Player Profile: Andrea Pirlo


THIRTY-TWO years ago on a day like this, was born one of the greatest gifts that Italian and football in general has ever seen. It was Wednesday afternoon when the news were announced, the news about Pirlo leaving Milan. I felt really sad, not only because of his departure but also because I knew that he was no longer a perfect fit in our squad like he once was.

At the age of 16 Andrea Pirlo started his career in recently relegated Brescia, where he used to play in an AMF position.  After bouncing from Inter to Reggina to Brescia, Pirlo found himself at Milan. It was under the reign of Carlo Ancelotti that Pirlo discovered the position where he would attract the attention from all football fans around the world. Pirlo changed the definition of a DMF, who until then had to had mostly defensive characteristics. He created “a new position” in a sport where most of the times the brain of the team played behind the strikers.

“Il Metronomo” is one of his nicknames, and it describes him perfectly on the pitch. His ability to control the tempo of the game is notorious, and there are not many players not only in recent times but in the history of the sport, to have the accuracy and the technique that Pirlo has when he has the ball on his feet. As Lippi once said : “Pirlo is our silent leader, he lets his feet talk on his behalf “. He can put a ball on the feet of another player from 30 meters away, he can shoot freekicks and corner kicks as if the ball obeyed his thoughts, he can split a defense with only one pass.

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But Pirlo’s on the pitch attributes are not the only thing that he brought to Milan. Players like him, with his vision, his elegance and his technique come once a decade. He moves and plays whit such grace that he got another nickname : “Trilli Campanellino”. The last player I think that might compare in terms of talent might be his mentor, his idol Roberto Baggio or Zidane (not even Xavi nor Totti). He had a lot to show off, he had a lot of reasons and talent to be arrogant, but Pirlo never was. He always stayed humble, he always kept his integrity intact. Surely a role model to follow not only in football, but also in life.

He won many things with Milan and with his national team : Champions League, Scudetto, Coppa Italia, World Cup and other trophies. In both Milan and “La Nazionale” , Pirlo played an essential role, he was the motor of both teams for almost a decade.

With a palmarès that many would like to have but only few do and a behavior to admire on and off the pitch, Pirlo has been the portray of everything the game is about, everything that Milan is about. He is class and intelligence in the purest of its states. Its really hard to say goodbye, but he is smart enough to know what’s best not only for him but for the club as well, and I know that wherever he goes, no matter what other shirt he puts on, underneath it, he will be wearing his second skin : the red and black one.

Happy birthday, I hope you are as successful and happy as you were in Milan.

Grazie mille per tutto, Andrea. We’ll never be able to repay you for everything you gave us and taught us, “Maestro”.


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  1. We allways had a best defenders and defensive players.(Baresi,Maldini,Nesta,Rijkaard,Pirlo,Cafu,Costacurta…)

  2. But football is awful today l don’t any regista that’s nearly Pirlo except Montolivo and l don’t know who’ll be his succesor.

    • IMHO the best DMF right now are AMF that are adapted to play in the DMF role (Scweinsteiger or Wilshere for example)

    • not going to happen I think :/ it would be incredible though. I would lovee that Schweinsteiger came 😀

  3. Allegri is against playmakers. First dinho, now pirlo and he also said kaka wouldnt fit into the system.

    What is he thinking, winning CL with no playmaker?

    Galliani have closed all doors. No pastore,ganso, lamela, kaka, hernandes,hamsik, fabregas. They all are unlikely to join. LAZZARI??????? God shoot me

    • What are you on about, Shervin?
      Prince is our playmaker!
      You know Prince, right? The guy who did the Moonwalk!
      He’s a world class player….three goals and two assists is fantastic for our Trequartista.
      Too bad some fullbacks have more assists then our Prince.
      Forza Milan!

      • He’s not playmaker dumb-ass! he’s been playing there cause we don’t have a real talent for that role, get real will you!

