Palermo (4) 2 – 1 (3) Milan


MILAN are out of the Coppa Italia, after losing to Palermo 2-1 earlier tonight, following on from their 0-0 scudetto-clinching draw at Roma last weekend. In a game which Milan completely dominated in the first half, the scores remained level for the first 45. Palermo changed tactics though, and took a 2-0 following a slight error from Thiago Silva and a penalty conceded by Van Bommel all looked lost. Ibrahimovic then struck both posts with 1 shot, before scoring a late consolation goal, but Palermo hung on.

Massimiliano Allegri decided to make a few changes, meaning Abbiati started in goal, behind Abate, Nesta, Thiago Silva, and Luca Antonini, whilst a midfield trio of Mathieu Flamini, Mark van Bommel and Andrea Pirlo made up the midfield 3. In Attack, Clarence Seedorf was deployed, behind Robinho, and the returning Pato.

The Rossoneri should have had the lead within a minute! Andrea Pirlo was given a lot of time in the middle of the field, allowing Andrea Pirlo to play a superb long ball for Robinho! The Brazilian took it down very well, but unfortunately blasted the shot high and wide over the crossbar after not hitting it properly, despite a decent first touch – in truth, he possibly should have done better.

Inter to pounce for Boateng
Berlusconi: “I dedicate the Scudetto to our fans”

In the early exchanges, it was all Milan, and Mathieu Flamini’s shot forced a strong save from Salvatore Sirigu just moments after the Rossoneri should have taken the lead, however, 10 minutes in and despite the fantastic start Allegri’s men had made, the scores unfortunately remained level.

For all their dominance in the next quarter of an hour or so, the Rossoneri were unable to break down Palermo still. Although the home side offered little threat bat the occasional counter (most of which were dealt with comfortably) they created almost nothing, however, Milan’s play had not yet earned the breakthrough they deserved.

Whilst it was Milan who looked by far the more inventive, creative and adventurous side, and whilst it would clearly be Massimiliano Allegri who would be the happier of the 2 coaches with the performances of the teams, the score remained 0-0, meaning Milan still needed a goal to get through to the final!

Just minutes before the half time interval, Thiago Silva clashed with Luca Antonini accidentally, forcing Massimiliano Allegri to bring on Daniele Bonera, in the left back position.

The half drew to a close with the scores level. No doubt Milan were the better side, however, Pato seemed isolated and very quiet, while Palermo were still on course to go through as a result of the away goals rule! What was on Allegri’s side though, was that Milan were bound to score if they maintained this level of performance, and one Zlatan Ibrahimovic was sitting on the bench ready to come on at any time!

Palermo did well during the interval, because they made some key tactical changes, and it was clear they were working just 10 minutes in to the second half. It was clear that the Rossoneri weren’t pressing as hard in the first half, whilst Palermo enjoyed the larger share of possession as a result. Although Milan still looked just as (if not more) likely to score than Palermo, it wasn’t as clear cut in the first half, and a change was needed.

With 62 minutes on the clock, disaster struck for the Rossoneri. Palermo had started to dominate the game, however, unlike the Rossoneri in the first half Palermo made their dominance pay, and took the lead with just over 25 minutes to go. An uncharecteristic error from Thiago Silva (who had had an outstanding game up to that point) meant Migliaccio got a free diving header, leaving Abbiati with no chance.

Instantly, Massimiliano Allegri called on Zlatan Ibrahimovic, replacing Clarence Seedorf – a clear sign Milan were going for the win.

Unfortunately, the change did not do enough though, and whilst eagerly pressing forward, Milan left a 3 on 3 at the back! Ilicic was clean through, and Mark van Bommel tugged the back of his shirt bringing him down to concede a penalty, and to get a straight red card. Cesare Bovo scored the penalty and Palermo went 2-0 up.

