Espanyol seek loan move for Didac


DIDAC VILA could make a return to Spain.

The young Spaniard joined Milan in January for €4 million from Catalan side RCD Espanyol. However, he found very limited time with the San Siro outfit, making his debut only this Sunday.

According to Sport, his former side would be interested in signing Didac on loan this summer. Milan are expected to agree as they want the 21-year-old to gain some experience.

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“Many teams are interested in Didac, but Milan do not want to sell him,” his agent, Mino Raiola said.

The player himself has hinted he could leave after the game against Udinese, saying: “I’m young and I have to play. It was hard to stay out all this time. This experience has helped me to mature.”

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then whats the point, if he will go on loan, itd be in serie a. we havent played him so he can adapt to it. sending him back would be stupid. didac is better off with us


l agree, we should loan him in Serie A


I saw his debut in Udinese match.

Loan him !!!

Yehez Kiel

i like how when i see the next match part at the bottom of an article it says “the season is over” lol

Pato Is Brilliant

Sometimes I really get angry with Allegri. He said that Vila doesnt have any Italian game experience, niether did Pato, or Thiago had but they were given chances and just look at them now. They both are an essential part of our team. Bottemline is that Taiwo and Vila should be used only from next season.


A player takes time to adapt. I don’t think Vila was going to be adapted that quickly. Plus we had Zambrotta who offered more defensive security.

Pato Is Brilliant



he’s only play once,give him a chance would u


Allow him to compete with taiwo.


Give them Antonini instead, so he can gain some experience, LOL. I will lose my mind next season if I see Antonini and Bonera on the pitch!


If I say Allegri is useless Milanistas will nail me to the cross. Can you see the decision is planning to take. You can only learn how to play by playing. Please sack him, at time, he looks confuse. Useless Allegri.


Wow. how can u say that, r u dumb. he just won the scudetto, so what if he made a few mistakes. Give him a break, its his first season. I admit i get annoyed at some of his decisions aswell but he has to learn. And he did great to build a milan which plays great football, solid defence and he makes the team press the ball. Please only coomment if you know what ur talkin about. XxX Pum-Face.


You can’t be serious? Do you have a mind to think with or are you completely braindead?


Don’t bother that moron sauce’s thoughts my friend. Especially when it comes not from human being.

Ali, SVK

What I believe we should do with our defence – IN: Mexes (done), Taiwo (done), Astori OUT: contract expired – Jankulovski (we knew that a long time ago that he will be gone), Legrottaglie; sold – Bonera, Antonini, Onyewu, maybe Oddo; out on loan – Sokratis (preferably to a Serie A team (Genoa?)… the defence would look like – RB: 1, Abate, 2, Zambrotta (3, maybe Oddo); LB: 1, Taiwo 2, D. Vila (3, Zambrotta); CB: 1, Silva-Nesta, then Mexes and Astori, plus Yepes as an assurance…And if we would desperately need someone because of suspensions or injuries then use… Read more »

Pete Acquaviva

I like where your head is at, but considering how many central defenders we used this season…I doubt that will happen.

Oddo will finish his career here, We’re too stubborn to sell Bonera (maybe he has some secret talent that we don’t know about because we never seem to get rid of him).

We had up to 10 defenders called up for each match, so I would expect us to have more than 8 total on the senior squad.


Sokratis, Legrotaglie and possibly Bonera I hear are on their way out of the taem.


Yeah, i agree. thats pretty realistic aswell. Should be our midfield: IN-Asamoah and Palombo or Poli(get palombo or Poli for cheap because samp r in B.) OUT- Gatusso. Milans Mid Next season- CDM 1: MVB, 2,Palombo. (maybe ambrosini in CDM sometimes) LCM: 1,Boateng(He swaps to Attackin-mid when needed),Asamoah(see whos better. him, boateng or emanuelson.) 3,Emanuelson(could play LWB or RCM if needed) RCM: 1, Ambrosini, 2, Flamini(could play CDM aswell),3, Poli(Give him a few games to help him grow) CAM: 1, Robinho(could swap between strikers aswell) 2, Cassano(Going to need him when in CL, when other players are tired) 3, Merkel(give… Read more »

Allegri is Great

@Ibitoye, Sack Allegri and bring in who to coach?? Ancelotti? Leonardo? Van Gaal? Lippi? Avram Grant? Benitez? Y’All are lacking understanding. The reason why we won serie A is because of the balls that allegri has to make tough decisions. We might not always agree, but I believe that they are working. Berlusconi and Galliani knows their stuff. Its a good thing we fans don’t have that much say in the club affairs because we would have ran the club into the ground with rash decisions. Its not our money, its Berlusconi’s money and he could do whatever he wants.… Read more »


Bonera doesn’t have any talents, let alone a secret one:):)

At least Oddo can cut hair :):)

Pete Acquaviva

And smoke cigarettes


Yea..he looks like he does drugs…poor guy.


I can’t believe some people here. Sack Allegri after he won the Scudetto? First off, Antonini and Bonera aren’t starters. They haven’t started for some time. Second, have some of you lost your minds? Sack Allegri? what kind of logic is that? For what? Not playing one player you like? I’m sure Didac will stay at Milan and compete with Taiwo. There is a reason why we signed Taiwo. We recognized that we could no longer have a lack of depth at the LB position. Management recognized that. Zambrotta while he did good this season was not getting any younger.… Read more »


Antonini’s terrible…he’s still awesome though!


Giancarlo well said. Thanks. Enkel cant you learn how to be responsible for once like Giancarlo. Perhaps Enkel is a stark illiterate. I can seen it written on the wall. Son of a bitch.


FYI, I was refering to Giancarlo’s comment not yours!

And I can be responsible but not for all the brainless,clueless and pointless comments like the one you wrote. am I Illiterate? you meant you couldn’t understand what I’ve typed? once again, that’s because you are brainless,clueless and pointless!

Just don’t bother me anymore, gay dog. now fuck-off!


Enough of this! ENOUGH! Enough of the stupid insults!

I have news for all of you: We just bought out Boateng’s contract. He’s 100% Milan player.


if Atonini or Zambrotta’s (or maybe both?) are sold then Didac will stay i believe


Zambrotta will stay with us until he retires. I don’t think Antonini will stay much longer though.


Ok. Enkel,Giancarlo and all other Milanistas that have provoked. I am Sorry. No more Anti-Allegri. I am sorry.


Good…..Truce atlast