Cassano set for crunch talks


ANTONIO CASSANO is set to meet the club to discuss his future, reports suggest.

The Bari-born forward joined Milan in January after falling out with Sampdoria President Riccardo Garrone but could be packing his bags once again as he’s not getting first-team football often.

With Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Alexandre Pato and Robinho all ahead of FantAntonio is the pecking order, Cassano is worried that if he won’t play regularly, he might be let out of Italy’s squad for Euro 2012.

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According to the latest voices in the peninsula, Cassano’s agent Beppe Bozzo will meet with CEO Adriano Galliani to see where his client is in Massimiliano Allegri’s project for the next season.

Milan intend to keep the player in their ranks, but the many clubs interested and the player’s desire to be in the Starting XI could see Cassano leaving Milan, the first club he ever won anything with.

“Cassano does not go away. He’s fine where it is and next year will play with Milan,” Bozzo said last week.

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Please keep him.


Keep him, technically sound


I think Milan should play Cassano some more. His talent is undeniable…Since Pirlo has left, Cassano is the most talented Milan player on the ball…What he needs to work on is consistency, and fitness and Milan would be almost unstoppable. Play robinho less until he gets the point that he needs to be more clinical in front of goal. Pato also has been dropping in form and motivation.


Milan need to offload Ibrahimovic. He is too inconsistent to be leading Milan’s offence. Milan should let Pato lead the line and have Cassano and Robinho in behind him.


We have to drop u (Anthony) as a Milan fan 1st before we drop Ibra…we would not be celebrating the Scudetto had we not signed Ibra, “form is temporary but class is permanent” ma for Cassano he juss need to pay well when called upon and lm sure he will get his playing time.;


Ibrahimovic is superior to Pato.


just by age and size!


I hate ibra…But Statistics counts sometimes. And in this case, Ibra has the Statistics going for him where the Scudetto is concerned. He’s won the league with whoever he played with. And that is important to Milan. I think we should keep him for two more seasons so that we can reach double stars before inter.


I agree. Ibra is a winner whether by luck or talent. The fact is that Ibra has won a title with every team he has played in going all the way back to Ajax.

Milan should keep him. If Milan strengthen the team with some key signings I believe we can win the UCL.

It would be a mistake to get rid of Ibra!


Nobody likes Ibra as a Human being, he’s a twat!

Lets be honest, he was the main player for the first half year and contributed so much to the team, I’d rather have for me than against!

People need to understand that!


I understand Cassano’s position but playing in Milan will still give him the opportunity to make the Azzuri team for the Euro.

I believe Cassano will deliver next season. The only player I would replace Casaano for is the incredible Hulk from Porto, Lucas from Sao Paulo or Alexis Sanchez of Udinese.

Pete Acquaviva

I suspect if we did get rid of Cassano we would sign a playmaker like Ganso and bring up one of the youth forwards for the time being.

The price for strikers in this market is absurd.


If we can Trade Cassano for some good AMFs then ok…but i’d rather keep him…!


Cassano and the word ” crunch ” in the same sentence? LOL


Yeah lets get rid of Ibra blah blah blah… our best attacking player… the guy who either scored or contributed towards 25-30 of our goals domestically. Yeah, that makes a whole lot of sense.

Some of you may not like him… but sometimes you just have to deal with it. There are some other attitudes in the squad I don’t like in particular, but that doesn’t take away from the talent the player may have.

I think Cassano will stick around for next season. There was some talk of him going to Fiorentina.


Which pair would you prefer:
1) bale and hamsik
2)Bale and fabregas
3)bale and ganso
4) fabregas and hamsik
5) ganso and asamoah
6) fabregas and asamoah
7)asamoah and hamsik

I would personally go with number 2 all the way(though it would be expensive)


I would go wth number 7… bale is so overrated and fabregas is expensive….. asamoah and hamsik are gr8 and fit in serie a ….. if not the it eould be number 5


maybe but for creativeness and power in UCL we need bale and fabregas, though they are both injury prone

Pato Is Brilliant

Cassano (out) —> Montolivo + Jovetic + €55M (in) =-> hey as long as Galliani is there cant I dream huh? Lol


Bale? I hope not…


Bale is overrated just cuz he shined in the UCL group stage and first half of the season….not worth 40m…..but would be a good buy if its like 20m-25m

Pato Is Brilliant

Bale? That guy why act as a Batman The Dark Knight? Christian Bale! He would be great rather than Gareth Bale. =->

No thanks dude, he would be quite expensive.

Pete Acquaviva

Especially since he just renewed this year with Tottenham


I dont think we should get frabregas cuz every time arsenal sell a player the player starts to suck like henry and flamini.


Who ever says Ibra is superior to Pato lies and must be sick. Pato is infallible. An heir to Sheva.


@ pato is brilliant Lol nice one

Ibra and Pato are both totally different players with way different playing styles….dont compare them