      • Boa playing in the trequartista formation doesn’t mean he is a playmaker. In Allegri’s strategy the playmaker has been Seedorf who has played on the left. Boa has been a box to box that plays as a trequartista in order to give our forwards less defensive duties since Boa defends and presses on the offensive side of the pitch and Van Bommel and Gattuso take care of the defensive side of the Midfield, but Boa isn’t really a playmaker, that’s why some fullbacks have more assists than him.

  4. Andrea-fucking-Pirlo…..

    Even though I’m a new fan, it’s sad to know that one of the most important members of our team from recent years is now leaving

  5. It’s sad to see that one best player since I became Milanisti go to find another place to play..
    This feeling is same feeling seeing Sheva go to Chelsea and Maldini ends his career (I’m not know football yet when Baresi still playing)

    Goodluck Il Metronome.. Thanks for all..

  6. Allegri isn’t against playmakers. Dinho was total sh*t. Pirlo has lost all his speed.

    You don’t win the CL with playmakers. That position is phased out. Teams win it with attacking midfielders and wingers. You want to know why Manchester United and Barcelona are in the final? You think Busquets and Giggs are the reason? No. It’s players like Nani and Messi.

    Galliani hasn’t closed all doors. That’s a tactic. He closed the door on Ibra. And said he wasn’t coming 99.9%. And look what happened.

    So before some of you open your big fat mouths… please wait then make judgments. Berlusconi did badly in some local elections, so he’ll need a boost.

    • Dinho wasnt shit 12 goals 16 assist, he did hes part even though he wasnt BARCA DINHO. You expected way to much from him.

      Pirlo lost all his speed? Great passes and crosses dont come from speed. It comes from techique and quality.

      Busquets is a DMF not a playmaker. Also hes a pussy. Crying, rolling on grass, faking, hes just CRAP. Dont mention his name ever again.

      Nani? Nobody can say hes bad. Hes a real talent. But your wrong. Its more like Rooney and hernandez ALONG with nani. Nani aint no playmaker either, hes like pato making his own game on the left. Never pass when he should. It happens, but very rare.

      We lack that KAKA-style player. I wouldnt mind having him back on the team, if its gonna countinue like this.

    • I think you’re actually wrong. Playmakers do win CL. Barcelona are in the fnals thanks to Messi, Xavi and Iniesta and all three of them have playmakers characteristics, Man U are there because of Giggs , he has assisted in 3 or 4 of the las 5 goals United has scored, that’s why he has been a starteer in the CL, and Busquets is realy important in the Barcelona scheme. He does the same thing Van Bommel does for us, maybe u don’t apreciated because it’s not as obvious as Messi or Xavi, but the DMF is the most important role of a team. In the last decade there hasn’t been one single team that got to the finals without a good DMF

  7. Milan renewed Ambro 33 and MVB 34 contracts but not Pirlo? Very funny!
    Anyway, No matter where he goes, he will still be Milan Legends! Wish him all the best. you will be missed!

  8. You don’t win with playmakers??
    I think Inter won the treble with a certain Dutch playmaker.
    Sneidjer’s not that bad…wait, he’s the best playmaking AM in the world.

    Our CL win in 07 was won with a few playmakers tbh…

    • Pirlo is a deep lying playmaker. Hence my point is made. You wanted him gone. You said he was too slow. Now you want him to stay? Make up your mind, BOY!

    • Messi isn’t a playmaker, Xavi and Iniesta are! look how trash Messi when he plays in that role for his country!

      • it’s because his national team mates don’t play the same style as Barcelona, but in La Liga Messi is the player with more assists ( I think) right over Xavi and Iniesta. He isn’t really a true playmaker but he can play like a playmaker.

      • xavi and iniesta are shit this season.. and this comes from a guy who likes them.. its morely cause of messi-villa.

  9. Hey guy he left milan why u arguing.he left milan but his name is fixed on milan history.we should talk about new signing.i am wondred why berlu dont want to buy a expensive player.he say i invest 50m every year.but mr berlu abramouic invest 70 just in half of season for two players.we should be happy that other italian didnt buy big players.and at last i say buy gareth bale

  10. Enkel i agree wit u why don’t we sit our ass down and wait till d end of august and see who comes and who doesn’t and we shud all stp making dis useless suggestion about who will suit dis position who will not u guys are not d coach and dat decision iz left 4 d coach 2 decide.