Within a minute of the penalty going in, and Bovo was sent off! Cesare Bovo mistimed a kick for the ball, meaning he hit Pato in the head (accidentally) meaning a straight red card!

Cassano was then brought on for Alessandro Nesta! All out attack indeed!

As 80 minutes came up on the clock, Ibrahimovic displayed some excellent movement and guille to get in to the box! following a wondeful move, he squeezed the ball past Salvatore Sirigu, but it hit the inside of the post! Milan should have had a lifeline, but it hit the post, and then rolled across the line before hitting the other post!

Mathieu Flamini was the next to test Salvatore Sirigu, and Milan were piling on the pressure! were it not for bad luck, Milan could have had the match sealed in the first half, but didn’t, and now Palermo were on top, Milan were once more denied that bit of luck to give them a lifeline!

With 5 minutes of added time on the clock, and 3 minutes of injury time played, Milan got a lifeline! Ibrahimovic was found free in space, and Salvatore Sirigu came out, only for the swede to cleverly chip him! The lead was down to 4-3 on aggregate, but after the awful luck earlier, was it too late?

Sadly, it was too late, and Palermo scraped through by 1 goal, despite Milan’s total domination in the first half and the desperate piece of bad luck Ibrahimovic received with his chance in the second half!

Best Moment: Ibra’s goal giving a glimmer of hope

Man of the Match: Silva… he only put 1 foot wrong all game

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Yea it wasn’t a good game, we should have fielded a younger line-up… but this one again proves who our best striker is. Pato was horrible… Ibra played quite well… and deserved that goal. Hopefully he’ll have one against Cagliari.

Van Bommel did concede a penalty, but that should have been a yellow… not a red.

And Pirlo was downright awful. That guy is just a shadow of himself. I really don’t think we’re going to renew him now after that display. Seedorf is on his way out the door too.


pirlo can go to juve

ibra is still the best striker we have

van bommels red card was ridiculously harsh


If u take down the last man its a straight red m8…what do u mean Pirlo was awful? he was great, his passing was incredible esp the one Ribinho wasted..The one who was awful is Seedorf n’ hez gotto go..l think Abiatti was going to save us had MvB didnt commit that stupid foul..Finally someone has to teach Allegri hw to change tacticts and subs during the game. We all saw what Delio Rossi did tonight ryt? thats what we call tactichal n’ technical awareness


Pirlo was good for 25 minutes at most. He was terrible the second half and did next to nothing. The player is just past his best. What did I say about Seedorf? Please read what I post before responding please. I didn’t say Seedorf was good, he clearly wasn’t. Pirlo and Seedorf need to both leave.

Allegri usually does get his substitutions right. Delio Rossi has also made some serious errors this season.


dude pirlo was terrible, in the whole 2nd half his passes were not anywhere near as you say “incredible”, and its pretty easy to say that after the fact about abbiati saving the goal, seedorf has had it to, pirlo and seedorf are both out


Well, we have to consider that Pirlo hasnt played much lately, which means he doenst have the match experience that was needed for this match.




Close your fucking mouth, you prick. Did anyone ask you talk? Pirlo was good for like 20-25 minutes at most, then he did nothing for the game. SHUT UP ZAC.


wow, quick response, do you just patrol this blog all day douche bag? pirlo was great, that’s all i have to say. i’m not going to respond to you anymore but i’m sure the lovely people who visit this site would like to read what other dumb shit you decide to write down, so go for it buddy, criticize me


No but it seems you do. You had a quick response too! You don’t like my opinion whatever dude. Pirlo was bad this game. Everybody else says but you.


Time to say goodbye to Pirlo and Seedorf…


Abate and thiago rocked!!!!!!!!!! and still proud of you MvB……………..and once i saw bonera i knew we were doomed =/ sad…..lolz…….Grats Palermo and good luck!!!!!!


I thought exactly like you mate, we need to get rid of Bonera asap. He’s nothing but a jinx…


well now tht thts over we can get on with the Transfers
Galliani surprise us again like last summer 😀 (Kaka for 10m-20m anyone?)


