Inter to pounce for Boateng


KEVIN-PRINCE BOATENG is a target of Inter.

According to Sky Sport Italia and il Corriere dello Sport, Inter Milan have a new target – Rossoneri midfielder Kevin-Prince Boateng who is currently co-owned between Milan and Genoa.

The Nerazzurri are willing to sign a dynamic midfielder and they are believed to swoop for Boateng, should Milan and Genoa don’t reach an agreement over a definitive transfer.

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Boateng suggested that the things he desires most is a contract with Milan but it remains unclear whether he will stay or not, despite Milan claim that he will stay in Red & Black next season.

Genoa Chairman Enrico Preziosi said yesterday that he will not give gifts to Milan, but il Diavolo Sporting Director Ariedo Braida told this week that Boateng will be bought this summer.

Milan have already made to summer signings: Philippe Mexes and Taye Taiwo.

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miguel sensacion

whatever happened to that annoucement about 2 weeks ago that he was officially a Milan player . . The other half was a supposed 8 mil. . .


Boateng is nolonger co-owned..hez a Milan player since we won the scudetto, Genoa are receiving 8mil..




is this in response to galliani saying he wanted to sign eto?cos this does not make sense


Yeah this is rubbish. On to something more important – Trequartista – Ganso doesn’t look likely, Kaka is being sweetened up although I don’t know what impact he’ll bring other than a lack of speed. I would love Lamela to join it’s just he wont get immediate first time action like the two Brazilians would. I don’t think Lazzari is a good idea, as he’s good but not Milan quality. Honda wouldn’t be a bad idea, just make sure he’s relatively cheap, and I’d love to see a secret swoop for an Italian like Antonio Candreva 😉 Forza Milan


Believe Braida. 7 million will be paid. This is a rumor made by the papers once again. Braida and Galliani will purchase him.

Don’t believe this rubbish. Inter is just mad they couldn’t win the Scudetto. Plus the player would have to agree… and Boateng wouldn’t do that.

Makaveli, Galliani said he wanted to sign Eto’o in 2009. That’s a different story.


it was a rhetorical question for Christ sake..we all know there is no analysis…i wonder who will take our non eu slot


calm the heck down.

Mehdi Kaka

merda nerazzuri

Morrati is a donkey, leonardo is a monkey and Inter club is a forest whom full of animals





if they put inter and t silva and want in the same sentence. there will be a massacre.

they look at prince and they are finished


almost laugable


Recently Inter copy cat milan in terms of transfer targets


I just can’t stop my HAHAHA when I read this rubbish..


I’m getting slightly nervous cause recently Inter made same transfer targets as Milan according to several reports. GET UR OWN TARGETS MERDAS AND STOP MIXING SHIT!


lol Merdazzurri is so funny!!keep dreaming…


there many emotions running 2ru ma mind with this BS story, I can even put dem down…WTF


this is just leonardo being the kid he is. he is going after every Milan target now he is also going after Milan players lol you stupid fruit cake leonardo!


This article sounds like it was written by a Inter FAN! What a load of rubbish!

Yehez Kiel

meytar is obviously a milan fan you Dumbass.. but if you meant corriere dello sport and sky sport italia.. then yes! the writer is a merdarista

Pato Is Brilliant

Huh, in your dreams Inter!


haha saw this and i was like no way inter dont even need boateng, for one and milan would play the money for him after what he has done this season as for a playmaker again i would take kaka over ganso there speed is about equal (yeah it seems kaka is slower but kaka playys around faster players as ganso plays around slower player) you watch them get down the field they are about the same speed (ganso is just a lilttle faster) but ganso doesnt have the world class skill to beat defenders like puyol or ramos maicon… Read more »

Pete Acquaviva

Their speed is not equal at all. Ganso is a far more static playmaker than Kaka was.

Furthermore, the way Kaka broke down defenses was through slalom runs, the way Ganso does it is through free kicks and through killer passing.


agreed he is more static but if oyu look at the games themselves its hard to ell a diffence between his speed and dinhos speed (and we all know dinhos speed) and yeah i think he would be the best move if milan had time to work with him but they dont they need a playmaker who is ready for next season and can fit right into milans setup again to me (i can be wrong unlike giancarlo) it seems kaka would fit more and wouldnt have to adjust to the italian ways of football and is a little more… Read more »


I’ve seen Santos enough to tell you that Ganso is way faster than Dinho. I don’t know what YOUTUBE videos you have been watching. I’ve seen actual games. He’s a very fast player. It’s false to say he isn’t fast. He’s not as fast as Messi true, but he is quite fast. And a very technical player.

