Official: Thiago Silva signs contract extension until 2016; Van Bommel and Roma stay until 2012


THIAGO SILVA has signed a new, long-term deal while Mark van Bommel and Flavio Roma are staying.

Good news at Milan as Brazilian center back Thiago Silva (26) has signed today a contract extension until 2016, possibly with improved conditions following his excellent performances this term.

Silva, who won the Gentleman award last night, has played an extraordinary season alongside Alessandro Nesta and is one of the main reasons why Milan’s defense is the best in the league.

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Mark van Bommel (34) and Flavio Roma (36) are also staying at Milan. The two players had expiring contracts but have put pen to paper and are set to stay in Red & Black for another year.

The Dutchman midfielder proved to be an important part of Massimiliano Allegri’s Milan while Roma still offers a good alternative to the goalkeeper and is staying despite playing very little.

Clarence Seedorf also had a meeting with Milan today. After the appointment he said “It’s alright.” The next meeting takes place next week. Tomorrow, Massimo Ambrosini meets with the management.

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Yehez Kiel

this arguing wont really happen if milan stop being cheap by giving away our players for another player.. just pay the damn money already!! btw EVERYONE young has a long way to go.. ganso, lamela, pato, balotelli, poli, even kwadwo still has a long way to go.. so stfu with that bs.. just say you dont want him or this guy is better than that ETC.


You don’t know what the heck you’re talking about honestly.

Yehez Kiel

whatever you say dude..


You can’t honestly compare Kwadwo with Merkel… that’s silly.

Andriy Shevchenko

Kwadwo would be great addition l would also love to see Merkel and Strasser geting experience but we should give Udine a half of their contract or better give them Adiyiah(whole contract) and Merkel(half)

Andriy Shevchenko

Oduamadi also would be great for co-ownership.


Nesta extended for one year according to reports and Inter is still mixing sh** they reportedly made an offer for Portos Fernando in amount of 13 million. Better get our transfers on if we don’t want merdas to take all of Milans targets thanks to merda Leo


From what I’ve heard, we wanted to shorten our squad list, so we probably won’t be signing anyone until we’re done with the contract renewals…