Pardon my language, but that game was utter crap. Thank god we’ve won the league and signed Taiwo and Mexes, or I might’ve gone berserk.


i hope we will win super cup


On the contrary, I thought it was a very good and exciting game. We were unlucky upfront after dominating Palermo for the entire first 45 minutes. Ibra’s strike towards the end could have been a goal as well but instead it hit the two posts…and that’s just bad luck.

I do not think fielding a younger team in a game of this importance would have solved anything, on the contrary, we’ve seen Merkel rattled before and it’s not pretty!


No man. Even I will say it is bad, and people know how much I hate saying that. It sucked. Pirlo was terrible, and Seedorf well… I think he burned himself out the last few weeks.

But good point on Ibra. He was our best attacking player. Once again.


I think you’re being a bit harsh on Pirlo, I think he spread the ball pretty well in this game, slow, but well. I agree on Seedorf being a bit burned out. However, I couldn’t understand Allegri’s decision to field both Pirlo AND Seedorf at the start of the match. We would’ve been better off with only one on and one replacing the other later in the game. I love Pato, but he was nowhere in this game. Flamini and Abate should work on some 1-2’s, there’s certainly room for improvement for their understanding with each other. Abate surprisingly switched… Read more »


I’m not being harsh at all. He was good for 25 minutes at most. Pirlo did next to nothing 60 minutes of the game, and was lackluster. he didn’t care enough.

Our best players were Thiago Silva and Ibrahimovic. By a long shot.

8c milan

ok.. that’s that…. we sucked big time tonite… thats what happens when we play with seedorf behind the strikers.. or with the likes of pirlo and antonini… Pirlo is thinking more about not being a rossonero next year… congrats palermo.. forza milan…. oggi piu che mai


Bad management from allegri in thist match. But still excellent coach.


ALL of our transfer money should be spent on midfield.
Ganso,Montolivo,Poli,Inler, and Asomoah for starters…


WE NEED BETTER MID-FIELDERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Lass and Lazzari?


Pirlo and Seedorf went missing in the second half. Robinho and Pato were AWEFUL. Milan must sign a clinical finisher like Kevin Gameiro. Its clear we cannot depend on Robinho as a center forward. Robinho should play as a left midfield player. What a miss! Mr Allegri got this totally wrong. Urby should have played instead of Seedorf. Cassano and Ibra should have started or sub Pato for Ibra in the second half. As for Antonini and Bonera, well Let us hope that this is last time we see them. I knew we were going to loose once Bonera came… Read more »


Kevin Gamiero? Mehhh… we can do better than that.


Its okay because we won the league title, which is better than the coppa Italia. I know this is mean but i am soooo glad thiago injured Antonini, he cannot defend for his life. Bonera was okay but I rather not see him again. Pirlo i thought was decent, but i think he slowed down the game wayyyy tooo much. Seedorf should have played in the midfield since everytime he has, he has been amazing. I really think we should get rid of robinho, how many chances has he missed, not just this game but throughout the wholee season??? I… Read more »

Milan LA

I would like to thank Thiago Silva for injuring Antonini. That was the best moment in the match. I hope I would never see him play again for Milan. Palermo continues to be our biggest obstacle, they just know how to handle us wisely. They always beat us in Sicily.

And it hurts me when I see my beloved Pirlo playing like that..


I hate to say this, but im still gonna turn this lost to a possitive thing. This lost was good for B&G so they can open their eyes and fill whats missing in our squad. I was hopping that milan would win, a title is a title. But i rahter want CL trophy added to milans history than a cup title. Even though Berlusconi already said we are getting gifts, he will get angry after this lost and really fill up all gaps in milan sqaud for CL next year as he knows milan are on right track. But we… Read more »


Um you really think after this loss they would do that? If they were not going to spend, all they would say is “Look at our squad… it’s good enough”.