  11. I prefer to talk about Andrea instead of the player who,ll take his place.Just remember his goals vs Inter vs Liv,pool vs Real vs Parma vs Chievo vs Benfica vs Porto and should I say more than this?
    Best wishes for architettura who even now that he,s being sacked by president Berlusconi,Doesn,t say anything in order to avoid disturbing fans who are celebrating the scudetto.How great you are and how cruel we.Grazie Metronomo,NO PIRLO,NO PARTY!

  12. I also agree with bleeding d red and black. And allegri is sometimes foolish. What is d fact of benching urby for flamini, merkel for seedorf. To me, merkel can play dat AM more prince and dorf. Merkel is fast, has good passing dan boateng. Although dorf is a passer but to slow to play AM. Boateng will do well in d 3 man midfield. Am i wrong? As for pirlo i hope we get is perfect replacement. I hope it is harnanes of lazio, he is amazing and young.

  13. I agree with bleeding d red and black. Allegri is sometimes foolish, what is d fack of benching urby for flamini, merkel for dorf. To me merkel can play dat AM dan boateng. He is fast dan boa, passes dan boa. Boateng will just be fine in d midfriend. Although dorf has good passing but too slow. As for pirlo i wish d best wherever he goes. I hope we get a good replacement. I suggest harnanes of lazio, fast, young, good passer, good free kicks.

  14. I agree with bleeding d red and black. Allegri is sometimes foolish, what is d fack of benching urby for flamini, merkel for dorf. To me merkel can play dat AM dan boateng. He is fast dan boa, passes dan boa. Boateng will just be fine in d midfriend. Although dorf has good passing but too slow. As for pirlo i wish him d best wherever he goes. I hope we get a good replacement. I suggest harnanes of lazio, fast, young, good passer, good free kicks. Guys, what do think?

  15. its mix feeling for us and Pirlo too.. he celebrate his birthday as the champion of italy with Milan but at the same time he’s leaving Milan, his second home. I love Pirlo just like i love Maldini, Sheva and Kaka!
    Maldini, Nesta, Pirlo, Gattuso, Ambrosini, Seedorf, Kaka, Shevchenko and Inzaghi are not replace-able in our heart! They’re the best ever

  16. @enkel don’t shit around Barcelona is playing 4-6-0 that is formation which Spaletti used to play with Rome .And in that formation Totti/Messi are set to play as ”imaginary CFs” but in fact they are playmakers who feeds their wing with balls.

    • Cool mate, your viewpoint is correct. But I’m not shitting around, Messi isn’t the playmaker at Barca, like Riquelme did at Villarreal or even Pirlo did at Milan. Xavi and Iniesta are. The metronome are them not Messi.

      • I know exactly what you meant by ‘imaginary CFs’. We actually have that kind of player, who is he? Ibra, who’ve provided fourteen assist for his team mates. and yet he still not Milan playmaker, just like Messi.

  17. I love AC Milan with all my heart, i cant say anything bad with them. Except one thing.

    We always been slow in process, maybe even the most slowest team in Serie A.

    We focus to much on the current time, and not the future.
    Our generation switch shouldnt take so long, and it only does because we didnt prepare at all.

    Look at barca, man u, liverpool, even teams like porto.

    They always have a replacement for a player, and fill up holes very quick.

    We on the other hand, its 2011 now. Still we havent replaced kakas place. Its gone more than 2 years.

    Sheva, it took us 5 years to sign somebody who is somewhat near what he was. And thats ibra.

    Leftback? FINALY we sign a player.

    Right back? Since cafu left, we didnt do a shit. Abate came from nowhere and saved us. This was just pure luck and thanks to coach who beleived in him. A year ago we was looking for both right and left back.

    Goalkeeper? I give all credit to abbiati he been super B. But wheres the future.