Who says Ganso won’t fit into Milan’s setup? This is baloney. You speak in absolutes and you have no proof for anything you say.


and again you look at milan you already have ibra pato and now taiwo wou will wonna take free kicks adding ganso in that wouldnt make a diffrence and with taiwo added (as much i i still think he will be a bust) he covers the passing and crossing attribute really well boateng and robinhos short passing skills also help out.. looking at the milan of this season they needed that preneces like kaka somoene that could shoot from the 20 yard mark and giving pato robinho ibra and boateng more room to move and allowing abate to make runs… Read more »


Always have to include my name in everything you write. The problem with your argument is you still think Kaka has the speed he did in 2006-07. And he simply doesn’t. You also make the assumption that Ganso is static or slow, which he isn’t. Ganso actually has a lot of pace. I don’t know where people get the idea that he’s slow. Do you even watch Santos?

Someone is stuck in the past.


hahahaha going to inter with a milan tattoo on. niceeeeee


hahahaha nice one cavey

nicholas marthin

Meytar Zeevi?????


@Yehez Kiel…YOU ARE THE DUMBASS HERE! Why would I be referring to Meytar when it clearly says “According to Sky Sport Italia and il Corriere dello Sport”? STFU!


Wasn’t there a article out a couple of weeks ago that Milan have officially signed boateng on a full contract… WTF man.


Bullshit, Prince is the prince of Milan he won’t be owned by Intermilan and even the thought of it i bet gives him stomach ache.

His love for this club and the bond he created with his teammates and the rossonari fans won’t let him double cross us like Leo did.
No way in hell
Forza Prince


There is no way Boateng will want to move to Inter even on a bosman transfer. This guy’s 110% committed to playing in the Red and Black side of Milan…
Concerning this tranquista issue, Ganso should be the option here (and not Kaka) pls. We can continue to live on past glories. We’re building a new Milan team here, and we should think ahead also. I know we all love Kaka but…
Forza Milan
Forza Allegri
Forza Abbiati – the best keeper for the 2010/2011 season


inter is mad


so inter are now jealous of what we have. Shame inter

Pete Acquaviva

I think Inter is going to have more trouble than before attracting talent.

For the last 5 years or so they’ve been the only destination in Italy for the big names.

Now luckily, it seems that it’s our time to be the kings of the market.

They look set to sign Montolivo, who I believe is still the poor-man’s Pirlo (glad we’re not spending the money on him).
Sanchez they’re going head to head with Chelsea, City and apparently United.


Pirlo is a liability defensively…plus Van Bommel has taken his place.

Montolivo is excellent.

At least we’re signing Lazzari!!! Yea!!! and Marchetti!!!! oh yea!!!!!


@nick maybe if you know learnt about english grammar people woudlnt misunderstand.. “The guy who write ‘this’ article” if you used ‘that’ instead people would understand better.. Cause this isn’t the article.. Its another article mentioning the article you meant.. Don’t reply oif you can’t even figure out wtf I’m saying.. Really.. Not gonna listen/read if your reply is BS


Who will take the non-eu spot? I believe Taiwo already has occcupied that spot. He is a Milan player. Even Deschamps told media that he have been teaching him italian for weeks and that he wishes him all the best in Milan. Im from Sweden and i read it on marseilles swedish fan-page.

Pato Is Brilliant

Gian is correct. Ganso is not slow at all. He might be not alike Kaka was before, but he have got pace.


@WTFMilano…I dont understand a word you said!


Inter can have Boateng.
Send us either Sneijder,Mariga, or Ranocchia and it’s a deal.


Hell no. We need to keep one of our best performing midfielders. Period. I wouldn’t even take Sneijder. I’m sorry.


Sniejder is the best playmaking attacking midfielder in the universe!!!
Boateng is average, nothing more than a squad player.


Boateng is a starter. Get it in your thick skull. He was one of the key reasons why we won the scudetto. Boateng is a very good player. Not average. And certainly not a squad player like Urby.


@rossonero23 sneijder is inconsistent.. Mariga sucks.. And rannochia Is only 1 level above papasdfdjuhusasgyous…


Ranocchia is far better than Sokratis. Sokratis is on the same level as Bonera…actually Sokratis is the reason we are out of the Coppa Italia!!

Yehez Kiel

i know sokratis worse than ranocchia.. thats my point sokratis sucks soo bad! ranocchia isnt that good..


@ lois i agree with you … the new recruitment should be lamela…not ganso….SCUDETTO…SCUDETTO…SCUDETTO…FORZA MILAN…


Boateng is not Milan quality. I’m still in awe that we signed a midfielder from Portsmouth..then again, our standards have dipped quite a bit. Signing old Columbians and Americans lmaooooo


Why did we sign a midfielder some years ago from Salernitania. Certainly not a midfielder of Milan quality people argued. Oh that player turned out to be Gennaro Gattuso. Grow up, rossonero. Boateng is Milan quality. He’s already established that. He’s had a great season and he is a great player.


Where will he play next season,G?
He says he’s a AM…well, then why the fuck are we looking for a TQ??/


Great players don’t always come from big clubs.

Boateng is a central midfielder. Get a clue. That’s where he will play next season.


Shame on you Inter!!!


Remember! Great players not always come up from the great club…!! Open your mind…


Remember! Great players not always come up from the great/big club…!! Open your mind…