But no… for weeks they have been saying “We will continue to reinforce, and Mexes and Taiwo were just the first ones” (Paraphrasing Galliani the day BEFORE this game).


mexes and taiwo already for mounths back was milans. They come free. Do you think berlusconi meant those? It was a long time ago berlusconi smelled the smell of victory, and of course after winning scudetto he realized this team could go far, not winning the cup as both he and we thought will probably make him reinforce even better. How could they win CL when they didnt even win the cup with the same squad that won scudetto. So dont tell me that this lost wasnt petrol in the fire your dead wrong. But of course giancarlo you like… Read more »


I’m not talking about Berlusconi, genius. I’m talking about Galliani. Galliani I think it was two days ago said that “They are just the first ones and we will reinforce the squad further this summer” prior to this game. You really think they cared about this game that if we would have won it, that we wouldn’t get new players? You’re fooling yourself. Galliani and Berlusconi made CL football next season there goal quite some ago, and wanted to reinforce further. The Coppa is irrelevant. You’re wrong. You don’t know anything about what you’re talking about and it seems obvious… Read more »


I speak swedish, arabic, italian, english and french which a learnt a bit in school. So yeah i do read milannews and gazzetta. Also read swedish sites equal to sportsites like gazzetta. I visit there maybe twice a week. You on the other hand are there both those times i visit the site and you saying you cant visit due virus and bla bla thats BS. You clame its another giancarlo who respond me there. lol. Who said the cup was so important to win? Of course its a title, and it would be nice to win both… Read more »


I hardly doubt it. I don’t think you read enough. Apparently you don’t really have much of an idea of what is going on. I read the Italian sources, and Spanish sources pretty often. You’re on there pretty often… always and I MEAN ALWAYS commenting on articles. I can’t visit anymore, because their ads contain malware. It’s not BS. They had a lot more ads in recent times. Who says invest even more? We’re set with a budget of 70 million. This was mentioned before. I highly doubt they are going to change plans for this Coppa game.… Read more »


Our midfield’s average age is around 50 years old. That has to change!!!




It’s my opinion we should pursue Kwadwo Asamoah. Pay the 20 million for him. And plus he’s on an Italian team, so we won’t have to worry about EU status or what-not. The guy is the real deal. Ghanaian players are the real deal as we all know.

Kwadwo can play on the left and center midfield.

We need power in the midfield, he’s the right kind of player. Urby has a lot of adapting to do honestly. Kwadwo has already learned the Italian game real fast.

Two Ghanaians in midfield? I won’t object to that!


he is the midfielder for udinese right?

Pato Is Brilliant

Not a good match at all. Ibra should had started the game from the start. Robinho’s finishing will never improve, never! That guy is awful in front of goals, my 9 years old little sister is a way better finisher than this stupid Brazilian! Pato is brilliant, but he was terrible tonight. Merely was his fault but I would blame our midfield the most. Our strikers always struggles whenever Mr. Turtle Seedorf plays as a Trequartista (Now I have spelled it correctly). Our midfield was slow, stupid and rigid. I mean, what was Allegri thinking to deploy Van Bommel, Pirlo,… Read more »


Allegri’s a moron..that’s why.
I hear he’s just started his third semester at Coverciano…lmao


Oh shut it. Allegri won us the scudetto. Show some respect.


Allegri didn’t win us the Scudetto.
Our players did.

Pato Is Brilliant

Thiago Silva made a mistake after a long, long while! His last fault was against Roma in San Siro last season, the match that we won 2-1, in which he was beaten by Menez and the Frenchman scored. But no matter what, Thiago is the best defender! We are so lucky to have him.


oo my goodnez…what happened?i thought we would win this this mean inter will win coppa italia?i totally disappointed with AC today..