    Its taking too long for us, but im glad we woke up and realized we had to make changes and are in a rolling project now. But it shouldnt taken this long.

    Anyway I hope galliani understand theres no time for playing around, we have to act quickly if we want to keep the glory.

    • Actually, transition for any team takes his time, when Xavi Alonso left Anfield they didn’t had a proper replacement for him, Scholes and Carrick are aging and the only decent midfield they have to replace theml are either anderson who is injury prone of Fletcher, For Barca it took them about 3 or 4 years until Xavi had the same level as Guardiola. But I do agree that the whole Sheva issue was absurd, thank god we had Pippo who still was performing well.

      • So aquilani wasnt alonsos replacement? Alonso’s replacement came the same year he left.

        That aquilani didnt lived up to expectations, is another thing. BUT they got a replacement. Thats the main thing.

        • And wasn’t Ronaldinho Kaka’s replacement ? He came even before Kaka left, that Ronnie didn’t live up to the expectations is another thing. BUT we got a replacement. That’s the main thing.

    • The transition takes time. You can’t just throw out the entire team and replace it. Juventus does that a lot and they are stuck in 7th place. Juventus brought in all these young Italians… and failed badly. THat’s how your logic is… a pile of bullocks.

      • Once again your full of crap giancarlo.

        Why cant Milan do when Man u, real madrid, ajax, liverpool,arsenal, man city, barcelona do it?

        Why why why? And how dare you to compare Milan with juventus? Those cheaters. And for your information it took juventus which your are mentioning less then a year to replace nedved. They got krasic, not only that, he even look like his replacement.

        How long did it take liverpool to replace torres?

        Giancarlo just stfu please. “transitions takes time” woooooow your are soo smart dude. Ever heard of preparation? If milan had prepered and reacted in time it wouldnt take 7 years to win scudetto. Thats a FACT.

        You sound like 50 years old btw. Old ppl say things like “transistions takes time” By time, do you mean 3years? 5 years? 7 years? What? Its disgutsing when your trying to play smart, and not convincing at all.

        • Shervin transitions DO take time, before selling torres they were in contact with Suarez one season before, even if torres wasn’t sold, Suarez was going to be bought, Krasic is way overrated, and Liverpool and Juve are 6 and 7 or 5 and 7 (dont remember and don-t care). You need to be more patient, no team is able to stay at the top 10 years in a row, not even Madrid who have maybe the biggest buying power in europe and the world. This is not an Xbox or PS game where you buy any player and he plays as ex^pected, they need to get used to each other.

        • What a big pathetic idiot.

          Transtions do take time. Barcelona had their establishd players. Manchester united certainly kept their established players. As did Liverpool.

          Arsenal hasn’t won anything in 7 seasons. So give me a damn break. And where did I compare Milan to juventus, you messed up freak?

          All I said is Juve replaces all their players and wins absolutely nothing. Sounds like Arsenal. They kick out any players near 29, and that’ll be that. Remember when Henry left Arsenal? He went to Barca and ended up winning stuff.

          Liverpool replaced Torres with Carroll, and he’s total garbage!

          Everything you say is stupid. Nothing you say ever makes any sense. It’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. You cite Arsenal in your argument, yet you can’t see Arsenal hasn’t won anytihng in 7 years. We won trophies in 2006-07. Maybe you forgot?

          Why don’t you shut your fat face for a change? You have no clue about football. Everything you say sounds like a stupid person with no clue.

          and when was the last time Real Madrid won the league with all the players they bought? Oh that’s right Barcelona, with their MORE ESTABLISHED TEAM PLAYERS keep winning the league. You dolt.

          • Arsenal was better than us in CL by miles. Arsenal would WON the league if all the bar hits was goal, did you know that? Arsenal would have won the premier legue with about 12 pts. So are you talking shit about Arsenal?

            Liverpool lost 1 player and replaced him with 2 players. Caroll played 5 matches and scored twice and worked very hard. And yet to become better. How good is torres at chelsea mr giancarlo? How good is dzeko at city mr?

