not sure, just making a point here). I’s just a matter of practice. They just are truly lucky to work at what they want and that they get payed a lot, but the fact that they are paid in excess is a fact.


I’ve seen witsel live plenty of times, he is basicly the main standard player on the field, He is milan quality, but i’d rather have him on the bench just till he’s used to the Serie A..
But if i’m not wrong,
Everyone has his own thoughts, and i think Each and All of us want what is best for the team.. We are all Milan fans, so what’s the use of fighting ?


Seedorf was amaizing in the second half of the season


Bonera, Oddo, Oduamadi OUT
Didac Vila and Strasser LOAN?


What i really don’t want to see is Cassano playing as a striker (or second striker). By all means, Cassano has the talent and the flair of a Trequartista and can easily play behind both strikers. He just needs to increase his work rate and i believe he would do just fine… As for the left midfield role, i would like to see Hernanes from Lazio… he’s everything that Pirlo was and more (work rate and agility). It was confirmed that Sanchez is on the verge of his Barcelona switch, so i guess Giuseppe Rossi is not heading there anymore.… Read more »


Footballers earn more money then Police officers. That is wrong.


Do you know of anybody who pays to go watch policeman work, or spends money on buying a shirt with there name on it?


LMAO. So their work isn’t as good as a footballers? You can’t be serious. What about teachers? Not as important right?


Wages are not based on importance, but rather what you need to pay to get a job done. Basic Economics 101.

Francisco Vasquez

well based on your fact, then Ibra is overpaid, Cavani earns less than 1 or 2 millions ( if i’m not wrong) and scored more than Ibra, same could be told for Di Natale, or Van Persie or any other striker that isn’t over paid like Ibra. Just saying he is entitled to gaining more than many but 9 mill is absurd, with 6 it should be more than enough


Francisco, Cavani plays for a different team. Once Gilardino scored like 25+ goals a season… when he came to us he could not replicate that. Milan is a different kind of team then Napoli. We had three strikers that scored 14 goals each.

And WCSG’s response makes absolute no sense. That’s not economics 101 at all. I took economics.


I dont wanna see guys like Witsel, Menez, Aquilani… Silvio promised to bring a real champion and these arent champions… maybe they have talent and can be good in future but we need a real champion in team. We have chs in defend and also in atack but not between midfielders. Yeah there are great players but neither of them can win game alone and we need player like that. Something Like Schweinsteiger or Fabregas… I know im dreaming but he promised and i dont wanna wait 3 months watching each day new info about mr.X if that will be… Read more »


Raiola was in London today, and had a meeting with Arsenal. It was about Nasri or Fabregas 🙂


just get rid of the antonera disease aka (antonini+bonera) lol an add two quality midfielders then an only then will we be ready to win the CL once again


9- starting 3 defensive midfielders

10- 5th place Epl teams beating us up


What I don’t wanna see next season:

#1 we loose on derby againts Inter
#2 Inter get more title than us

yehez kiel

Guys this wage argument is the stupidest argument to have ever happened In this blog.. EVER! Ofc they deserve the wages they get, they put heart and soul on their training and matches.. Not to mention injuries.. If your going to complain about ‘undeserved wages’ its american footballers and maybe nba players too!


Allegri, Seedorf, Gattuso and Ambrosini


I feel strong that opinion about Bonera. He had a bad season of course. But played well in games. Against 2-3 games, he was really awful. But there are much worse in our squad (Oddo, Sokratis, Roma, Onyewu, Oduamadi or Jankulovski) who i don’t want to see anymore in the Milan-shirt. Even if i’m glad that some of them played here (Oddo and Janku was great in their first 1,5 year).


i don’t want to see milan lose against inter next year..i just wanna see milan get two victory in MILAN DERBY and sudetto again…

kaycee martin

I am a tru fan of d rosseneri,I want us to buy new and young playerz


I remember there was a time ronaldinho didn’t play for 4 straight matches. And when Milan were losing r10 or r70 would enter in the 85min