Milan should absolutely make big changes in summer. Milan need a new center back and the best one should be Wellngton GUM or Simon Kjaer and in midfield we should get one creator midfielder like Riccardo MONTOLIVO or Andrea Poli or Michael Essien who could play as defensive and creator midfielder, and one defensive midfielder like Francisco FERNANDO or Alex Song or Lass Diarra or Yann M’vila or Moussa Sissoko or Stéphane Mbia. And as attack midfield we should Paulo Henrique GANSO or Erik Lamela.






Problem. Fernando is non-EU. Gum is non-EU. So that won’t happen.

We should get Mascherano instead of Fernando.


Once again excellent choice giancarlo!! With mascherano paring up with flamini and van bommel behind them we gonna have the most disgusting midfield ever. absolutely fantastic midfield. flamini can then make his two footed tackles while mascherano is crying at the same time hes rolling on the grass and while bommel collecting a red card for something silly due his slow legs Do you how many ppl would hate our team if also that swimp arrives at milan. you like hard guys giancarlo, i noticed that. this isnt ufc, this is football where speed,technique,playview also matters. which your super midfield… Read more »


Mascherano is a very good midfielder. He may dive, but I’ve seen many players do it. Abate had quite a dive today against Palermo… Mascherano played good against Madrid, regardless of that antics. What the hell is wrong with you anyways? You have no consideration of this team. You know nothing about the rules in Italy either. Fernando and Gum cannot come to Milan. I wasn’t even addressing your sorry self. And your bashing on Van Bommel is ridiculous. He’s been vital this half of the season and has put in many great performances. I don’t think you even watch… Read more »


Van bommel have been the king of our midfeild. No doubt, but he been that because milan been too slow finding younger and better players, thats why. Again bommel been excellent, but i dont like his playstyle, who does? way too slow minded and slow legs. who talked about gum? and hes a defender for your information. in todays football there are so many good midfielders both defensive and central. but your fantasy midfeild flamini-bommel-masch is just headache. because non of them have speed or technique. Ok there are some defensive midfielders that are slow but still are amazing because… Read more »


I’m going to write this very clearly so you can understand. I wanted Mascherano so he could rotate with Van Bommel. Van Bommel cannot play all the games of the season. I would also like Montolivo. I know Gum is a defender you idiot. I was responding to the poster. You responded to my post. I said Gum did not have EU status. No, my midfield would be Boateng-Bommel/Masch-Montolivo. It’s not fantasy football. It’s entirely possible. I think you suffer from language problems and reading comprehension issues. You choose not to read parts of my posts that’s because you know… Read more »


honestly guys go easy, the players were still hungover. it isnt easy to play a game 3 days after another especially when we had boateng out and gattuso sent off. plus palermo is our bogey team. im just happy we finally won the scudetto after this long and i just hope roma beat inter and win the coppa italia as i HATE PALERMO AND INTER


Burned out. That was Seedorf’s problem. He’s done. I appreciate the last effort he put in recent weeks, with his two goals in league games. But he’s burned out.

And I think Pirlo is finished…


@Giancarlo…If not Kevin Gameiro then who should we go for? Inzaghi will most likely be here next season, so will Ibra, Pato, Robinho and Cassano. Beretta is still young and needs time to grow. So which top class striker can we go for thats better than Kevin Gameiro that will accept sitting on the bench? I’m Just curious to know because I cannot see any top class striker sitting on the bench behind Ibra and Pato. I chose Kevin Gameiro because he is a very clinical finisher in the penalty box and he wouldnt create a fuss since he is… Read more »


Since when was Kevin Gameiro a top striker? And since when would Gameiro come to Milan to sit and warm the bench? He’s scoring a lot for his team… and playing every game.

We’re not getting a striker like Gameiro to warm the bench. Get real. Gameiro would cost like 20 million too. A 20 million bench warmer? Good luck with that.

Gameiro wouldn’t come to Milan to accept sitting on the bench. Huntelaar wouldn’t even stay.