            Real madrid is 4pts behind the BEST team in the world.
            They won the cup over the BEST team in the world.
            Real madrid came to semi finals at CL and could win it if it wasnt for UEFA who is kissing barcas ass.

          • We won the CL last in 2006-07. Arsenal haven’t won it ever. That’s the difference. I’ll accept our recent record, but with the reality we still won it in 2006-07 over what Arsenal has done. YOu think I give a crap what Arsenal did three years ago against us?

            Arsenal are a team that boasts about individual results, but never have any trophies for anything. I’ll take the scudetto over winning absolutely nothing.

            Carroll has been garbage. Torres should have stayed put at Liverpoop. I don’t like Torres by the way. Villa is way better than him.

            Who the heck cares if Real Madrid is 4 points behind the best team in the world? It just shows La Liga is in such terrible shape. Sevilla was just downright awful this season.

  18. Be calm guys, everyteam has each character, barca,mu,madrid know how to attack with their squad.. We can’t push allegri to use treq if doesn’t suitable with his scheme.. Let allegri & galliani do their job, and we enjoy the victory.. #forzamilan

    • Well allegri have to learn to attack with support of attacking midfielders. Or else he will win nothing else than scudetto.

      We went from having 2 proper attacking midfielders kaka and rui costa to 1. After rui costa left we had kaka and seedorf. Now kaka is gone, and so is seedorf kind of.

      We are here with no attacking midfielder.

      Allegri cant rely on ibra and pato every single game and say he have the best attackers. It wont hold. he MUST play with AMF.

      • Bull crap.

        We have been playing with attacking midfielders… we have played Boateng as an AMF. People will dispute how effective he is, but he’s had a good season. You don’t really have a clue man.

        • We all know giancarlo that boateng played as trequartista as there wasnt any other options. But he isnt a real AMF, and yes he did fine. But still he aint no AMF. And once again we all know this, but do I have to explain it to you?

          A REAL ATTACKING MIDFIELDER, do you get it now?
          Are you going to argue with me now and say boateng is an AMF? Hes not, but a very very good midfielder.

          • More bull crap.

            THis is just getting old isn’t? Who do you suggest then? Kaka? I’m going to laugh…

  19. for all pirlo fans, be realistic please. pirlo has passed his best and allegri doesn’t include pirlo as part of his plan. to some extent i agree that pirlo has contributed quite a lot for milan’s success. on the other hand, i do agree with allegri’s strategy to utilize a STRONG defensive midfielder (DM) i.e MvB instead of pirlo. pirlo simply cannot defence well. that’s why ancelloti use 2 DMs on the LM and RM position to cover milan’s defensive lines. when mou coached inter, he knew that with 2 DMs plus pirlo on midfields, milan did not have creativity. what ancelloti thought about pirlo’s creativity as a deep lying playmaker few years ago is solely about the accuracy of pirlo’s loooooooong passing, in which the accuracy (imo) is arguably. (that’s why, until now i think that deep lying playmaker role is totally wrong!). after pirlo’s departure, i hope milan would play with possession football strategy like tiki taka rather than using long passing. i hate long passing. the summary from my comment is that long passing is the root cause of “pathetic” football.

    please also read my comment under article “allegri needs quality midfielders”. cheers.

    • NO TIKI TAKA!!! even though i dont encourage long balls.. id rather have milan do that cause i guess its in our blood.. if we have a unique play style we should stick to it.. not BS tiki-taka..

    • i prefer the brazilian jogo bonito style of play which i actually use at matches.. 😀 best play style ever!!!

