Baresi and Maldini praise “exceptional” Thiago Silva


THIAGO SILVA has received praise from Milan’s greatest captains.

The Brazilian has had a wonderful season, proving himself as the best defender in Italy, perhaps in the world and even legends among legends, Franco Baresi and Paolo Maldini, praise Silva.

Thiago has been compared with Milan’s legendary No. 6 many times and Baresi believes that Silva is indeed great, but admitting that it is hard to make comparisons between them.

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“It’s always difficult to make comparisons. In any case, I think that Thiago Silva is a great player, a great defender who’s proving his worth. He has exceptional qualities, so I believe Milan have found a player for the long run, a defender who has a bright future ahead of him,” Baresi told the press on Tuesday.

“Making comparisons is part of the game, but I think he must be himself, demonstrating his value as a player. Playing with the kind of continuity he had this season proves he really belongs to the elite.”

Paolo Maldini thinks Baresi is No. 1, but admits that Silva reminds of him.

“Certainly, Thiago shows that security that characterized Franco when he used to play,” Maldini said. “For one reason or another, when Baresi came off during the break or during the game, we all felt his loss and I think the same thing is happening now with Thiago, because he gives so much security at the back.”

“Physically, Thiago is superior to Franco, but despite that, Franco was a monster from every other point of view. From a technical and tactical standpoint, Franco was number 1, no doubt about it.”

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Pato Is Brilliant

Our Legends have spoken. Thiago Silva is the Best at the moment!



Baresi you played in the middle ages. Silva is playing now. He is the greatest.


Yikes show some respect to Baresi please.


Wow, are you stupid or just 12 years old?

milano siamo noi

WTF?? this boy surely never watched San Franco. no wonder, kids this day…they just open their mouth without even thinking


stupido, idioto, shut it


Wowwwwww. No comment.


Read all above comments once again! you deserve it!


Best player of Serie A. It’s a shame that most of the defenders are underrated. But people always care about mid fielders or forwards. They are always the best players of a team..

Bone chronic

4 me, t. silva is the best in the world @ the moment, for those claiming that vidic is the best, sorry, he got exposed at the weekend 4 his lack of pace just like our own yepes

Zakari (Chpter) Kano

Yes indeed when we talked of defence this year Silver has no replica. If their is name me just one.


thiago silva only needs to prove by winning CL, toyota cup and super cup with milan. by doing that, he will be remembered as one of the best CB in milan’s history. at this moment, barca is the best team in the world and the last match between barca and MU at wembley is probably one of the best match in the history of CL final. however, i will always remember that the 1994 CL final (when milan crushed barca 4-0) is the best final match ever! capello has showed that with 100% focus and determination we can beat any… Read more »


Leave those idiotic fans of EPL. Let dem say whatever dey like. Is vidic a name? He is not even better dan mexes talkless of great silva. And for madrid fans dreaming to have silva, he is unsellable even at d range of 100million euro. Same goes with pato. Silva is d best dis moment no doubt about dat. With good attacking midfielder, milan will teach barca a lesson again. Just like 1994. We shall see who laugh last.


@Ibitoye: Maradona also played in middle ages, so he’s sucked huh? I belief that everyone have their rights to speak up his mind. But saying moron things about our legend, watch your tongue ass wipe


I dont want see any EPL fans commets rubbish on dis blog again. Nonsense, dont dey have eyes? Why didnt them compare him with bonera. Can dat egg know as chicharito score in serie A? I will start insulting anybody who says rubbish about THIAGO SILVA again.


Baresi’s the greatest IMHO

Pato Is Brilliant

Hahahahal. Egg face Chichirato! Hahaha what a laugh! He looks like a gay to me. Just look at his girlish-face. Huh, Epl fans compare him with our Pato and some says that he is even better. In your dreams suckers!

Pato Is Brilliant

TWF – 2005 Istanbul was the best final match ever. Not for us but thats what neutrals and Liverpool stinker says. Barca and Manu match was so-so in my honest opinion.


Barca – Man u. Was a very bad match. I saw the game with two classmates. We all together sleep a lot. And just saw about 60 % off the match.
You are absolutely right that the best final was in 2005 at Istanbul (fucking bad result).



Chicharito? that rubbish of a striker? even our Paloschi is WAY better than him and that idiotic Pele was comparing Chica to Messi…..Gawd thats ridiculous


Pele in his recent years has gone senile. Of course I still respect him as a great player, but his comments are really just not very smart.

Maldini del futuro

How modest grand Maldini is!He doesn,t speak about himself because he is modest.Baresi,C.Maldini,P.Maldini,Christiano Maldini,Daniele Maldini,Silva and Nesta.The best defenders ever.I am a defender and my greatest wish is to be like hem.Hopefully be a teammate of the two Maldinis.Forza Milano,Forza Maldini!


wel,as we ar the most successful ftball club in the world we desave some respect.


we need to sign some powerful midfielders and also add a defender plus a sharp attacker who doest joke on the pitch.with dis europe shall be ours again.


who doest no we have the best culture in the history of football dat is why i so much lov this clube.


maldini is the best defender ever there is no doubt about dat lol…


please gali sign sakho naymar ganso and vadar for us plus drogba he is still strong.


Baresi, maldini, nesta and then thiago…wow wonderfull