Firstly I never said he was a top striker.He has scored 20 goals so far this season for Lorient-a mid table team. if you watch the French league you would know that he is a clinical finisher who would NOT miss all those chances Robinho has missed all season. Secondly you said we could do better than Kevin Gamiero in signing a top striker. I asked you WHO is that top striker that you have NOT mentioned that would be better than my suggestion. Kevin Gamiero would not cost more than 15mil NOT 20mil as you suggested! My point is… Read more »


Yes but will he come to Milan to warm the bench? I don’t know Gamiero’s attitude, but I’m pretty certain he will not accept playing third or fourth role. He’ll go to a team that needs him more.

I would suggest bringing back Paloschi… or possibly buying Nicholas Bendtner.


Who’s Gameiro????


well apparently according to nick, hes a clinical finisher, he plays for lorient in france


mayb pirlo shud just leave milan as he is no longer appreciated by the fans. In the 1st half milan dominanted and pirlo was instrumental, but cum 2nd half mvb was exposed as palermo exposed his true age. Its easy 2 say players shud leave but i truly believe pirlo was one of our best players, yet flamini despite his youth simply didn’t pitch. Pirlo brought creativity 2 a very predictable midfield, the chance robinho missed as well as zlatan hitting the post was throug pirlo’s vision and he still has 2 regain match fitness. Allegri is 2 defensive minded… Read more »


Despite Van Bommel getting sent off today, he’s been vital for us this season. How many here agree with me? Apparently Shervin thinks he’s shit. It just shows SHERVIN doesn’t watch Milan. Van Bommel is a world class player… his passing is immaculate. I’m glad Galliani got him because the way he covers the midfield is excellent. What happened today was obvious… Seedorf and Pirlo cannot play together at the same time anymore. It left us vulnerable to counter attack. And according to Shervin we cannot have any defensive midfielders. Boateng – Van Bommel/Masch (Rotate) – Montolivo: This would be… Read more »


with as vital ibra was during the first half of the season i think van bommel was just as vital the second half of the season, granted hes had a couple games where he was adjusting to the italian game but he was a vital part of us winning the scudetto, he does alot of commanding and directing in the midfield, but van bommel has been that rock in the midfield


is commercial allowed here? and if it is giancarlo try to sell your things you dont need here, you would be way more sucessful than doing commercial for yourself lol

and i been saying bommel been king of midfeild many times, it just that hes way too slow both in legs and mind and milan derserves a more classy and faster midfield


What am I selling, clown?

This guy is a moron. Van Bommel can anchor the midfield, next to two faster midfielders. One can be Boateng and the other Montolivo.

He doesn’t even know what I’m talking about. He doesn’t even read. He refuses to read. I think he has MASSIVE reading comprehension problems.

I’ve sat here and said we need more midfielders. We need Mascherano as an understudy to Van Bommel. We need Montolivo to replace Pirlo. We need to put Boateng into midfield.

Why the fuck is what I’m saying so hard for you to understand?


that’s ok, scudetto is enough for milan this season 🙂


we had the chance to win a domestic double, Max has a winning team he can stick to and he needs to realize a Pirlo-Seedorf cant work anymore in Milan.
Robinho ineffectiveness in front of goal is giving me worries despite his hardwork, he looses goal to much, i never expected much from Pato also cos the formation will simply fade him out. it was so painful yesternight

Forza Milan


exactly the last part you said doesnt appear to be problem for some here.

the reason why our strikers pato,ibra,robinho struggles to get goal chances is because of a slow minded and slow footed midfield. and one of them is bommel, the other one is flamini the third could be marcsh if somebody got his wish through


You don’;t even know how to read you douchebag.

I want Montolivo and Mascherano. Boateng-Masch/VB-Montolivo would be the ideal midfield for me.

Someone ought to show you how to respect others and stop misspeaking for others.