    • I think you are the first person EVER that I’ve ever seen that calls Pirlo’s passing accuracy “arguably”. You need to watch more of his games because I really don’t know of any other player who is more accurate than Pirlo long passes wise. You say long passes are pathetic football ? I disagree. Tiki taka is not better than long balls or counter attacks. Barcelona are so succesful with the tiki taka because the game in spain allows it. Spanish defense is way weaker than italian defense. And I really wouldn’t like to see that players from Milan start faking fouls like Barcelna do. It’s a big part of their game. You say that deep lying playmakers’ role is wrong ?? then why almost all teams use one ?? Arsenal(Wilshere) Bayern(Schweinsteiger), Real Madrid (Xabi Alonso), Dortmund(Sahin), Lille(Cabaye), Man City(Barry),Man U (Giggs has been playing there) and if you see Barcelona play you’ll see that the player that has the ball most of the time or the player through whom all plays pass is Busquets, not always Xavi or Iniesta but Busquets.. It’s a position that is getting extinct not because it doesn’t fit the game anymore but rather because there is no enough talent for that position

    • no tiki taki man! do you want every team in the planet to play like barca? milan is milan. pirlo is the best , and i hope tu see him win trophies, even though im rossoneri for life. il metronome, l,architteto , forza pirloooo
      NO PIRLO< NO PARTY!!! ti amiamo!!!!!

  20. The drug addict Shervin is citing Liverpoop… LMAO! They haven’t won the fucking league in YEARS.. I think the last time was like 15 years ago.

    Andy CArroll has been shit.

    • I said they replaced a striker with 2 strikers. Dont try to be funny dude, where did i say liverpool won the league? Is your brain co-operating with you? Do you know what your saying?

      • You don’t try to be funny. Liverpoop hasn’t won a damn title in like 15 years before it was even called the Premier League… lol. You’re messed up in the mind. They replaced Torres with a Newcastle midtable striker.

        Andy Carroll is NOT world class…

        • Who said anything about world class? Your starting to sound very scary now, you need to see a doctor.

          Caroll is a very average player, just like your boyfriend flamini. As good flamini is as a midfielder so is caroll as striker.

          “Liverpool hasnt won a damn title in like 15 years?”

          How about FA cup 2006, league cup 2003. CL in 2005, UEFA super cup 2005. This is “not a damn thing”

          Stupid sorry ass freak

          • You’re the one who needs to see a doctor and get your head checked out. Andy Carroll is a pile of shit.

            I’ve said that many times. You are a moron as always. Always making up stupid crap to justify your stupid fucking arguments.

            And Liverpoop hasn’t won a LEAGUE title in 15 years. They’ve never won the Premier League, you dense syphilitic monkey. I don’t care for the FA Cup or League Cup. Moron.

  21. Hi
    I think its a mistake that Pirlo is leaving, we haven’t learned from our previous mistake when we sold Kaka, Pirlo at the beginning of the season was amazing but when he got injured he changed i know but its perfectly normal don’t forget Pato when he came back from his injury he wasn’t good because it takes time to get back to the level your used to, I’m really heart broken by this decision, as Milan fan i never thought that there will come a day where i see our beloved Pirlo leave Milan and wear different colors, I thought the feeling would be like when Kaka left but i realize its much worse.
    and what made it all worse million of times is when i saw the video of Pirlo saying goodbay to his teammates and he was so emotional he wants to stay, why decrease his wage? it won’t be the same Milan without Pirlo, a bigger blow after a big blow to the heart , first Kaka now Pirlo

    watch the video and you will know why I’m so emotional right now

    Forza Pirlo!!!

  22. dear Fransisco and all pirlo’s fans,
    i understand that you all miss pirlo so much after his departure. i have watched and followed milan since 1988-1989 when the famous trio basten-gullit-rijkaard came. i have watched many milan’s midfielders and i know very well when i have to make comparison about the players. with all respects, i agree that pirlo has something special from his skills. but i would say that he simply does not have excellent quality in defensive skills (which is the core skills required for a defensive midfielder). imo, the best milan’s DMs since 1989 are : rijkaard and desailly. full stop. not even albertini, ambrossini, gattuso or pirlo. some of you maybe don’t even know who alberigo evani is. fyi, sacchi prefered to choose evani than ancelotti in the first team when he coached milan. note that.
    for the best italian DMs i have ever known, i would choose dino baggio. antonio conte comes for the 2nd and di livio 3rd. unfortunately, they are all juventus players.

    last but not least, i wish pirlo all the very best in the future. cheers.



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