If It was up to you, we would play with no defensive midfielders. Obviously cause you’re a big moron.


giancarlo the reason why i’ve opinions on your posts is that you want to replace shit with shit. you want to replace a bad apple with another bad apple.

you want what? rotate marsh with bommel? wtf?? they are the same, both slow, both slow minded, both ultra hard defensive, both no playview, both no technique.. etc etc

apart from your fantastic bommel/marsch rotating system you want to add exactly another player beside them (flamini) who also no speed, no technique, no play view etc.

comprende amigo?


This just goes to show you don’t know how to read. I’ve also suggested Kwadwo Asamoah. That guy is linked to every team in the world, including Real Madrid and Barcelona… so he’ll be hard to get. You’re a moron. I’m not saying we need to replace “shit with shit”. You don’t even know what you’re talking about. And onto your moronic point about Van Bommel. Van Bommel is immaculate passing, and is very defensive yes. That’s required in a midfield. To have a defensive midfielder. I can recall every major team has a defensive midfielder to do the dirty… Read more »


Robinho, Flamini and Pirlo have to leave!!!! Ibra was great, but couldn’t save us. 🙁


why does GIANCARLO like politicising issues like that.immediately after the game u post ibra is our best forward,pato isnt bla bla..stop creatinv divisions here.IS THIS NOT IBRAS SECOND GOAL IN THREE MONTHS?when was the last time he scores a league goal?5yrs now we have not beaten palermo at sicily so stop the crap.when has pato shined with seedorf behind him?ivery much agree on kwadwo asamoah though bt if udinese make cl it could be difficult


Where the hell am I politicising issues? Get real man. You need to relax and stop attacking me. Every moment there is a new post here insulting me. How do you expect I react? Ibra has had several assists. But he’s been suspended some matches so how would you know? All Pato scores are tap-ins (sad reality).

You don’t like my opinions don’t respond to me. That simple.


agree patos goal against napoli was the tap-in goal of the year. pato is finished right? he should leave us (sadly)


I didn’t say he should leave us, moron.

I said he has a long way to go. He needs to improve on his work rate too.


no he shouldnt. pato aint no midfielder, he shouldnt go all the way to our defenders to get the ball. this guy is fast like a plane, he shouldnt use his energy running after the ball. he should receive decent balls to work with, and it wont happen with todays midfeild or the midfeild you are talking about. pato needs to pass the ball more often though. btw do think montolivo is zidane? hes a very average player, watched his games many times. just like poli. I love how some think poli is the new pirlo just because their name… Read more »


I never said he should go all the way to our defenders. You’re so dense you don’t even understand what I’m saying. He needs to improve his passing, and work rate like many other strikers have. Messi has a great work rate. David Villa has a great work rate. Drogba used to have a great work rate, but now he’s getting older. Milito did too (last season for Inter). Pato needs to improve on several times. But it’s just you who refuses to recognize reality. He has a long way to go before he’s considered world class. I think he… Read more »


This site is about AC Milan and not about some guys coming here to ridicule each other. Let us express our views more sensibly and stop picking at each other like kids. Make positive opinion and move forward.


yeah pato scores ONLY tap ins and inzaghi scores long range.pato and ibra both score 14 league goals despite pato only starting 17 matches,11 of which he played full games whiles Iba has started 29 and finished 26,he was subbed once and 2 red cards..figures dont lie


I never said Inzaghi scores long range. What’s wrong with you? Ibrahimovic scores long range goals… some rather incredible ones. Like that one against Lecce which I couldn’t believe. Figures don’t lie? Ibra also has 15 assists (in all competitions) dipwad.


Gaincarlo : you do nothing for milan….pirlo is the best…he has do anything for milan and just talk more do nothing….its funny…if you say pirlo finished.. u do nothing….ur opinition is rubish…we have no repect to u…


That’s my opinion. If you don’t like it you don’t have to respond. Pirlo was one of my favorite players, but he is past his best. It’s just reality.

Pato Is Brilliant

Pato scores only tap-ins? Get real man. What do you want more than him? He is our joint topscorer along with Ibra despite only starting 17 matches. He was the man in the most crucial game against Napoli and Inter, which boosted our chances for clinching the Scudetto. Though his 2 goals in derby were simpy tap-ins, but credit goes to him for being at a right place at right time and scoring goals, unlike stupid Robinho who cannot even score tap-ins. You cannot deny his amazing goals against Chievo and Napoli. If you watch the game of Higuan, Benzena… Read more »


Amazing goals? Those were not amazing goals. Ibrahimovic scores amazing goals. Pato has a long way to go. He needs to improve his poor work rate and terrible passing… our two best strikers right now are Ibra and Robinho, who seem to work better together.


yess i agrre with ‘pato is briliant’ our defence won the league for us..thats why we couldnt even get past totenham……..and pato is only improving wyl robinho is loosin it.. giancarlo has lost his brains.he doesnt think!!!!!


Robinho isn’t “losing it”. Clueless one. He’s responsible for the build up in our plays. His movement is second to none. Robinho is the guy that made Maicon look like a clown. Pato needs a lot of improvement.


I don’t know why everyone’s saying that Pato did horrible today…

IMO Pato was very tidy with his passing a little more so than other games this season. Made decent runs during some points of the game, but unfortunately didn’t find himself in good positions enough to score. If anything, this game proved that we NEED a creative playmaker at Milan.

Seedorf was highly ineffective today. Pirlo was decent in attack, but horrid on the defensive side; no pace, and no will to even track back.


Nigeria stand a beta chance of invading Russia than we stand with winning a match with Bonera…..dat guy is evil….he should go to a SerieB club….those saying Seedorf should stay 1 more season should hav their head re examined,his form can drop as dramatically as it improved……we really nid a creative atacking midfielder….a new Rui costa will help us win the champions league next season…FORZA MILAN!!!


Would like you guys to show some respect to one another. Argue with maturity you can’t make people accept your view if they ain’t interested. Pls guys RESPECT please. we can agree to disagree often because of our years of cumulative experiences which will differ from one person to the other. pls let this name calling and mud throwing stop,is beneath you guys. We all have one denominator which is milan. Much love…


Pa-Ka-Ro nuff said!


Boateng wouldn’t start in my dream formation lmaoo….

Yehez Kiel

what are you talking about..?




Fantasy Football time!!!

Modric,VDV,Montolivo,Llrois,Astori,and Balotelli.

Can you say, ” 2012 UCL Winners “? Unless the world ends, then we’re screwed.


ohh.he made maicon look stupid by diving??? oh please u nid to get ur brain re-examined..and of course,maicon aint dt gud again..and yes pato can only improuve…mehn,when did u start watchn football fool?? did you know the robinho of madrid?? how many assists did robinho supply last season?? whats robinho shots to goals ratio?? a 100 to 1?? you need to start thinking fool!!!!!!!!!


robinho for santos, brazil and milan had a total of 24 goal and 5 assists,and a total of 137 shots and 55 shots on goal, if you have a calculator handy you will see that he scores a a goal for every 5.7 shots, but he scores one goal for 2.2 shots on goal, throwing in his assisted goals robinho creates or scores a goal for every 4.7 shots, and creates or scores a goal for every 1.89 shots on goal, far off your grossly exaggerated 100 to 1 ratio, you sir are just a hater


This guy is a clueless clown. I don’t even know what he’s talkign about. He speaks in completely broken English. Robinho did several step overs and nutmegged Robinho like 3-4 times… you don’t even watch Milan so how would you know? You know NOTHING about football period. You are the one who needs to start thinking and stop being a complete moron.


we cant even win the champions league next season..lets face the fact..we will win the league though and i hope we get a decent run in the champions league


Go away you stupid Inter fan.